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New Cousins

For the first time, we had two families come by the Hospitality Suite and let us know about their relationship and subsequently joined us for the banquet on Saturday. One was Doyle and Karen Veazey of Tullahoma, TN. Annette Veazey had met Karen a week or so previously and sent her a copy of the newsletter. Doyle is the grandson of Bennie Taylor Veazey (1562), pg. 161.

The second cousin was Johnny White who lives at Lookout Mountain and who was added to Descendants of John Veazey after my numbers were complete. (When I say that there are over 5,245 descendants, he is one of the overs!) Johnny is the son of Joyce Roseborough (2676), pg. 246. Her four children are listed with her, but without numbers, but Johnny is right there! Welcome aboard to both of these new cousins.

Richard E. Veazey of Grand Rapids, MI, is one of those new cousins who discovered the website and was attending his first reunion. He is the son of Earl Leroy Veazey and the grandson of Smith Edward Veazey of Greenup County, Kentucky. I have not been successful in learning just how he fits into the family of John Veazey, but feel like he must.

Another product of the website was Gerald Veazey of Chattanooga and his entire family, wife Laurel, sons, Owen and Doug, two grandchildren and his sister, Rose Ann V. Ramsey of Florida (all descendants of 701). They had a mini-reunion within a reunion. He not only was able to meet Margaret Sykes, but also Kenneth Claud (2308), who was attending his first reunion, after having contributed a considerable number of his close kin to the "Descendants of John Veazey." Kenneth contributed the picture of William B. Veazey (328) that also appears in the book.

Granddaughters of another William B. Veazey (1024), Jeanne Clark and Dot Law and their husbands attended their first reunion this year.

James (3726) and Lillian Hill, who were first timers last year, brought two more generations of their family to Chattanooga, their son James Thomas Hill (4805) and his family.

Decia Simms and her husband attended for the first time this year. She is a descendant of William Asa Price (465).

Charlton Veazey, Jr., (3637) and his family made their first reunion this year. His parents are among that magic number who have not missed a single reunion so far.

Lex (3213) and Dan (3214) Veazey and their families of Hendersonville, NC, made their first reunion this year. They are cousins to my husband, Wayne, on their maternal side of the family.

We certainly can't forget the "other" Leroy Veasey (2196) of NC who came to his first reunion this year. His brother, Joe Veasey of Cary, has missed only one. We hope Leroy won't miss another one!

Frank Veazey, grandson of Thomas Josephus Veazey (843) came to his first reunion. Finding Frank has opened up another whole family group for us. I am anxious to see all of his research!

And last, but certainly not least, are Gene and Jon Terry's close family: Denise (4687), Gary (4688), and Doug (4689) Veazey, children of Gene and Phyllis, and their respective families. Tim (4682) and Terrye (4683) and family, children of Jon Terry and Anne. Jon Terry's brother Jack (3652) and his wife came to their first reunion. Gene's sister, Sue V. Owens (3656), and niece, Bobbie Sue O. Farrow (4690) and their families came to their first reunion. Again we welcome all of these cousins and hope to see all of you again in Arkansas in June of next year.

I think it is worthy to note that a number of families were represented by three generations in attendance at this reunion. At the first few of these events Link's and my grandchildren were the only youth who attended. They all welcome the company. That is the only way to keep this movement alive.

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