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The freehand artwork was created by Andrew Padula. To contact him about his work or give the artist comments:

Free Hand Art

Andrew Padula is 23 years of age. For the past three years he has been creating the henna body art on the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland. However, for the past seven years Andrew has been drawing blacklight art that he is currently selling. He also draws coloring books He has created three volumes.

Twice a month this page will be updated with other writers and artist's profiles of their lives and a sample of their work. Please submit a brief biography and a sample of your work to my email address. You will never be deleted off of this page, only more will be added.

Please submit your information by clicking the link below. If you are interested in seeing your writing, artwork or photography on this site, email it to me. Include your full name, email address, a brief paragraph about yourself, and your talent.

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