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The Switch, or My Sister's Body

by Morpheus

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Part 1

I was really looking forward to my vacation. Actually it was my parents vacation. For a second honeymoon they were going to Hawaii for two weeks, and they weren't taking me, so I got a vacation from my parents as part it. But they didn't think I'm old enough to be alone for so long, so they asked my sister Anne to let me stay with her while they were gone. I'm 15, almost 16, and 5 foot 10, while my sister Anne is 27, 5 foot 7 and has long brown hair. We've never been very close because of our age difference, but we got along pretty well In fact, she was a bit more like an aunt than a sister to me at times, so I didn't mind staying at her place for a couple weeks. Since she's at work most of the day, I'd be left by myself anyways, and free to do what I wanted, which was just fine by me. In fact I prefered it. I only wish I had my drivers license already so I could get around easier.

I waved goodbye as mom drove off, leaving me at Anne's apartement, then Anne showed me to the second bedroom that I could use while staying with her. After tossing my bag onto the bed, I walked into the kitchen and saw Anne putting dinner in the oven. When she noticed me, she said "Hiya kiddo. The remotes on the couch, and dinner will be ready in about an hour." She smiled and said to make myself at home, so I hopped onto the couch and turned the on the tube until it was time to eat. Dinner wasn't nearly as good as mom makes, but I guess being single and living alone, Anne doesn't usually get that much practice cooking for others. Besides, knowing how to cook isn't required for a degree in science. We were pretty quiet while eating, neither of us knowing what to say. When we finished, Anne lit up a cigarette, then after taking a couple puffs, asked me what I'd planned to do while she was at work. I told her that I was going to hang around a bit, and head to the mall. Maybe go swimming and to the movies too. Anne invited me for a tour of the place where she worked, and I said I'd like to see it, though I was mostly just being polite to her, not wanting to hurt her feelings or anything. I helped Anne clear the table, and do the dishes, then we sat down in front of the TV again. I was caught up in watching Babylon 5, while Anne did't seem quite as interested, but watched it anyway while drinking a beer and occasionally smoking a cigarette. The cigarette smoke bothered me a bit, but it was her home so I didn't say anything. I think she noticed my discomfort though, because she didn't light up again for a while after that. The next morning, I woke up with Anne shaking me. "Hey kiddo, its time to get up" She laughed "I know its Saturday, but I didn't think you wanted to sleep all day. Its already almost lunchtime" The one thing I always hated about Anne was how easily she woke up in the morning. It was a good thing I didn't have to put up with her cheerfull face every morning. Grumbling I got up and got dressed, and came out to grab a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Anne told me that she had to drop something off at work, and that it would be a good time to show me around a little since no one would be there. I figured that I had all day, and nothing else to really do, so said "Sure, why not?". When we got to her work, it was a decent sized building, and Anne had to unlock the door with a combination. She explained that it was a new and small company, founded by her boss, Dr Connel, who used to teach physics at some university. He'd apparently decided he could make more money in his own buisness than in teaching. Anne explained that they didn't have too much money or budget yet, but were hoping to finish some projects and make a name for themselves. She said that she was an engineer and designed a few components for things and had met Dr. Connel when he was one of her professors in college, and had apparently impressed him enough that he offered her a job. Anne led me through a few plain and undecorated hallways and brought me into her office, proudly showing off her desk. I made the appropriate comments of appreciation, while being a bit bored. She then led me down the hall again to another door, and entered a few numbers on a keypad, then opened the door. It wasn't what I'd call a laboratory, but looked more like a Radio Shack, with electrical wires and small boxes circuit cards spread on various bench's. She pulled a circuit card out of her purse and put it into a small slot in a box on the shelf and said she'd finished soldering it at home and was just bringing it back. "We're short of people, so I have to make most of my prototype circuit cards. "How do you like it, Jeff?" she asked, obviousy proud. I couldn't make out much, and it looked like a mess, but it did look kind of impressive. "Whats that?", I asked, pointing at a large metal platform in the corner, with lots of wires and things sticking out of it. It looked pretty expensive, but only half put together. "Oh, thats what Dr. Connel hopes will make this company" Anne hesitated for a second, "I shouldn't tell you this, but its a new type of communications device we're working on. Dr. Connel designed it and I'm only working on a small part of it so I don't know how the whole thing really works" Anne looked at me excitedly, "Its not finished yet, but its supposed to convert thought patterns to electromagnetic waves, and sort of create a form of telepathy that could let us remote control probes and things at a distance, accurately and with just concentration. And maybe even let two people project thoughts to each other for real. I don't remember seeing Anne so excited before. She continued on a little, but I didnt' make