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Your Hostess: Ann Veazey Davis, Family Genealogist,
Veazey Family Association

I am a grandmother whose only hobby (besides grandchildren and granddaddy) has been genealogy for the past 25 plus years. As with most aspiring genealogists, I only wanted to learn about my direct lines, for my own pleasure and information. But I soon discovered that I needed to research the brothers and sisters and cousins to determine who was who.

With my family surnames of Veazey, Umstead, Critcher, Cozart, Waller, Peed, etc. in Granville County, this was a fairly easy task, much easier than researching Davis (which I have done back to 1795). On my Veazey line, I would find published materials from Cecil County, Maryland, but could not seem to fit my earliest North Carolina ancestor into those records. I told my husband that if only I could get to the Cecil County Courthouse, I thought I could figure this thing out.

Click here to learn about our early Veazey/Veasey Roots in Maryland.

We have held five Annual International Veazey/Veasey Reunions since our first trip back to Cherry Grove in Cecil Co., Maryland, in 1993. Family members from as far away as California, Canada and England have attended these reunions. If you would like to see a copy of the most recent newsletter, complete with an itenerary and registration form for the 1998 Veazey/Veasey Reunion in Chattanooga, Tennessee, then kindly click on THIS LINK!VZ LOGO

I also realized on a visit to Granville Co., North Carolina, one day that the Veazey name had virtually disappeared from an area once known as Veazey Ridge. Click HERE to see what the Veazey cousins in the Durham area did about that!

I have continued to add new relatives to my Family Tree database since the publication of my book, The Descendants of John Veazey. I now have over 17,000 persons entered. Although many have Granville County roots, many have "gone south and west" to Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, and California. We even have a couple of cousins in Alaska.

We have a few "mysteries" out there still. I guess there will be mysteries as long as there are genealogists. And I trust there will be reunions as long as there are genealogists.

The June 19, 1995, Durham Herald-Sun printed a review of my book, The Descendants of John Veazey, along with covering our 1995 Veazey/Veasey Reunion, held in Durham, North Carolina. Please click the link above to read it.

Durham Herald/Sun Pic
Wayne Davis, Ann Veazey Davis, Grady Veasey

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In Memory of Lex Veazey, my dad.

In 1982, my son, Mark Wayne Davis, wrote a poem about his grandfather and sent it to me. His sister came home from work and found me in the kitchen in tears. She read the poem and before long, we were both crying in the kitchen. It seems memories of their grandfather had been on both their minds, as she pulled out a pack of peanuts from her purse that she had bought just the day before, because they reminded her of her granddaddy. It is called, "A Twentieth Century Hero".

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Veazey/Veasey cousins have sent of their friends to check out this page since
December 1997!
Last modified on March 7, 1998.

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