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This is a portrait of me drawn a month ago by a great artist, Nancy Green. To learn how to contact her to
get your portrait drawn, email me

My name is Angela Hawthorne. I live in a small town in Virginia. I would like to think of myself as someone with a lot of accomplishments. I am active in writing, art, photography, college, the community, and my workplace. I like being creative and I like to live my life in a way that I don't waste anytime. I think we all should live this way. I can't think of any main influences that I have but I think I was born with inspiration given by God. Poetry and art is my life. I am proud of the talent I possess and will never put it to rest.

I write about all subjects. I write about all subjects because our lives do not just revolve around one thing, but many. I write about what I feel in nature, love, emotions, disgust, humor, irony, and childhood. My photography is mostly sentimental or just emphasizes that nature is beautiful. I hope that others can find something in my words or artwork that reaches them.

I hope to one day be published so that many can see and hear the ideas that I have. I want readers and onlookers to see their lives somewhere in what I write or create.

In all of my dreams, I do not pray to be famous, but to touch someone's life, even if for just a second.

My future plans:

I would like to create an all ages magazine specifically for great unpublished writers and artists that are not recognized. I think that a lot of great artists and writers are overlooked.

Other Info: I love to sing. Most people don't believe that I can because I have never let them hear me, but some poems I write while playing my guitar and singing. The words just come better to me that way.


Do you like poetry? If so, check out my poetry page!

Pictures will be updated every week. There will be more as I have time to scan and load them. Please come back and visit this page for these updates. Thanks.
My last update 2/17/01.

All photos and poetry are 2000 Angela Marie Hawthorne. No image or poem may be used without permission of the creater in any way, without written permission of the artist. Once permission is given, all credit is to be given to Angela Marie Hawthorne.