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Illness in the Family

Soon after returning home from the reunion it seems I received word that Cousin Brenda Veazey Andrews of Charlotte, NC, had undergone bypass surgery. Then I was told that Cousin Gene Veazey (our host cousin in Chattanooga) had undergone three bypasses on Nov. 27th. The last word that I had is that both have had good recoveries from their ordeal. (I know that you two are a lot alike, but isn't this carrying it too far???)

Cousin Wallace Veazey has also been in the hospital within the past week, but at last word was home with oxygen under Doris' tender loving care! Our new cousin Decia Simms also wrote that both she and her husband had suffered rather severe health problems since we met in June.

If there are others, please let me know. We wish good health and speedy recoveries for all of our kinfolks.

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