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Veazey Rode With Nathan Bedford Forrest!

If you attended the Veazey Reunion in Alabama in 1996, you will remember a list of Civil War Veterans with the Veazey-Veasey, etc. surname, in my attempt to identify as many of them as possible. One was a J. C. Veazey, Private, Co. G, 18th Mississippi Calvary. Last summer while on our way to visit Nancy, Ann and Mary, we visited with Billy and Sandra Veazey in Cotton Plant, Arkansas. (Thanks to Leroy of KY, I knew there were Veazeys in Cotton Plant!) They told us that his ancestor, John Chambliss Veazey (950), had been born in Tate County, MS, had a Confederate grave marker, and family tradition said that he rode with Nathan Bedford Forrest.

I contacted (via email) Alan Doyle of the Nathan Bedford Forrest Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and he confirmed for me that the 18th Mississippi Calvary Regiment did indeed ride with General Forrest. Ref: The Campaigns of Lieut. Gen. N. B. Forrest, and of Forrest's Calvary, by Jordan & Prior, pub. Morningside Bookshop.

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