much else out about it. Apparently though, Dr Connel was keeping everyone in the dark about how it all worked, and only having people know about how their specialty worked. I guess to keep someone from stealing the idea from him. It looked interesting, but more like something from a science fiction movie than anything in real life. It also looked like a pile of expensive junk that would never work. In her excitement to show me what she'd been working on, Anne grabbed the metal cannister she put the card into a few minutes earlier, and popped the whole thing into a hole in the side of the platform. She popped another few cards into different holes, and flipped a few switches. Next thing I knew, the platform was humming a bit. I walked over next to her and the platform and stared at it, realizing that this could probably make a lot of money, and she could get in a lot of trouble if someone realized she'd told me about this. Anne looked appologetic to me, then she said that they hadn't gotten it to work yet, but though they were getting close. Anne told me not to touch anything, and probably realizing what she shouldn't have told me, she reached over to turn it off, but her sleeve caught on something and suddenly sparks were flying and I saw smoke coming out of the side of the platform. Anne jumped back in alarm, and fell over me, knocking me over. I reached out to stop my fall, but Anne and I both landed halfway on the platform. The humming seemed to get a lot louder, and I saw sparks everywhere. Everything seemed to blur and go dizzy for a second, then I had images flying through me head, leaving me confused. For a second I saw scenes and images flying through my mind, but wasn't able to grab hold of any of them or tell what they were. Everything faded for a second and the humming seemed to stop. I looked up feeling confused and noticing that the side of the platform was covered with sparks and some flames and that I could smell something burning. My whole body ached, and I felt very odd and tingly. "So this is what it feels like to be electrocuted" I said aloud, and was amazed at the sound of my voice. It didn't sound right at all. I looked down over and was horrified to see my own face looking at me in confusion and shock. "WHAT THE HELL??" I exclaimed, then stood up, looking down at myself in horror. I couldn't believe what I saw. Looking down I saw the blouse Anne had been wearing, with two very obvious lumps on my chest. I put my hands on them and knew they were real. With a sinking feeling I looked at my hands then at my legs, again meeting with the same results. Somehow I'd become Anne. I couldn't believe it. I looked over at my body, and saw the same looks of confusion and fear on the face, and my old hands patting my old body, examining it. "God, what happened" I said, again hearing Annes voice as I spoke. "Anne?" I asked hesitantly, "Is that you?" "Yes", was the shaky reply. It felt wierd to hear someone else using my voice, and even wierder to see myself that way. It was like looking into some sort of mirror. She stood up too, obviously just as disoriented as I was, and stared at me, just as hard as I was staring at her. We both just stared at each other, and at ourselves for a few moments, trying to get our balance. I looked up to see my own face, realizing suddenly that I was now several inches shorter than I was used to. Finally I asked "Wwwwhat happened?" Anne seemed to get hold of herself and calm down a little. "Somehow the platform overloaded and looped back the signal. I'm not sure how it all works, so I can't tell what happened. Maybe we can get the platform to fix us" I looked at the platform and didn't think that was too likely, noticing that it was still sparking and looked pretty trashed. Anne noticed the same thing I did, and groaned. "That could take weeks to fix" "Oh NO. If Dr. Connel finds out about this, I'll be fired for sure. I don't even know how this happened" Anne looked panicy, and I can't say I was any better, though I felt a little calmer. I think I was still in shock. Looking at the machine, I didn't think it was damaged as badly as I'd origionally thought, but I didn't know enough about it to be sure. Anne examined it carefully, then stood back said that it could be fixed much sooner probably, but she didn't know how to fix all the systems yet, or how to switch us back once it was fixed, though she had a few ideas. I was just worried, and getting over my shock, kept noticing how odd my, or rather Anne's body felt. I could feel the weight of the breasts on my chest, and they were only average size. I wanted to examine myself a little more, but certainly wasn't going to do that with Anne right there. I was more concerned though with whether or not we could switch back. After several minutes, Anne announced that she might be able to get it working again before Monday morning, if she worked hard. We didn't think it safe to hang around, so Anne grabbed several circuit cards that were burnt up and put them a box, along with a bunch of spare resistors and parts. She said she'd fix them at home. I agreed and took my first real step since switching, and felt my ankle twist. I realized that I was wearing high heels now, and walked carefully to the door behind Anne, trying to keep my balance. It was a little slower than I was used to, but by the time we got to the front door, I'd gotten used to them enough to manage. In the parking lot I felt very conspicuous, despite no one else being around, but Anne. Anne got in the drivers seat, and drove us back to her apartment, and I didn't even remember that I didn't have a drivers permit till we were halfway there, so if we were caught, there'd really be some trouble. But since we were already on the road, we kept going, and fortunately no cops stopped us.

