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Altered Fates: Danny Boy

by Morpheus

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The clock quietly ticked, the only sound in the room. Danny Mason looked around the table, seeing his relatives, all waiting quietly as the lawyer gathered his materials, getting ready to read the will. The others didn't want Danny to be there, thinking that he was too young at 15 for this, but he was closer than any of them to his Uncle Benny.

Danny almost smiled, fondly remembering Uncle Benny. He had always been a bit eccentric, and had been the black sheep of the family. He was always cheap, the kind of guy who would eat dog food and never throw anything away, but everyone suspected that he was secretly rich. Unfortunately, now they were about to find out for sure. Danny was the only one that was really upset about this, having really liked his odd uncle.

They didn't even have Uncle Benny's body. He had just disappeared mysteriously, and was thought to have been the victim of a mugging, or other foul play since he had a habit of taking walks at night, where it wasn't always safe.

The lawyer cleared his throat, and started reading from the will. Almost everyone was disappointed, secretly believing that a great fortune would be revealed, but finding instead that Uncle Benny wasn't that rich. He only had a couple thousand at most, which was split between his brothers.

Danny hadn't expected anything, or at least not any money, but he'd at least hoped that Uncle Benny would have remembered. Once the reading was finished, everyone started leaving, and Danny started to follow out behind his Dad, but the lawyer motioned for Danny to stay for a minute. Curious, Danny waited until everyone was gone.

The Lawyer, an older man picked up a small wooden box, and placed it in front of Danny. Curiously, Danny remembered seeing it on Uncle Benny's table. The lawyer smiled at him.

"The deceased states in his will" the lawyer starts, "that this box is to be given to you. It also states that you are to be given it privately" With that, the lawyer says, "Good bye" and walks out, leaving Danny speechless.

Danny was quiet on the ride back home, holding the small box close to him. He hid it so that his parents couldn't see it. He didn't know why Uncle Benny had it given to him, or even what was in it yet. He couldn't wait to get home and see, his curiosity burning inside him.

Quietly, Danny stared intently at the box, seeing the dark wood. It didn't look too old, and didn't seem too fancy. In fact, it was a bit scratched and battered, with a small latch holding it closed in front. He tried to imagine what was in the box. A bunch of jewelry? Lots of money? Finally he gave into his curiosity and slowly lifted the latch, and opened the lid.

Sitting on top, was an envelope, addressed to him on the front. Carefully, he set it to the side, and saw a cheap looking necklace. It was round and had a picture of a fairy on it, but it wasn't a very good picture. Absently, Danny set the necklace to the side, and noticed money underneath. His jaw dropped noticing that there were twenties, tens, and even one fifty that he noticed. It must be a couple hundred dollars.

Not the great treasure he had imagined, but more money than he'd ever had in his life. Ignoring the temptation to count the money, Danny opened up the envelope, and unfolded the letter inside. The writing wasn't extremely clear, but was obviously Uncle Benny's.

Dear Dannyboy. You've always been a good kid, so I decided to leave my greatest treasure to you. Its the medallion in the box. I know it doesn't look like much, but trust me, there's a lot too it. You probably won't believe me, but it's magic. If you put it on, then touch someone else's clothes to it, you'll change into a copy of that person. To change back, you just touch your own clothes to it. The catch is, that you have to wait 12 hours after using it, before it will work again. So, when you use it, plan ahead. I know you won't believe me, so check it out for yourself. And whatever you do, don't tell anyone about it. I won't say where I found it, but finding it was a stroke of luck. It was pure accident that I found out what it could do. I've played with it for awhile, but finally decided what I really wanted with it. I changed myself into someone else, and plan to stay this way permanently. I'm not dead, just not myself anymore. Don't expect to see me, since I'm moving to LA as soon as I'm done writing this. Have fun with it, but remember to be careful, and take care. Love, Uncle Benny.

Danny put the letter down. Uncle Benny must have been crazier than they thought, Danny realized. Thinking that this thing was magic? Danny looked down skeptically at the suspected article. Picking it up, he ran his hands over it, feeling the slightly rough surface.

Putting it down, Danny was about to start counting the money, but the letter wouldn't leave his mind. He didn't believe a word of it, but he felt that he at least owed Uncle Benny the chance to prove it.

After arguing with himself for several minutes, Danny reluctantly decided to at least try it. He was sure that it wouldn't work, but he owed it to Uncle Benny to at least try.

