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Purpose and Statements

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"Our Fraternity will continue to offer America what it most needs -- future leaders who care, who want to become part of the solution, who know they can make a difference, and who realize that service to others is a value worth sharing."

Gerald A Schroeder, Past National President, 1990-1994

The purpose of this Fraternity shall be to assemble college students in a National Service Fraternity in the fellowship of principles derived from the Scout Oath and Law of the Boy Scouts of America; to develop Leadership, to promote Friendship and to provide Service to humanity; and to further the freedom that is our national, educational and intellectual heritage.

Mission Statement
  • To strengthen the presence of Alpha Phi Omega on college campuses and among its members
  • To support the spread of the Fraternity's principles and activities on college campuses and among its members
  • To provide opportunities for its members and college students to develop effective leadership skills
  • To promote fellowship among all people
  • To provide service to humanity
  • To further our acknowledged freedoms

Vision Statement

An all-inclusive collegiate Fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega is committed to being the foremost student-run organization in developing lifelong leaders, instilling lasting friendships, and fostering a lifetime of service to all people.

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