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Shaq's Crib

Shaquille O'Neal

Welcome to the fabulous Orlando, FL crib of L.A. Laker superstar Shaquille O'Neal. In this 64,000 sq. ft home there are 13 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms.

In this fabulous room shown here is where Mr. and Mrs. O'Neal entertain there guests.

How about playing football and wrestling on your bed? That would have to be a big bed. Well Shaq has a big bed, the size of this bed is 15'x30'.

Shaq has his own gym, that is quite a feature to his house. He invites his friends over to play basketball and he lets his kids run wild. What a great room for just about anything. Shaq practices his free throws quite a bit he said. The wall of the gym in the background holds his achievements and pictures.

When it's hot out and it does get hot in Orlando, FL. Why not take a dip in the pool? Shaq's pool is equipped with a diving wall and plenty of seating for his guests around the pool.

Who says a 7'1" man can't fit into a convertible? Below shaq sits in one of his fast and the furius type cars. This car right here shaq says this is one of his "convertible forever" cars, meaning that he had to cut the top off of this car forever just so he could fit.

The silver car to the right in the below picture is Shaq's Bentley in which his mother bought him for Fathers Day about 5 years ago.

Shaq not only has cars but he has 4-wheelers and motorcycles. Now you know you have money when you buy rims for you 4-wheelers.