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Julia Crutchfield Winston (1646), April 7, 1998, Sheridan, AR. Her maternal grandparents, Elza (Elzey) Veazey (408) and Julia Elizabeth Ann Prentice Veazey, came to Arkansas in 1847 as newlyweds from Montevalla, Alabama. Julia's husband was of Shelby and Tuscaloosa Counties, Alabama. (Elza and Julia were also the ancestors of Nancy, Ann and Mary.)

John Edward Veazey, October 14, 1998, near Hazen, AR, grandson of Fred Veazey (1629).

Erline Veazey Hughes (2352), December 1998, Madisonville, KY. Erline is descended from at least three Veazey brothers and attended most of the events at the 1997 reunion in Kentucky. She is survived by her brother, Leroy Veazey and several nieces and nephews.

Brown Veazey Rainwater (3600), March, 1999, Pensacola, FL. You will remember that he attended the 1994 reunion in Georgia with family members.

William Carlton Cozart, Jr., husband of June Travis Hall Cozart (2921), March 16, 1999, Oxford, NC. June's grandmother, Annie Veazey Hall (1185) lived next door to us when I was growing up in Durham.

Charles Gregory, husband of Emma Belle "Peggy" Veazey (1665) of Oklahoma, who visited us in 1995.

Naomi Elizabeth Staton Veazey, widow of Herman Veazey (1446) died 08MAR1999 in Madisonville, KY.

Our sympathies to the families of these cousins. I will be glad to include any that were omitted in the next newsletter.

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