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Veazeys All Around

We received an invitation to the Retirement Ceremony for Colonel Emmett E. (Jay) Stobbs, Jr., husband of Mary-Jo Hall (3184). Jay and Mary-Jo were with us in 1993 at Cherry Grove. She has been a couple of times since, including last year in Chattanooga, with her mother and brother. Congratulations from the Veazey family to this in-law!

Tennessee Cousins

Cousin Margaret V. Sykes sends her regrets as she is not able to make the trip to Hot Springs this year. Her presence will certainly be missed. But she is keeping me up with news clippings from Henry Co., TN, family. Tammy V. Plantinga (4391) received two Emmy awards for her work in TV at the Southeast Regional Emmy Awards in February. Tammy is the executive director for News Channel 5 Plus at Nashville's WTVF. Congratulations, Tammy!

Rev. Paul Veazey (2278) won the June Charter Members certificate for dinner for two from Commercial Bank! And also from Henry County, Jack E. Veazey, Jr., (3415) has affiliated with Security Bank & Trust Co. And last, and hopefully least, County Veterans Service Officer, Gordon Veazey (2270) spotted a man near his office in the basement of the Henry County Court House with nary a stitch of clothes on. Local law enforcement were called and persuaded the fellow to robe himself again!

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