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I am a fairly normal mongrel tabby, 5ft (which I know is fairly tall for average mobian). Blue hair in braids, green eyes, black jeans, black t-shirt with red slash marks on, black and blue boots. Carries a blue backpack complete with pocket dimension innit. Favourite weapon is the lead pipe
Anne is, by nature, shy, paranoid and mildly bad tempered. If ya get past that, she's reasonably nice. Has tendancy to go hyperactive.
Anne is also a cyborg. Having amnesia, not much is known about her past, and she's pretty content to leave it like that.
Anne is a resonably good fighter, but is a pacifist. Jus don't mess with her friends. She has one or two moves, magical and electronic. She can cloak (technology based, not magical) and is slightly stronger and faster than the average mobian, but is not really a match for a vampire.

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