When we got back to Anne's place, I had a hard time making myself get out of the car and walk through the parking lot. There were people there to see me, and I kept feeling as if someone was going to point at me and laugh. I was emberassed, and noticed that one guy that we walked past looked at me appreciatively, which only made me feel more uncomfortable. Once we were safe inside Anne's apartement, I let out a sigh of relief. Anne unpacked the box of parts on her corner worktable, and started to look them over, obviously very focused on problem. I watched Anne look over parts for a few minutes then grew bored. I felt my bladder get full so went to the bathroom, and reminded myself to sit down to go. The relief was the same, but felt different the way it leaked out between my legs rather than the usually spray out. I wiped myself carefully, and then examined the slit between my legs. It felt odd. It was the first time I'd seen that part of a woman other than in magazines, and never thought it would be mine. I stood up in front of the bathroom mirror and gazed at the reflection of Anne staring back at me. Curious, I pulled off my blouse, and struggled with my bra for a second before it came loose. It was amazing. Without the bra, my breasts felt a little heavier, and I put my hands on them. I noticed how much bigger the nipples were than my old ones, and how sensitive they felt. They started to tingle, and felt good, so I rubbed them a bit, which felt even better. I kept it up for a few minutes, feeling it get wet between my legs. Suddenly I remembered Anne in the other room and got emberassed. It wasn't right to masterbate in her body, with her right there. This was all too emberassing as it was. Reluctantly, I put the bra and blouse back on, pulled my pants back up and went to sit in front of the TV for a while. It was early in the day still, and I wanted to go out and do something, but didn't dare go out looking like this. I kept thinking about in the bathroom and how good it felt, but wouldn't let myself go back to that right now. After a little while, Anne came out, looking a bit dishelved in my body. "You know Kiddo, its kind of neat to be stronger". Up till then, I hadn't thought about being a little weaker than I had been. I hadn't lifted anything or done anything that would use my strength. Anne said "I went to move the table to get something I dropped behind it, and was surprised at how much easier than normal it was" She was obviously pleased by this, though she said she defenitely wanted her body back. "All those years of college, and my job will all be wasted if I can't get back, and I know you do to. Please be patient". I tried. She dug sat down next to me, and dug through her purse. She pulled out a cigarette, put it in her mouth and lit it. She drew it, and started coughing and gagging violently. Holding the cigarette away from her, she glared at it disgustedly. "Here, you take this" she said as she handed it to me. I took the cigarette in my hands and argued, "But I don't smoke" She chuckled, saying "You do now". I looked at it burning in my hand then figured why not. I might as well at least try it. Cautiously I brought the butt up to my lips and sucked in. The warm smoke went down my throat, tickling a little and felt odd in my lungs. It didn't taste bad, and the smoke went down easily. Pleasantly surprisised, I blew the smoke out, then looked over at Anne, who had moved a little further away from me. Apparently the smoke was bothering her a little, which I thought kind of funny, and couldn't keep from giggling a little. I felt a pleasurable calm spread through my body then took another puff while Anne just watched me. I was enjoying the new experience but finished up the cigarette quickly and snubbed it out in the ashtray. After a little while, Anne got up and went back to work on the circuit cards and I went to the kitchen looking for something to drink. I poured myself a glass of milk and and went to sit back on the couch, when I accidentally slipped, spilling the milk all down my front, soaking my blouse and pants. "Great" I said aloud, "as if everything else weren't going wrong". I wiped the milk off the floor then went to ask Anne if she had any clothes I could change into, then laughed realizing that of course she did. Anne seemed almost glad for the break and led me to her room, where she dug through her closet and drawers, and found me some replacement clothes. Apparently she decided to play dressup with me because she gave me a skirt to wear instead of another pair of pants. When I complained, she told me that all her pants were in the laundry, though I think that she was probably lying to me and just wanted me to get into a skirt. I reluctantly let her show me how to put on pantyhose, rolling it up my legs. I felt a little unconfortable, but left me kind of aroused. I had to put on new panties since they got wet too, and Anne insisted I put on a new bra to go with the panties. When I was done, I was wearing a light pink blouse, and a fairly short black skirt, and the high heels again. I looked in the mirror and felt very turned on. Again I went back to the TV while Anne went to work on the circuit cards. Feeling bored I pulled out the TV Guide and saw the words were blurry. I had to squint to make them out. I was confused, then remembered that Anne wore glasses to read with. Digging through her purse, I found them very rapidly and put them on, and was pleased to note how clear the writing was now. The weight of the glasses felt kind of odd to have sitting on my nose, but I didn't have any problems with them. After I finished reading the TV guide, I put the glasses away and went to watch Anne for a while.

