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We are sad to learn that Grady Veasey's wife, Jo, is gravely ill in a hospital in Durham, NC, after open heart surgery. Most of you will remember that Grady has attended every one of our international reunions.

Gene Veazey, our 1998 host, reported to me that he is recovered from his surgery and doing just great. He and Phyllis will be with us in Hot Springs this year.

Our Maryland cousins, Bud and Bill Veazey, have both experienced strokes in recent months. Bill is recovering from his ordeal, but Bud is still on the sick list. Both attended the 1993 reunion at Cherry Grove where Bill displayed his decoys.

Wallace appears to be recovered or is so excited about the new grandbaby that he and Doris are expecting along about the same time that we will be in Hot Springs, that he has forgotten all about being sick.

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