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Knitting-Sushi in AZ
Tuesday, 10 March 2009
Topic: Childhood Memories

I had many pair of underoos growing up.  My top two faves were my Wonder Woman set (my first pair) and my C-3PO set.  Thanks to the wonderful world of eBay I was able to locate a couple sets. 

After opening the package, I suddenly remember the 70's world of polyester all over again.  Also I still laugh that only the fronts of the girls underoos are printed, and that the backsides are white.




Posted by amy at 7:31 PM PDT
Wednesday, 25 February 2009
Star Wars...New Hope IV
Topic: Childhood Memories

This is my cousin Mike to my right and mini-me circa 1977.  Mike had the best BOY toys growing up.  Being three years younger than Mike, I was all about his business when he would visit, especillay his AWESOME Star Wars toys.  Fast forward 30 years... We are enjoying dinner with Mike's parents (Larry and Esther) at the Scottsdale Cheesecake Factory.  And I mentioned how I would follow Mike around and he would sometimes let me play with his toys.
Esther mentioned his Star Wars toys were in storage at their home in Michigan.  Fast forward a few weeks later... A 2ft x 2ft box appears at our door via UPS delivery.  I am now the owner of Mike's childhood Star Wars collection.  (blended with a few key pieces I already had, its now a Star Wars wall on the North side of Amyville headquarters).  Thanks Larry, Esther, and especially Mike for sharing your toys with me :)




Posted by amy at 6:34 PM PST
Sunday, 23 November 2008
A Score and some owls
Topic: Childhood Memories

What have I been up to?  Well still playing with my score from Sephora I won during an early bird shopping rondevous-- check out the Sephora booty- The 6 year old in me says...wanna come play make up with me?-- like in the old barbie head days :)

Though I love monkeys, owls come in at a close second.  I just scored the owl sake cup at Anthropologie this weekend.  So taking few things from my craft desk area, I payed a little homage to my owl collection.  Check out the throw back 82 patch-- the whos' whoo in 82 was one of the best Girl Scout cookie campaigns (I still have all my patches)-- and remember BUBO the owl from Clash of the Titans?  I wanted (and still do) my own Bubo!




Posted by amy at 10:02 PM PST
Saturday, 1 November 2008
Halloween Memories
Topic: Childhood Memories


This is me (as E.T., note the bedsheet just like the movie, and the ad-hoc work glove with a yellow paint dip) and April (my sister-- its her first Halloween- she didn't want a costume, so I painted whiskers on her)  For all those 70s/80s kids, remember how breathable those plastic masks were? 

Hope you are enjoying your candy hangovers today!

Posted by amy at 3:32 PM PDT
Wednesday, 3 September 2008
Topic: Childhood Memories

Did you have an Inchworm? I ran across this picture and had to share... you can see mine in the right corner of the picture, and one tuckered little girl (me).  I think this was taken Christmas of 1975-- note the lovely orange walls, dark caramel velour rocker chair with wood detail, floral drapes, and a rockin' pair of plaid pants my cousin is wearing... classic!  Ring Ring...hello, its the 1970's calling :)

Thanks for the AWESOME comments and emails. There is still one more day to enter... so take a break from that TiVo'd 90201 premiere you recorded last night to say hi!--- OMG... speaking of 90201...  love it.

Posted by amy at 10:45 PM PDT
Thursday, 12 June 2008
For that Special date with Steve Austin
Topic: Childhood Memories

Ahhhhh nothing like some childhood toy goodness.

Let me introduce...the Bionic Woman (aka Jaime Sommers). 

Though she was too tall to roll with Barbie (and her teeny tiny clothes and elf-like shoes), it didnt' keep her from stealin' Ken away.  I don't think it bothered Jaime that she was tall.  Jaime is a special breed 12 inch dolly with man-sized flat feet, and she wasn't afraid to sport the wedge red sandals and sassy blue jumpsuit-- with logo!

And the best part by far of any 70's  toy packaging are the selling points... exhibit 1:

I like that they point out that the credit cards are pretend.-- And what gal doesn't have a pic of OSCAR  in her billfold.-- And don't forget that makeup for that special date with Steve.  By far the purse is the BEST part of this set.

Posted by amy at 8:32 PM PDT
Saturday, 12 April 2008
Topic: Childhood Memories

Thank you for all the wonderful Birthday wishes!  This year my goal was to make my Birthday last for an entire week :) 

I totally forgot about this watch... my very first one I got for Christmas 1979 from my Uncle Ron and Aunt Beckie.  Check it out, in true 70s/80s fashion it has my name on it, I thought in first grade this was the coolest thing...nearly 30 years later I still think its pretty cool!  and it still works, though it doesn't keep the best track of prophetic :)

To add to my collection of childhood memories, I was able to pick up this box set of all 6 original crew Star Trek movies...including my favorite one... Wrath of Khan  (Star Trek II)!  Hearing the SHAT yell KHAN!  is one of the most memorable lines in cinema. I am a huge William Shatner fan!  Its hard to believe that first film came out in 1979.  I can remeber going to the movies around Christmas time of 1979 with my dad to see the first movie...and at the time I didn't think it was as cool as Star Wars.  As an adult, I love Star Trek and remember watching reruns Sunday evenings growing up--- it was on right before the Muppet Show.

Posted by amy at 11:37 AM PDT
Tuesday, 20 November 2007
Barbie Decadence
Topic: Childhood Memories

This is the Barbie Jewels Safe circa 1978.  This was the ULTIMATE ritzy showpiece for Barbie.  Note it holds her JEWELS and FURS ( you know before FUR was politically incorrect and we had no idea about baby seals-- and we all had white bunny coats back then--).  It also doubles as a bank!



Note the FINE artwork that fools all potential burgulars into thinking it's just a piece of art.  There is something oh so DALLAS- esque about that painting of Barbie-- very Sue Ellen-like, and the frame is oh so fancy. 

We used to also pretend to play one of the Price is Right 'pricing games-- safe crackers where Barbie could win just like the people on TV-- man I miss Bob Barker!!!




Posted by amy at 9:19 PM PST
Sunday, 18 November 2007
Can you tell me how to get...
Topic: Childhood Memories

How to get to Sesame Street. (can you hear the theme song playin?)

Over the past month I have acquired some new goodies for the toy collection, so I will be posting pics!  I was able to find some HTF circa 70s toys still in the box :)  thank you eBay.

Today lets take a trip down memory lane with Little People.  Here we have Mr. Hooper, Gordon and Susan.  I laugh everytime I look at Gordon's goatee-- very progressive for Little People design.



Posted by amy at 6:17 AM PST
Thursday, 27 September 2007
Bionic Woman Rocks
Topic: Childhood Memories

So yes even 30 years later the new Bionic Woman rocks!  With bonus BSG starbuck and chief sightings... I am definitely double dipping in the show! 

I was huge fan of old skool Bionic Woman ( ala Lindsay Wagner)--  so much so that for my 5th birthday i got the "mission purse" style doll with uber cool blue jumpsuit and red sandals-- see my devotion captured in great polaroid glory...

also note all the crappy easter baskets in the background.  My birthday would always fall around or on Easter-- the worst was when the easter basket "counted" as my birthday gift... what the hell!


Posted by amy at 1:27 AM PDT

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