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Psychic Abuse

Psychic abuse is a tough one to realize, because it cannot be seen with the naked eye. I was searching for answers when I ran into some books by a Dr. Joseph Murphy,D.R.S.,Ph.D.D.D.L.L.D.. He set me straight right in the very first chapter. One of the books is entitled: The Power of Your
Subconscious Mind. Dr. Murphy explains how each thought we think produces a reaction, in our bodies. For example: When I was married to my third husband, I had already begun to study. I was not doing many of the things we all do daily, like judging, lying, cheating, manipulating, ect.

This experience taught me not to ever start again either. My husband had not learned these lessons and he judged me servlely, along with all the other negative thinking he was doing and lying to me about when I would feel the negative energy, hit me. Trusting him not to do these things, {I
found I trusted Him more then I trusted myself}. I began to hate myself and it continued until I was hiding in our home non-stop. "Suicide and Isolated."

Cancer began to grow inside me due to my self-hatred. I know it was the emotional stress and suicide thoughts that caused the disease to grow because during this time I had kept a very strict journal.
Writing everything I thought, said or did. I suspected what my husband's hate was doing to me, but I was too co-Dependant to get out. I worked out every day, meditated, studied, practiced the teachings in of Christ and other prophets, music as well as eating only health foods and taking herbs and vitamins every day. No real reason to produce the disease except the stress I was producing from my thought patterns towards myself.

My cancer surged on, Dr. Mackenzie figured out what the problem was after a time and he suggested I leave the marriage. I did and it saved my life. Dr. Mackenzie was not only a great surgeon but also a human being with a heart and lots of understanding. That made me even more determined to keep working on what Dr. Murphy taught me through his books. He was right. I had a great deal of therapy in the next several years and no cancer at all, since I've been on my own. The self-hatred and the suicide thoughts that helped produce the cancer, stopped.
Hence: "Physician Heal Thyself." The words of the greatest prophet of all.
Angel Femia

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Emotional Vamping and Head Games
Most Popular Cause of Stress
This past while I have been bombarded with question regarding Emotional Vampires. This emotional illness and mind control method seem to be more and more used throughout our society. The hungrier people get for affection, attention and love the more tricking, seducing and manipulating is being used in their every day lives.

Through these methods we do gain energy but this energy is not given with love but actually being taken and leaving the giver drained and tired thus leaving them to before physically ill. Our medics believe this is the flu, as the symptoms very similar, but in reality this flu like illness is burn out from the energy draining that happens through the head games being played.

Soul Energy

Using our energy properly helps us to stay healthy, happy and helps us to do the things we need to do from day to day. Many do not understand that this energy is our very lifeline. The rules we were given to govern our lives from our Creator are there to help us utilize this energy for the better good of all creation. It is our responsibility as the car-takers of this world to learn and understand how, why and what to use this precious gift we have been honored with. Please read this poem below and think a little of the message I am trying to convey.
Energy Suckers also known as Emotional Vampires seem to be more and more deeply ingrained within our society today. There is more mental manipulation and deceit happening between us all then ever before in the history of mankind. It does not take much to control another’s mind. One lie, one double message, one sexual seduction game and we can control whomever we play these games towards. This is not cool and is defiantly abuse.
Angel Femia

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Emotional Vamps!
Do you sleep at night?
Guilt covers you persona
I watch you lie, cheat and hate
I see others cry while
You beam out power

Power you stole
When they believed you
When they trusted you
When you deceived them

Do you ever cry?
Does your heart brake?
When someone turns their back
And walks away, rejecting you
Do you feel emotions at all?

You exude pain and anger
With total self disgust
Intimidating all you see
Hurting all you touch.
Angel Femia

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What Is Psychic Abuse
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