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Email is a wonderful thing. I just don't know how we genealogists got along before this invention. In the past 16 months, we have had over 7300 visits (hits) on our Veazey-Veasey website. In part due to this website and in part due to recommendations from other cousins, I receive queries frequently from Veazey connections (and some of my other families, too), asking about their ancestors.

I am always pleased when I can tell them that they are number (####) in The Descendants of John Veazey. And even more, I am pleased to hear of their delight in finding all of these cousins, when they thought they were almost alone in the world. One of my inquirers asked last week was, how did I share the research that I had put together? My answer to her was that "Wayne and I invested personally and privately in the publication of the book so that all of my cousins could have a copy of their family history in a lasting format for generations to come."

I want to share some of these queries here. I will share both the known and the unknown! Maybe you will see something in the unknowns that I have missed. All responses are gratefully appreciated, not only by me, but by the inquirer.

Unknowns First

Stephanie of Oklahoma wrote to Santa Bill and his sister, Ann V. Smith, and they forwarded it to me: Stephanie of Oklahoma writes that her father, Bill Veazey was the only child of Stephen F. Veazey, founder of the Veazey Drug Store chain in Oklahoma City in the early 1900's. "I believe Stephen had a brother, Jim, who was also in the drug store chain with him." I understand that O. B. Veazey was living in Oklahoma many years ago and made a contact with this family. He wrote to his cousin Guy Veazey and mentioned of meeting his cousins. He failed, however to spell out just how they were "cousins." We do believe that these folks are descendants of William Veazey who married Ann Umstead.

Bernadine S. Sprinkles is looking for her great aunt, Laura Elizabeth Veazey who married Fitzhugh O. Seamans in Bell Co., TX, in 1888. Laura was born 1870 in ALA and died in 1951 and is buried in Temple, TX. Who might Laura'a parents have been? Berna found the following in "Bell County Tombstones," Vol. 11: Mary Lou Veazey 1874/1965; J. H. Veazey 1868/1927; Raymond Veazey 1894/1970; Dessie Bell Veazey 1895/1961. I cannot identify either of these, but wonder about what the J. H. stands for??

Norma Fisher is seeking info on Jerusha Vezzey/Veasey who married Lemuel Evans ca. 1750 in Philadelphia, PA. Their son, William Evans, migrated to OH, and then to TX and AZ. Any ideas here?

Dixie A. Blake is looking for the mother of John Burk (b. 1841). Maryland Marriage Records show a James Burk married Letitia Yeasey, 28OCT1840 in Cecil Co., MD. She wonders if the transcriber mistook the "V" for a "Y" and that she was actually Letitia Veasey??

Marie Virginia signed the Guest Book, seeking info on her father Joseph Howard Veazey, b. 03JUL1891 in Fort Worth, TX, d. 09JUN1964 in CA. He was the son of Isaac and Mary Elizabeth Veazey. His siblings include Blanche, Laura (Annie Laura), Helen, Martin, Cecil and James..... I can't find an Isaac in my information. Any suggestions out there?

Morris Todd Veazey signed the Guest Book and is seeking his grandfather, Morris King Veazey, Sr., whose family went from Corgin, KY, to West Virginia. I have attempted to learn more about this family on several occasions without success.

Carol is seeking her great-grandfather, Charles Vezey of Plover, WI. She believes that he had a brother Darius Vezey, and has found some records of their being in WI about 1850. She thinks "they may have fallen from the sky!"

Kathleen is seeking information on her Susan Veazey who married John Cass Bridgewater in 1905. Susan was from Louisville, KY. As a child she remembers visiting some Veazeys there with her grandparents, but doesn't remember names, etc. Leroy do you have any suggestions here?

Sandy is seeking info on her grandfather, Jess Leonard Veazey, b. 07DEC1886 in Princeton, IN. His daughter was born in McCurtain Co., OK.

Rev. Leon A. Veazey of Gary, TX, signed my Guest Book on the website. He is son of Robert Franklin, son of Urbon Frankin, son of Oscar Green, son of John Veazey! Now if we can just figure out which JOHN! We are delighted to welcome him to our family and hope he will attend the reunion in Hot Springs.

Liz is a cousin of Leon above, daughter of his uncle, Willie Jackson Veazey (1924-1977), son of Oscar Green. Maybe with working together at the reunion we can solve this one.

Finding Missing Ancestors!

Ilda signed the Guest Book, seeking her gr-gr-grandmother, Susan E. Veazey. I was pleased, and she indicated that she was also, to report that her Susan was (328) in The Descendants of John Veazey.

Diane wrote seeking the roots of her Veazey ancestors in Maryland. We were both tickled when I could report to her that her grandmother's father was (1910) in Descendants." This is the Maryland branch of the family and at least three (maybe four) generations are making plans to attend the reunion in Hot Springs.

Thea contacted us through her relatives, Darrell and Alice Siria. She is from the Kentucky clan, but living in Conway, AR. We look forward to meeting her at the reunion, where she and her CA cousins can have a reunion within a reunion!

Bob Beasley, my 2nd cousin, once removed, wrote last fall about his grandmother, Susan Margaret "Maggie" Veazey (1263) who died in the flu epidemic of 1918. She married Frank Beasley. I think I have heard my mother mention this family because she, too, had the flu in 1918 and survived it. Bob was pleased to learn about all his newfound kinfolks and with Descendants. He wrote a couple of months ago about his cemetery quest in Granville County.

Mystery almost solved, thanks to Pat & J. W. They showed us the graves last summer of Myrtle Veazey, a WAC, and we could not identify her. Her mother, Natalie Herrington Veazey, and a sister, Thelma V. McLendon, are also in this cemetery. Pat discovered that Myrtle and Thelma's father was probably "Ed" or Jasper Edward Veazey (in case you didn't know the "J." in J. W. is for Jasper!), son of James Thomas "Jim" (968) and grandson of Jesse Veazey (419) and Elizabeth Skipper! Ed was in law enforcement and was killed in the line of duty. Marilyn Watkins of Texas, sent info from a 1930's book by Grace Evans, that helped solve this one. Her husband, Lindy Watkins, is a descendant of Minnie Alabama Veazey, a sister of Jasper Edward Veazey.

Another puzzle that Marilyn sends along: she found a BIG family of Veazeys in Collin Co., TX, Eugenia Bell Veazey (Gray) b. 1861 in Dadeville, ALA. She was the daughter of William Veazey and Snowy Umphress (m. 1860). William was the oldest son of George Veazey and Mary Cardwell Veazey. The latter is George Washington Veazey (370), who had a son William T. (807) married to MARTHA BARNES, with four sons. Obviously there could have been another wife and other children, but I have no record of them. This group could account for some of our Texas questions!

Charles Pilcher sent an email query about the daughters of John Veazey (182) of Hancock and Warren Counties in GA. I was able to tell him that this John is indeed a descendant of the first John Veazey and had the same two daughters and same two grandchildren that he inquired about.

Connecting Cousins

Another Cousin Diane Veazey DeVito (2249) was referred to me by Anne Hall Veasey, wife of Gerald E. Veasey (3707). In her message she told me that she was the great-granddaughter of the William Henry Veazey (323), whom we erected a cenotaph at the Veazey cemetery in Butner for, during the 1995 reunion. Diane is my 3rd cousin, but her father left North Carolina so many years ago that she has never met some of her first cousins. It was my pleasure to call her first cousin who had helped me with this branch of the family and put them in touch. The pleasure of connecting cousins is what keeps me going in this endeavor!

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