Love, Light and Peace!

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Angel's Spiritual Site!

What Do We Truly Have Without Love?
Love/God/Goddess/Creator/The Force is NOT to be FEARED!


Rather to Engage with Ourselves in Partnership to Help and guide us to the Love we are made from!

"Our World a Better Place!"

"Love and Let Live!"

"Love, Light, and Peace!"

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Love's Not A Sin!

Throughout The Ages:

Religions have been fighting over who is Right and The shinning so called Shinning Star in which God/Creator/The Force, deems the only and True One!

God/Creador/Goddess/The Force, see's this and Rejects these Foolish Ego Trips of our Ansestors!

Any Road that Leads to: God/Goddess/Creator/The Force, is Good in the Eyes of God/Creator/The Force.

If we were to all be the same, God/Creator/The Force, would not have made us differant.

As long as your road has Love as the Power and sees Clearly that forgivness is the Key to this Love:

It is a True Road!

"God/Goddess/Creator/Force Is Love!"

"Travell Your Road in Peace!"

When-ever we speak to the Higher Power, we are herd. Sometimes it may not look that way, but if you look closer God has always given each and every one of us exactly what we need.

We the Creatures of God/Goddess/Creator/Force, were intended to Live in peace and understanding of each other in every way.

The true Church of God is one that holds us all withiln this understanding without judgment and unconditional love.

Below are many differant symbols, used in religios and Spiritual Organizations.

Many of these symbols are often misrepresented and misunderstood completly.

If you know of any I have missed plese send them by email and I will add them on!

Songs of love, joy, happiness and wisdom are also prayers. Music is the Universal language and one that The Creator truly understands clearly.

Love Is a Miracle!

The Force of Love can change all, heal all, is all.

Love Is the force that truly rules this universe.

Forgivness is the Key to Love.

Without Forgivness no one can love or be loved.

Spirituality connects us all to Love.

If we can speak to God/Goddess/Creator/The Force, we can speak to all!

With many of us, who have been hurt by Love, we begin to fear reaching out to love again. I did a great deal of thinking, as to why emotional pain exists so much in our lives. I found the answers in the strength and depth of the Love I am now able to give.

Each time my heart was broaken, I cried. I didn't care what people said I cried, {only until the sadness began to lift, no sympathy}.

Then I would look for understanding of the situation and people or person who was my counter part in this broaken heaart. I examined both their mistakes and mine without judgment. Noted theirs as so I would not make them myself and corrected mine.

This made it very easy to FORGIVE!

Once Forgivness was done, I was ready to let go with love!

Each time this occured I fopund myself becoming stronger and my Love capasity grew.


Each time our heart is broaken, we cry, forgive and let it go, we become sronger in our love!

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Gift of Children!

Children are gifts from God/Goddess/Creator/The Force to us to give to the world!

Honour these gifts in the light of appreciation.

Children need love, attention, play, teahings, and disipline as well as food, shelter,and clothing!

Far too many children are suffering due to our abuse of this world. We need to get this stopped!

With Truth and Honesty Recieve The Gifts From The Universe

We have all been gifted with physic abilities. Some stonger and more presant then others. Many will try to fool you with dout.

If we can talk to God/Creator/The Force, and when we do this no physical being is presant, we are using the Physic Energies to do so.

Prayer is using Physic abilities.


Follow your heart and you will hear them every time.

Following your heart is not following your emotions. Emotions generate from thoughts within the right side of our brain.

Your heart is your gut instinct. Like the times we all have said, I just had that feeling. That feeling is instinct.

Learn the difference!

This wisdom will change your life!

Music is the Universal language.

Through experience I have found that singing songs of love can heal greatly.

We are meant to Walk like Humans, Live in the Image of our Creator, and Fly like the Eagles.

Let your soul show you the wings of Love. No drug can ever give you that high!

When we use our Soul Energy together with our minds and bodies we can create anything, anytime,anywhere!

Create with Love always for The Greater Good!

Lilght a Candle every day to remember we are here to LOVE!


When All Else Has Left Your Sid, Love Will Still Be There To Light Your Way!

Reach Out: We All Need Love!

Hi I'm Angel:

I was gifted with the desire and willingness to Love All!

I am a Musician, Writer, Holistic Psychotherapist, Dr. of Divinity, Spiritual Councellor and High Priestess.

I have put together this page to share some of what I have learned.
All Are Welcome!

Do Unto Others As You Want Done To Yourself:

This statment pertains to Karma,

If you love you will recieve Love.

If you Respect you will be respected.

If you trust, you will be trusted.

I am not here to Live up to your expectations and you are not here to live up to mine, so if we meet in life and share time let it be in complete love.

No matter how rough life gets you have the strength to get through, forgive and Love!

The Love You Give Is The Love You Make!

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