Anne stared at the schematics, then unhappy and announced that we needed a few more parts and would have to go to Radio Shack to get them. I didn't want to be seen like this, but felt too bored to stay around the house, so I agreed to go with her. As Anne was about to open the drivers door, I reminded her that I don't have a permit. She hesitated for a second, then apparently decided not to risk it. I've had some driving lessons before, just not on the roads, but Anne insisted on going over everything about how to drive a car before she'd let me drive. Carefully I listened to her instructions, and drove to the mall. I didn't have any problems, and thought I could have managed fine on my own. I was enjoying my first driving on the road, though I was a little nervous with all the other drivers around. It was different than a parking lot. Walking through the mall was an interesting experience. Men kept looking at me, and I felt emberassed by the attention. I knew that Anne wasn't bad looking, but she certainly wasn't a model either. Still, in spite of the emberassement, I felt a little excited by the attention. I noticed also that I wasn't having any problems walking in the high heels anymore, and had gotten used to walking in them. Anne seemed to enjoy showing me around, though looked a little envious of some of the stares I was getting. I certainly hoped no one I knew saw Anne and got the impression that I was gay. Some guy I didn't know walked up to me then said "Hi Anne, how've you been doing?" "Uh....fine" I managed to respond. I didn't know who this guy was, but he obviously knew Anne. Just then Anne came to my rescue, tugging on my arm and saying "Come on Anne, we've got to go" "Sure,...Jeff" I remembered to call her by my name. I looked apologetically at the stranger and said "See you later" and walked off with Anne, sighing in relief. "Who was that?" I asked Anne. "Oh, thats Phil. I dated him for a while, but we're still friends and talk occasionally" I told her that Phil made me nervous, and she chuckled and said I shouldn't be. When we got to Radio Shack, Anne went inside to buy what she needed, and I waited just outside, watching people walk by. I walked over and sat down on a bench, and opened Anne's purse, that she made me bring, and pulled out the cigarettes. I figured I might as well, and pulled a cigarette from the package and put it in my mouth, then lit it with Anne's lighter. I sat smoking, waiting for Anne to finish up. After 15 minutes, Anne came out looking emberassed. "I don't have enough money with me, and I'll need to write a check. They need to see YOU sign the check since they won't believe it if I sighned it. I pulled out the checkbook and saw Anne's signature on several checks, then handed it over to Anne. "I'll sign the signature block so it will look like mine, and you just pretend you're sighning it" She then took a pen and signed her signature. I stared at it for a few seconds then burst out laughing. It was in her name, but in my handwriting. She looked surprised at the messy signature. I decided to try it, and wrote out Anne's name on that same check, and smiled in triumph when it matched her neat and flowing signature on the other check reciepts. "I guess I really will need to sign it" I told Anne, who just nodded. I signed the next check and put the amount in, and gave it to the clerk, who handed Anne the small bag. The trip back to Anne's apartement was uneventfull, and I even relaxed and enjoyed being able to drive, without Anne giving as many directions this time. When we got back, Anne went directly back to work, with renewed energy and concentration. I hoped she'd finish it soon.

