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Veazey Reunion in Alaska!

And last, but certainly not least, we broke bad and took the cruise-tour of the Inland Passage to Alaska in September and October. We left RDU on Sept. 12th and flew to Seattle, Washington. From there we were bussed to VanCouver to board the "Dawn Princess" for the cruise portion of our trip. We can highly recommend this adventure as something everybody ought to do at least once! We met the historian of the Alaska Methodist conference in Juneau, who very graciously showed us many sights including Methodist Churches in the area. In Anchorage we spoke to a local resident who was barbecuing on his porch and he asked us if we knew what was happening in Raleigh, NC, next year. We said "Special Olympics" and it turns out that he is the chairman for that event in 2001 in Anchorage. He was to be in Raleigh the next weekend and gave Wayne a "Special Olympics" Anchorage hat.

When we toured a "Homestead" from Mt. McKinley Lodge, it turns out that the family were members of a Methodist Mission in Trapper's Creek, so we got a tour of the church as well as the homestead. And then when we arrived in Fairbanks we were guests of Al and Joan Vezey at a "family reunion" with Richard Veazey and his family.

You will remember that Richard attended his first reunion in Chattanooga in June and got the plaque for traveling the farthest. We have not learned how Al's family fits into our family tree, but are reasonably sure that they do. As we prepared to return to the hotel, the Northern Lights put on a fabulous display. We really appreciate Al arranging this as the grand finale for our trip.

After flying back to Seattle for the end of our cruise-tour, we rented a car and visited some kinfolks and sights on the west coast. We spent a few days with Eleanor and Don Mayfarth while Eleanor and I worked on our Umstead connections. We were also able to visit our friends and kinsmen, John and Mary Pergerson in Elk Grove, CA. Mary Lillian Cozart Pergerson died Nov. 30, 1998.

We arrived safe and sound back at RDU on Oct. 9th. Do I need to say that we have not caught up yet? But we are about ready to find somewhere else to take off for just any old time!

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