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The Davises at Home (for once)

Wayne and I have no new travel news to report to you in this newsletter! We have been stay-at-homes this winter, except for helping MaryAnn ferry some girls to and fro. We have some new neighbors in our backyard, well almost! Bill and MaryAnn bought a house two doors down the street, that runs beside our house. (We live on a corner.) She attended kindergarten in this house when she was five years old! She is now sleeping in the kindergarten room.

MaryAnn's new house

MaryAnn secured a position as a technology specialist (computers) in an magnet elementary school in Raleigh. Elisabeth and Mary Kate are enrolled in this school, too. Lindsey is a freshman at Southeast High School in Raleigh, also a magnet. Bill is applying for a transfer to a forestry position nearby.

Lindsey is interested in the performing arts and secured parts in the ensemble and chorus for a production of the "Wizard of Oz" by the Neuse Little Theater in Smithfield, NC. They have been in rehearsals for about three months, with four performances, April 21-24, at the Johnson County Community College in Smithfield.

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