It was around 6:00, and I was getting pretty hungry, and Anne was still at work, so I dug around in the kitchen looking for something to eat. In the fridge I found some microwavable dinners and decided to nuke them up. I called Anne to eat and she seemed tired and hungry. She pulled a couple beers out of the fridge, taking one for herself and giving me one. I took my first sip, and was pleased at how good it tasted, while Anne winced a little after taking a sip of hers. She kept drinking her beer though, despite my not having developed a taste for yet in that body. After eating, Anne went back to the bench. She said that she wasn't used to doing so much soldering. She seemed surprised at how much she'd eaten in my body, and I was a little surprised at how little food compared to normal that it took to fill me up. I was feeling pretty bored and a little claustrophobic, so I went out for a walk. I noticed that I had gotten a bit more comfortable in Anne's body, and the high heels didn't bother me much, though the weight of my breasts still felt odd, especially when they bounced. Several men I passed looked at me, and one guy asked me if I'd seen his dog running around. I told him no, and realized that he was hitting on me. Emberassed, I excused myself and left him there, heading back to Anne's apartement. I felt not only emberassed, but a little afraid, hoping that this wouldn't be permenant, and I'm ashamed to admit, I felt a bit excited as well. I hurried back to the apartement as fast as I could, realizing how much trouble I could have gotten into. It was beginning to get dark, and a girl alone on foot isn't that safe. I was relieved once I finally got back, and safe inside. I sat down, trying to calm myself down, then went to look at what Anne was doing. She looked tired, so I made a pot of coffee and brought her a cup. She thanked me, and took a sip, wincing slightly as it hit new tastebuds, then took another sip and looked at the schematics again. "I'm supposed to design circuits, not fix them", she mumbled. I went to the kitchen and got myself a cup of coffee too, and sat sipping it, surprised at how I was beginning to adapt.

Several hours later, I was getting pretty tired and kept yawning. Anne was still working on the cards, and I noticed that several of them were set off to the side, looking like she'd finished them. I said good night to Anne, and she told me that I might as well sleep in her room since thats were all the clothes that would fit me were at. I went into her room and undressed, and admired my new body in her mirror. I saw myself completely naked and got very aroused again, and felt my crotch get kind of wet. I put my finger there and it felt a bit slippery. It felt very good to touch, so I started rubbing my crotch with one hand, and my breast with another. It felt so good, I just kept it up. Laying down on her bed, I think I forgot my worries about Anne being just a short distance away, enjoying the pleasurable sensations I was feeling. Then my finger entered my slit, and I felt it go inside of me just a little, and it felt great. I pushed it in the rest of the way, thinking how odd it felt to have something inside me, and wondered what it would feel like to have a guy inside me. I certainly didn't plan on being in this body long enough to learn, but it didn't stop me from wondering. I think I was beginning to moan from the pleasure, then bit my lip as soon as I realized I was making noise. I didn't want Anne to find out about this, but it felt too good to stop now. I kept moving my finger inside myself, and rubbing my breast, feeling myself getting so warm inside. There was a tension building inside of me, and I felt it give. A huge wave of pleasure spread through my body, and I think I may have forgotten and made some more noise, but I wasn't sure, and I think I was too far gone to care anyway. "So thats what an orgasm as a woman feels like" I said to myself in a low voice. I lay there breathing rapidly, feeling the warm afterglow and enjoying the sensation. I felt so good, and dozed off after a fairly short time.

