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Veazey-Veasey Website News

Our Veazey website has been enhanced and expanded since our last newsletter and we have had more than 5,000 visits to this site. Hardly a week goes by that some new Veazey (or Vesey, Vessey, Vassey, etc.) doesn't send me an email message to discover whether they fit into our family tree. Many times they do and I find that very exciting. Some are already in my database and some are new cousins.

If you have Internet capability, visit our web address often. I am still indebted to MaryAnn for sharing her web design talents with her Mother and the Veazey Cousins. She added the pictures from the 1998 reunion this fall and I will have a printout in booklet form (plus a notebook computer) at the reunion in Hot Springs.

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Ann Veazey Davis, Editor
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