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My Life On A Page

These are a few pictures of my friends, family, etc. I hope you enjoy seeing these. I hope it makes it so you know a little more about me.

A Picture of Me

This was taken in a cemetary that I took black and white shots at. As you can tell I was freezing and not very happy!

My Friends

This picture above is of my friends Jason, David, Joann, and Kacey. They are standing in front of my car as I take the picture at our college parking lot.

This is a pic of Bryan, Jenny, C.J., Me, Kacey, and Sam. (We are all college buddies.)

More Friends

Jenny and My Best Bud JoJo

Below is a picture of (in order) Jenny, Me, and Kacey. We are signing up students for our organization. I speak of our organization on my info page. To the right is Jenny and my best friend, JoJo. Miss ya buddy!

A picture from our organization sign up day

This is John and I at my high school prom of 1999.

Prom of 1999

I attended a Youth Leadership Conference at the Hyatt in Fairfax, Virginia. We were sent there to learn leadership skills for our organization and to tell our ideas to the other colleges of NOVA. Below is Ben, Jenny, and Aaron. I am glad that I met you, Aaron and Ben.

At the Youth Leadership Conference

Below and to the left is Nancy Green preparing my portrait. I was very tired because I was the President of the organization that prepared the festival of that day. We had just finished cleaning up. It was hard work!

Below and to the right:

Jonathan, Josh, Chad, Katie and I.

Me at the festival

Me and My Friends

Some of my best friends: (From left) Angel, Jamie, Me, and Jenny. We are better than Charlie's Angels!

Better Than Charlie's Angels

If you would like to know more about me, and forgot to read my brief biography, do so by clicking the links below.

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