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Knitting-Sushi in AZ
Monday, 23 February 2009
Good Eats in Gilbert
Topic: Cuisine

We have found another local favorite in our neck of the desert... Liberty Market.  Its a restaurant that used to exist as a grocery-market in "downtown" Gilbert.  I was able to snap this pic on my Dare phone as we were walking in this evening.  Gotta love a place that has NO wait at 6 pm on weeknight.  If you do stop by I highly recommned the triple layer Red Velvet Cake.  Good thing Tuesday is a long run day for amy.



Posted by amy at 8:02 PM PST
Saturday, 7 June 2008
Word of the day...
Topic: Cuisine

Rambutan  !! 
At Trader Joe's, I picked up some yummy rambutan fruit and roasted red peppers to add to my two cloth bags of groceries.  The rambutan is really good.  I am always on the look out for new and fun stuff at Trader Joe's... though still no revival of the matcha cake mix. :(

Here is great recipe I found at foodnetwork for Roasted Red Pepper Dip:



In a food processor chop together-
1/3 C. roasted almonds
1 jar of red peppers (drained)
1 tsp red wine vinegar
1 small shallot clove
1 Tblsp olive oil
salt/pepper to taste

I like this dip with toasted french bread slices or pita chips.  It's best served cold.





Posted by amy at 2:48 PM PDT
Sunday, 23 March 2008
Elaine's replacement cake
Topic: Cuisine

For all those Seinfeld fans....

In the FROGGER episode, Elaine replaced an antique collectible cake from the 1937 wedding of King Edward VIII that she had eaten with an Entenmann's cake.  This cake tasted just as I imagined (wonderful!) when she was dancing around in circles in Peterman's office. 



Posted by amy at 6:09 PM PDT
Sunday, 19 August 2007
Cooking and Stax
Topic: Cuisine

Date night Friday night was AWESOME.  There were 4 couples, so it was a very nice size group to work with in the kitchen.  We learned some new recipes, and already re-created one of the appetizers Saturday evening.

Today we headed up to Scottsdale to do a little shopping (I needed shoes and jacket)  For lunch we wanted to try a new bistro that just opened...STAX.  They do gourmet slider burgers-- but they are much larger than we were expecting.  We sampled:  beef, ostrich, buffalo, lamb, and turkey- along with onion rings... yummmm.  Our faves were the buffalo and lamb.  I tried to snag a pic in mid-meal.



Posted by amy at 9:47 PM PDT
Thursday, 16 August 2007
Chef time
Topic: Cuisine

Chef Amy here, reporting on a great team builder.  It was my turn for Quarter 3 to plan and launch the Intel training group team builder.  I decided do book a cooking class.  Click here to see the site and our french chef!  We learned how to create a 3 course lunch ( caesar salad with dressing, handmade pasta and ravioli, a cream sauce, a red meat sauce, and tiramisu with HOMEMADE lady fingers!)  It was yummy and we learned a lot.  We had embroidered aprons with our "Rapper Call Sign" mine is BLINGVILLE- and coolio chef hats too. 

I liked it so much Mark and I are going back Friday evening for date night-- Couples will learn techniques for a Tuscan themed 4 course dinner...with wine. :)

Posted by amy at 10:23 PM PDT
Updated: Sunday, 19 August 2007 9:37 PM PDT
Tuesday, 7 August 2007
Yep, chocolate gum.
Topic: Cuisine

I couldn't resist picking this up while in line at Target-- imagine the best of both worlds... chocolate and gum...

keep on dreaming, this combo i give a big thumbs down, and insult to injury... it doesn't blow good bubbles!-- Has anyone else tried this, could i have just gotten the factory defect? 



Posted by amy at 8:49 PM PDT
Sunday, 5 August 2007
Our anniversary, killer gold fish, and jelly rats.
Topic: Cuisine

Yesterday was Mr. Mark and my 7 year wedding anniversary.  We decided to save the money from the fancy meal, and go shopping instead. 

We hit J.Crew today and got some great "cold weather" clothes for the fall.  I couldn't resist these boxers either, love to lounge around the house on the weekend in COMFY boxers...  killer goldfish with little shark fin tied on. (que up the JAWS music please)

Today's shopping adventure started this morning with Sunday breakfast at IKEA-- cant beat that Big Swede Breakfast!  We roamed the store and picked up a few things-- one of my unique finds... Jelly RATS.

let's take a closer look at the rats...

only at IKEA!  I wonder what people in Sweden think of our gummy worms? lol.



Posted by amy at 3:16 PM PDT
Updated: Sunday, 5 August 2007 3:18 PM PDT
Sunday, 17 June 2007
Cupcakes and Treasures
Topic: Cuisine

I found this cupcake mix at AJ's earlier in the week.  I just made them today, and they are YUMMY.  It looks like you can also find them online here.  Warning they are super rich and use lots o butter! :)

We celebrated Father's Day early on Saturday and took my Father-in-Law out for lunch at Claim Jumper  At the Secrest Ranch I got to go thru some of Mark's old books-- look at the treasures I found-- his Little Golden Book Library...



Posted by amy at 7:06 PM PDT
Sunday, 1 April 2007
"I loves me some green tea"
Topic: Cuisine

Yummmmmmmmm-- green tea is the best!  So when I saw these at the cash register while doing my quick run to AJ's grocery on Saturday, I had to pick up a few bags-- let's all say "impulse buy"!  They are quite yummy and have a faint spiced peach flavor to compliment the green tea flavor.  Here is where you can find them online-



Posted by amy at 7:02 PM PDT
Sunday, 31 December 2006
Food Faves
Topic: Cuisine


Where did December go?  Blogging back to normal is the goal for January

It's been low key since Christmas at Chez Secrest. Getting caught up Seinfeld season 7 and Lost season 2 since there is not much on TV these evenings. Work and life as normal starts up again on Tuesday.  During this mini break we have been out and about on the town.  One of our discoveries....

Lo Lo's Chicken and Waffles in downtown Phoenix- The BEST Fried Chicken I have ever had... great soul food. -- (disclaimer/warning, that link has pics of the food and all you health nuts shouldn't click it.)--   Mark and I both had chicken and waffles and southern sweet tea.... oh and red velvet cake...yummmmmmy-- here's a pic taken on the cell phone-

And while picking up our ham and goodies for our New Year's Day dinner at AJ's I found this east coast fave...

Ok all you Seinfeld fanatics... who remembers the low-down on this???


Posted by amy at 7:23 PM PST

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