Making sure that his parents weren't watching, Danny went into his brother Mark's room. Mark was 18 and had left for the Army a couple months ago. Danny thought that Mark would be a good choice, since he left all his stuff here, including all his clothes. Feeling slightly guilty, Danny grabbed one of his brothers T shirts from the dresser, and held it up. Much bigger than the ones he wore.

Going back to his own room, he slipped the medallion over his head. He felt foolish as he lifted his brothers shirt to the medallion, but was slightly startled as he felt a slight tingle when the shirt touched the medallion. Danny chuckled at himself for letting his imagination get to him.

Tossing Marks shirt onto his bed, then pulling the medallion off, Danny put it back into the box, glad that he'd gotten that over with. Now to count the money.

As Danny started separating the bills, he scratched at himself, feeling as if his shirt were getting too tight. He shrugged it off, thinking he was just outgrowing another shirt. After several more minutes, his pants started feeling very tight, and uncomfortable. Danny got up to change his clothes, a little worried, but when he realized just how tight his shirt had gotten on him, his mouth dropped open.

Quickly, he pulled his shirt and pants off, and noticed that his legs looked larger than before. He felt odd, and began to realize that Uncle Benny may not have been crazy after all. He stared in amazement at his reflection in the mirror, seeing that he was at least two inches taller, and definitely more muscular. Danny couldn't take his eyes off of his reflection, as it slowly kept changing, looking more and more like Mark.

Finally the changes seemed to stop, and Mark looked back from the mirror. Danny was amazed. He flexed one of his biceps, loving the way it bulged up. His certainly wouldn't do that. He flexed again, delighted in all the muscles he had. Mark had always spent a lot of time working out, and Danny was loving the results.

Curiously, Danny pulled off his underwear. They were way to tight on him anyway. He felt embarrassed to look at his brothers genitals, and almost laughed. Mark had always bragged, saying he was long and thick, but Dennis saw that Mark was perhaps a little smaller than he was down there. Maybe it was just the larger body, he wondered though, making it seem smaller? It didn't really matter.

Suddenly Danny remembered that dinner was in an hour, and the note said that this couldn't be change for 12 hours. No way would he be able to explain this to his Mom and Dad. Frightened, Danny tried the medallion again, wanting to make sure. He was disappointed, but not surprised when nothing happened.

Danny forced himself to calm down, trying to think of what he could do. He couldn't let them see him like this, at least without telling them about the medallion. Mark was supposed to be a long ways away, so it wouldn't do for him to be seen here.

First, Danny decided, he needed to get dressed. He threw Marks shirt on, then wrapped a towel around his waist. Carefully, he peaked out of his door, making sure no one was around, then hurried back into Mark's room. Getting dressed, he looked at some of Marks weights on the floor, and couldn't resist trying them.

Lifting one was rather easy for him, and he knew that he'd never be able to lift that in his own body. He loved being this strong. He felt so pumped up. Then getting worried that he might be heard, he stopped, and eyed the window. A minute later, he was out the window, and heading uptown.

Danny knew he'd get in trouble when he got back, but it wouldn't be as bad as if he got seen like this. Walking, he kept noticing that women kept giving him the look. All sorts of girls that he knew he'd never have a chance with were staring at him, and Danny loved it. Most of them were a few years older than him, but that only made them more interesting to him.

"Hey Mark", Danny turned around, seeing a very pretty brunette, that he recognized as one of Mark's old girlfriends, "I didn't think you were still in town" She said, obviously pleased.

Danny stuttered for a second, then told her that he was back on leave, but leaving the next day. He hoped that would stall any more questions. She didn't seem interested though, and jumped up, giving Danny a deep kiss. Surprised, he just enjoyed it for a few seconds, then responded.

He wasn't sure exactly how it happened, but the girl, who was named Sara, Danny remembered, led him to her apartment. Before he realized it, Danny had his pants around his ankles as Sara had his penis in her mouth. Danny moaned, amazed at how good it felt. Quickly afterwards, he found himself looking at her naked breasts. He couldn't believe he was doing this, and then started to enter her. It felt tight and warm, and clenched his penis tightly. He orgasmed, then lay down next to her, feeling very tired.

Danny woke up, realizing that he was still sleeping next to Sara. He felt embarrassed about what he'd done the night before, but excited as well. It hadn't been quite as good as he'd heard it was supposed to be, but it still felt very good. Looking down at Sara sleeping, Danny felt himself begin to get hard again. Not wanting to wake her, he quietly got dressed and slipped out, noticing the clock. 12 hours had passed. He realized he had to get home and change back immediately.

