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Cigarette and Other Cards


Cigarette cards were the forerunner of the sports cards of today. Tobacco companies packaged series of cards in their products, and attracted many collectors. Dogs were a common theme of these series, and many dog series had flat-coat cards. The back of the card usually has a few facts about the breed.

Other companies, such as candy and cereal companies, used these cards as well.

Cigarette Cards

wills.jpg (67488 bytes)

A card from Will's Cigarettes, 1914. On the back, it says, "The best all-round dog for sporting purposes."

howills.gif (20699 bytes)

A card from W.D. and Howill's.

imperial.gif (21582 bytes)

A card from the Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada, 1924. On the back, it says, "...a handsome and amiable-looking all-round dog for sporting purposes. He must show good temper in eyes and in general looks."

ogdens.jpg (12483 bytes)

A card from Ogden's Tab Cigarettes, 1901, picturing the dog "Black Adder". On the back, it says, "Winner of many firsts and champions at Crufts".

peddars.jpg (33325 bytes)

A card from Sinclair Cigarettes, 1938, depicting Ch. Peddar's Lass. The back of the card states, "Has all the qualities of this ideal breed of gun dog, is steady, tender mouth, good nose and delivery, and a good worker, an excellent house-dog and the best of pals."

players.gif (11902 bytes)

A card from Player's Cigarettes, 1933, from a painting by Arthur Wardle. The back says, "He should be a bright, active dog, with intelligent expression, showing power without lumber and raciness without weediness."

punchout.gif (21615 bytes)

A card from Millbank Cigarettes, 1912. This odd-looking flatcoat (which looks to be crossed with a beaver to me!) is a cutout that can be pressed out of the card. The back says, "The flat-coated retriever is  very handsome dog, obedient, with a pleasant disposition that makes him a reliable and useful companion to the sportsman."

puppy.jpg (43927 bytes)

A card from Godfrey Phillips, Ltd., 1936, from the "Our Puppies" series.

turf.gif (24069 bytes)

A card from Turf Cigarettes, 1952.

barratt.gif (21673 bytes)

A card from Barratt's.

Cards from Other Companies

melox.jpg (17987 bytes)

A card from Melox Dog Food, 1937. Note the cropped tail on this dog. I haven't been able to find any references as to this being a common practice at the time.

weetabix.jpg (24908 bytes)

A stereoview card from Weetabix Cereal, 1962. The back says, "He is a beautiful dog and has a marvelous sense of smell and a love of retrieving."

weeties.gif (29786 bytes)

A card from Weeties, a subsidiary of Nabisco, 1962. On the back, it says, "A highly intelligent animal and regarded as the gun dog par excellence."

weigh.gif (15402 bytes)

A card dispensed from a weighing machine in 1953, from the British Automatic Company.

charity.gif (22001 bytes)

A card from the Universal Charity Company, 1988. Sets of these cards were sold to raise money for charity.

cadbury.gif (16120 bytes)

A label from the Cadbury Candy Company.

dutch.gif (44380 bytes)

A card from a Dutch card collection.

tanfcr.gif (56924 bytes)

An anonymous card.