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Generation II

Peter Hull was born 1730 in Bad Kreuznach, Pfalz, Germany and died February 1776 in Crabbottom, Pendleton Co, VA.

Immigration: 30 MAY 1741 to Pennsylvania aboard the vessel "Francis and Ann" from Rotterdam, Germany. The ship master was Thomas Coaten. Upon arriving in Philadelphia he became a miller on the Susquehanna River in Lancaster County, PA. The records of Trinity Lutheran Church in Lancaster County show that: "Peter Thomas Hohl, a widower and a miller; on the Susquehanna River, and Susannah Margaretha Dieffenbach, a single person, have been published several Sundays, and are joined, in wedlock, 25th of November 1750." Peter Hull, his bride and his two sons by his former marriage, Peter and Francis Hull, took the trail towards the Valley of Virginia. They settled on land bought from Christopher Francisco, on Cub's Run, Rockingham County, Virginia on 2 Jul 1752. This land was a part of the Jacob Stover tracts. (Jacob Stover was an ancestor of President Dwight D. Eisenhower.) In 1765, they acquired land in Crab Apple Bottom, the "garden spot" of what is now Highland County, Virginia.

Highland County government was organized May 20, 1847 in the house of John Cook, which stood near a spring behind the office of E. B. Jones in the town of Monterey. The first justices were George W. Amiss, Emmanuel Arbogast, Abel H. Armstrong, David H. Bird, James Brown, Andrew H. Byrd, James B. Campbell, Benjamin Fleisher, George Hicklin, Peter Hull, Thomas Jones, John H. Pullin, Samuel Ruckman, John Sitlington, Reuben Slaven, Adam Stephenson Sr. , and Charles Steuart.

Major Peter Hull, was the first sheriff and his deputies were David G. McClung and Peter H. Kinkead. Adam Stephenson Jr. Was the first clerk, and Thomas Campbell the first surveyor. The constables for the five districts into which the county was set off were Andrew J. Jones, John M. Rexrode, James H. Ryder, Houston F. Gwin, and William S. Thompson.


Will of Thomas Hull, recorded 19 Mar 1776 (in Will Book 5, page 407, for Augusta County, Virginia):

"In the name of God Amen:

The twenty-eighth day of November, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy-Five.

I, Peter Hohl, of Augusta County and Colony of Virginia, being sick in body but sound in mind and memory, thanks be to Almighty God for the same, do make and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following. First to my dearly beloved wife, Susannah Margaret, I give and bequeath a third part of the estate, after all my just debts are paid. My eldest son Peter shall according to my will and desire after my decease give unto his (step) mother the third part or share of the increase of grain the land produces and shall bring the same into the barn and thresh it for her. I likewise bequeath further unto my wife to have a choice of two milk cows and the Pennsylvania mare, also a horse for her to ride and to work, which horse is to remain upon the plantation and not be disposed of. Likewise, the choice of two sheep. The division of my land shall be in the following manner: (1st) the land be surveyed from the lower end on the line up to the Dry Run, (2nd) from the Dry Run up to the Middle Corner tree, (3rd) from the corner tree on up to the Middle Corner treeon the upper land, (4th) from the Middle Corner tree on up to the Upper Corner tree. (5th) The three of my eldest daughters shall be made equal. I bequeath unto them after my decease the sum of Twenty Pounds current money each, and my youngest daughters shall also receive, each of them the sum of Twenty Pounds current money, as soon as they shall attain their age. (6th) I also desire that the three different pieces or parcels of land, viz. the first at the upper trace, the second in the (Vanderpool) Gap, third on Jackson's River, besides an entering, shall be sold at public Vendue, and put to the estate. I empower hereby my eldest son Peter to sell and dispose of the same as my Executor to this my last will and testament, and desire that Susannah Margaret, my wife and my son Peter shall educate my younger children, in a Christian-like manner, as long as they behave dutiful; otherwise they shall have power to bind them out with this proviso to pay them interest on their money from the day they are bound."

His Mark (X) Peter Hohl

Witnesses present:

Bernard Lantz

Leonard Simon

Peter Flesher

"Certify hereby the above is an exact copy translated from the German tongue into English this Ninteenth Day of March, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Six. -- John William Lee"


He married Susannah Margaretha Dieffenbaugh. She was born in October 1725 in Lancaster, PA. She was the daughter of Johannes Dieffenbaugh and Anna Elizabeth Speiss.

Their children were:

Margaret "Peggy" Hull (born about 1757 in Augusta Co, VA); married Adam Arbogast

George Hull (born 15 October 1757 in Augusta Co, VA; died 1852); married Hannah Keister

Reverend Henry Hull (born 1 April 1760 in Augusta Co, VA; died 16 September 1835 in Giles Co, VA); married Elizabeth Keister, Elizabeth Hawkins

Mary Magdalene Hull (born 1 April 1762 in Augusta Co, VA; died 18 January 1840 in Pendleton Co, VA); married Abram Burner

Catherine Hull (born 1764 in Rockingham Co, VA; died 1810 in Highland Co, VA); married Peter Sicafoose

William Hull (born 1766); married Rebecca Bradford

Phoebe Anastasia "Annis" Hull (born 15 April 1768 at Cub Run, Bath Co, VA; died 5 May 1815 at Traveler's Repose, Pocahontas Co, VA); married John Yeager

David Hull (born 1769)

John M. Hull (born 1771); married Jan Hastings

Anna Elizabeth Hull (born 1775); married James Patterson

Eva C. Hull (born 1776); married George Yeager




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