part 2

I woke up feeling very rested, and awake. I looked over at the clock and noticed that it was only 7:00. I couldn't believe it. I never woke up that early on my own, especially not feeling so awake. I pulled myself out of bed and looked at the sticky spot on the bed, and in between my legs. "I guess I'll have to take a shower" I muttered. Looking in Anne's closet, I found a white robe and put it around my naked body, tying it at the waist. I went into the kitchen, noticing that Anne wasn't at her workbench, and must have gone to bed. I felt a little hungry, but not much, so I started looking for something to eat. While I was thinking about it, I put another pot of coffee on, and waited for it to fill. I went to the bathroom to empty my bladder, then going back to the kitchen, I satesfied my appetite with a danish I found in the fridge, and drank a cup of coffee with it. When I was done, I went back to the bathroom, and found Anne's toothbrush. I brushed my teeth, then pulled off my robe to take a shower. Just as I was about to take a shower, I figured that a bath might not be bad either, so I filled the tub up with water, and some bubble soap that was sitting on the edge. It felt rather nice to sink into the hot soapy water, and just soak. It felt so relaxing, I thought I was going to go back to sleep again. Not wanting to fall asleep in the tub, I hurried washing up the rest of my body, and washed my now long hair. I wasn't used to long hair so hadn't expected to use so much shampoo to clean it. Then I used some conditioner on the edge of the tub, figuring that Anne used it all the time. I briefly considered shaving my legs, but thought that they were smooth enough that they didn't need it. Getting out of the tub, I dried myself off hand had a hard time trying the hair. Usually I just dried my hair with a towel and left it, but this needed a bit more work to get all the water out of it. After getting this done, I took a brush and started brushing my hair, not wanting to get it too tangled. Anne wouldn't forgive me if I let her body be seen looking like a slob, so I did my best to get her hair decent. Going to the kitchen, I drank another cup of coffee and smoked a cigarette, then noticed that it was already almost 9:00. I figured I should get Anne up soon so she could finish up the circuit cards. First I decided to get dressed, so went and rummaged through Anne's drawers and closet, and found a much more casual outfit than what she gave me yesterday. I realized I was right about her lying to me when I found a pair of jeans in her closet that were tight on me when I put them on. I also found a pair of white sneakers that I put on instead of the high heels. I may have gotten used to the heals, but I still had my masculine pride and wasn't about to wear high heels when I could wear sneakers. Then I put on a green T shirt she had and some new ear rings in my now pierced ears. Looking in the mirror, I saw that I looked like a normal attractive woman, which suited me better than being a knockout at the moment. I opened the door to the spare bedroom, and saw Anne lying on the bed, deep asleep. Quietly I walked in and looked down at my sleeping body, staring at it for several minutes, unable to believe the situation. I shook my head, then leaned over and shook Anne saying "Time to get up sleepyhead". Anne rolled over and mumbled something, but didn't seem about to get up, so I shook her again. After enough shaking and calling, Anne got up, and seemed pretty irritable. "Was I ever that bad in the morning?" I asked myself. I went back to the kitchen to let Anne wake up and get dressed. After a few minutes, I heard the shower running and figured that Anne was getting washed up. I wondered just how late Anne had been up last night. When she was finished, Anne came into the kitchen, looking a bit better but still half asleep. She stumbled to the coffee pot and poured herself a cup, then sat down next to me, slowly sipping at it. Eventually she turned to me and said she felt like hell, and couldn't remember ever being so drained in the morning. I laughed and said I felt wide awake, which made her glare at me. After a little while, she woke up a bit more and told me that there was no way one of her friends was going to see me looking like that, so she drug me off to her bedroom, where she sat me down and started brushing at my hair, and arranging it so that it satisfied her. I sat patiently waiting for her to finish. She commented on my choice of clothes, but decided they were all right. Then she went to work puting makeup on me. She said since I was going casual, I wouldn't need very much, but applied it carefully to my face anyway. I sat watching the process in the mirror, and she explained what she was doing and why each step of the way. Finally the lipstick went on and it felt weird having my lips coated like that. I could keep tasting it too. I was about to get up, when she said she wasn't finished yet, and made me sit again, while she went to work puting a light colored nail polish on my fingernails. Patiently I held them out like she said, and let her blow on them to dry them up. I had to admit though that they looked rather nice.

After she was finished with me, Anne went back to work on the cards, saying between the yawns that she was almost done. When she told me that she only had 4 hours of sleep because she worked so late, I suggested that she take a short nap and finish it up with a clear mind, but she didnt' like that idea and went right back to work, only occasionally taking a break. I kept myself busy till lunchtime by watching TV and watching Solitaire. When I made sandwiches for lunch, I noticed that we were out of milk, and told Anne I was going to walk to the store and get more. I felt that I had to get out of the apartement for a while, and this was as good an excuse as any. "Why don't you take my car?", Anne asked me. I was surprised that she'd trust me to drive alone, but she chuckled a little bitterly. "But you have a drivers license now" It was obvious that she was a bit worried about getting back to normal, but said that she trusted me to get to the store and back without getting in a wreck. I certainly wasn't going to turn down the chance to drive by myself so grabbed the keys and ran out the door before she could change her mind. I was excited, but forced myself to keep my concentration so as not to get into a crash. Anne would kill me if I did. I barely managed to avoid being hit by a car that pulled out in front of me, but other than that, there weren't any problems, and I made it to the 7-Eleven in one piece. When I was about to head up to the cashier with the gallon of milk and bread Anne had asked me to grab, I passed by the beer rack, and thought about buying some. We still had some back in the apartement, but it was the thought of being able to buy it that got me exited. Being able to buy beer would be recognition of my being an adult now, even if it was only borrowed. The thought made me feel a bit naughty, but excited, so I grabbed a six pack and brought it to the cash register up front. The 19 year old clerk kept looking at my breasts and I felt a bit excited, and disgusted at the same time. I wanted to yell at him, that my face was up here, but the attention also felt good for some reason. Instead I just smiled sweetly at him, and asked for a package of cigarettes as well. The clerk fumbled with the register, apologizing for his delay, and said that he'd only worked here a few days. I smiled sweetly at him again and said "Thats all right. It must be exciting to work here and meet so many people" I couldn't believe I'd just said that. I'd actually flirted with another guy. I grabbed my groceries and hurried out the store, suddenly feeling emberassed. I took my time getting back to the apartement, driving around instead and thinking about my situation, almost forgetting my joy at being able to drive on my own. When I got back to the Anne's place, I was in for a pleasant surprise. Anne jumped at me excitedly as soon as I came in the door, shouting "Im finished. I've got the last card". I could barely contain myself with excitement. We decided to sneak back into the lab that night so that Anne could put the parts back in the platform, and try to get us back to normal. She said is was still pretty uncertain since she didn't understand how it happened, but she was optimistic that it would work.

