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A Log on Old Mark Veazey's (137) Fire!

Them's Leroy's exact words! Old Mark was the papa of the Kentucky pioneers, John Comer (340), James Lewis (341), Andrew Jackson (345), Mark M. (343), Mary (344) and Martha (342). John Comer's youngest son was also named Mark M. (741), for his uncle and grandfather. Leroy has a list of the Postmasters of Manitou (smaller than Hanson) and there appears Mark M. (741) as the postmaster of this grand place, appointed January 8, 1901. Mark M. had a son, John "Roy" (1451) who was also a rural mail carrier at Nebo. (Roy's granddaughter, Marilyn Williams, of Bowling Green is interested in the Veazey genealogy, but hasn't made it to a reunion as yet. Her mother, the daughter of Roy, is ill and requires constant care at the present time.)

If you know Leroy, you know that he holds an affinity for the Postal Service, having served, himself, and a number of his near relatives, also. It appears that employment with the Post Office is a tradition of long standing in the Kentucky Veazey family!

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