To celebrate Anne wanted to go out for dinner, on her treat. Actually I ended up paying since I had her checkbook and wallet. We only went to Dennys, and felt a little self concious sitting in a resteraunt as Anne. I was going to order a large burger and a double order of fries like I usually do, but Anne told me that If ate that and put it on her hips, she'd kill me, so I ended up eating a smaller sandwich instead. At least she didn't make me eat a salad. Yuck. We were both still excited when we got back, and Anne started to put all the cards and parts back into the box. I was just coming out of the bathroom when the phone rang. I picked it up and awnsered "Hello?" "Hello, Anne..." I heard in some guys voice over the line. I gestured for Anne to come to the phone, and she listened for a second. "Oh, its Phil" she said a bit surprised. I remembered him from the mall and groaned. " I was thinking when we ran into the mall yesterday,.." he was saying over the line. I looked to Anne for advice, but she was carefully listening to the reciever. "Well, I was thinking maybe we can give it another shot. How about going out with me tomorrow night?" I was a bit surprised and looked to Anne again. She whisphered in my ear that we'd be back in our bodies by then, and she'd like to go out with him, so I told him sure, to pick me (or rather Anne) up Monday night at 8:00. I hung up the phone and laughed. I'd just made a date with another guy. "Fortunately" I told myself "I won't have to go on it", though actually I think I was a little disapointed, thinking how interesting it might be to go on a date from the womans side of things. Later on, I was in the bathroom looking at myself in the mirror thinking that this was going to be the last time I'd see myself like this since we were just about to go to Anne's work. It was going to be good to get back in my own body. I posed a few times, then heard the phone ringing. I hurried to the phone to see Anne awnsering it. She looked up and handed the phone to me saying "Its Dr. Connel, and he doesn't sound in a good mood" "Hello" I said into the phone, not sure what I'd say to the man since I didn't know him. "Anne, we've got a small problem. You don't need to bother coming into work tomorrow" I felt my heart sink. Anne looked at me questioningly, seeing the look on my face. I wondered if he'd found out what happened somehow. He continued on "We had an electrical fire start somehow sometime this weekend, and it spread damaging the building and facilities." I listened to the rest of what he said more or less in shock, then hung up. I turned to Anne who hadn't been able to make out some of what was said and was demanding to know what was going on. Then I told her the bad news. I told her that somehow the fire wasn't completely extinguished when we left, and it spread. The look of horror on her face (or more precisely my face) was almost enough to lighten my mood, but I felt just as bad. I finished telling her how fortunately the machine wasn't too badly damaged, but the buildings generator and power were destroyed, and it would take a week, maybe two before we'd be able to go back in and get things fixed back. She didn't seem surprised when I told her that Dr. Connel told me that she (meaning me) was to stay home from work until they fixed things. We both sat stunned. We'd both be stuck like this for at least another week or two. The only good thing was that Anne wasn't expected to go to work during that time, so was on vacation as well. Then I remembered the date with Phil, and wondered what I'd wear. "At least when this is over with, I'll be able to understand women better" I told myself, trying to look on the bright side. After several minutes Anne seemed to take the same attitude and was looking forward to seeing what it was like being a guy. I wanted a vacation, but not a vacation from my own body. This was defenitely going to be the strangest vacation that I've ever had, and the wierdest two weeks of my life.

To be continued???

The waking world is but a dream

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