It was still dark out, but Danny hurried home. Fortunately for him, his house wasn't too far away so he got back very quickly. He was quiet as he crawled back into the window, but almost slipped out. He barely caught himself from making a racket as he got in, and into his own room. He desperately prayed that his Mom and Dad wouldn't hear him.

He stripped out of Marks clothes, then put the medallion back around his neck, and touched his own shirt to it. He felt relieved as he started to slowly shrink back down to his own shape. Hiding Marks clothes under his bed, and the medallion in his closet, he crawled into bed, pulling the covers over his head, feeling his body still changing.

Danny wasn't surprised to find himself grounded for a week after his parents found him back, but they took it a bit easy on him, thinking that Uncle Benny's death had just hit him hard, and that the reading of the will had just shook him. They grounded him mostly for the principal of it. Danny was relieved that they'd taken it so easy on him, but still nervous.

He didn't touch the medallion again for almost a week, being scared of getting caught. Finally the next weekend, his Mom and Dad were going out to dinner and dancing, leaving him home alone. Danny smiled at that, knowing that they'd get back very late. He'd have enough time to explore the medallion again.

After they'd left, he once again changed into Mark, though didn't leave the house this time. He spent a while lifting weights, and enjoying the feel of the muscles. Danny seriously began to consider lifting weights himself.

Finally he turned out the lights and went to bed, not wanting his parents to see him when they got back. He went to bed as Mark, knowing that they couldn't get into his room with the door locked. As soon as he got up, he used the medallion to change back to himself.

Impatiently Danny waited for another chance to use the medallion. Unfortunately, his parents were home every night for two weeks, giving him little opportunity. They ended up deciding to have a weekend getaway, using the money that Uncle Benny had left them. They said goodbye to Danny, trusting him to take care of himself for a couple days as they left.

The minute their car had pulled out of the driveway, Danny ran into his bedroom for the medallion. He walked back to the living room, and sat down on the couch, holding the medallion in one hand, and the piece of clothing in the other. He looked from one to the other, then slipped the medallion around his neck. He stared at the piece of cloth in his hands for another minute, then slowly raised it, touching it to the medallion.

Danny waited to start noticing the changes that he knew were already happening. After several minutes, he felt a bit lighter, and smaller, and he held his hands to his chest, touching the slight swellings beginning to develop under his shirt. He felt embarrassed about it, but his curiosity had led him to his decision.

As a teenage boy, he'd been very curious about sex. Sleeping with Sara hadn't gotten rid of all that curiosity. He wondered what it would be like to be a girl. What it would be like to have breasts. Finally he had decided to find out. He just had to.

He'd looked in Mark's room, knowing that Mark had a bikini top from some woman that he kept hidden. Mark had showed it off to him a couple times, saying that the stripper he got it off of was a knockout. Danny had decided, if he was going to become a girl, he might as well become a gorgeous one.

Walking over to the mirror, he smiled, noticing that his hair had already become much lighter, and several inches longer. He held his hands up, smiling as he saw the fingernails had grown a little. Looking down, he was sure that the two protrusions from his chest were pushing out a little more.

Danny sat down on the couch, putting his hands to his small breasts, feeling them actually get larger in his hands. After a few minutes of this, he slipped one hand down his pants, finding that his genitals were still there, which both relieved and disappointed him at the same time. He wasn't sure, but thought that they might be a bit smaller though.

Going back in front of the mirror, Danny noticed that he was definitely looking a bit more feminine, and could easily be taken for a teenage girl. He smiled, and found it funny that his teeth had even changed a little without him noticing it. His smile definitely looked different.

Danny's pants were beginning to get uncomfortable. Tight around his hips, but a little looser in others. He pulled the pants off, noticing the weight from his chest as he bent over. He slipped on a pair of boxer shorts, knowing that they'd give him room to change a bit. He looked down, admiring his legs. They had gone hairless while still in the pants, and now seemed longer and more shapely.

He felt his T-shirt getting tight, smiling down as his growing breasts pushed it closer and closer to its limits. He giggled, seeing the nipples pushing out through the cloth. Despite the tightness across his chest, getting worse, he didn't take his shirt off, wanting to see if he could make it burst open as he grew. It grew more uncomfortable, but he waited, finally he felt a sudden release in pressure as a tearing sound signaled the top of the shirt tearing down.

Danny tore the shirt off, staring at his breasts. He was amazed. They were the size of cantaloupes, and seemed to still be growing a little. Danny shook his head wildly, the hair whipping back and forth. He saw out of the corner of his eye that it had turned all the way blonde.

Laughing, Danny noticed how thin his waist had become. Posing in front of the mirror again, he saw that his eyes had changed, turning from their normal brownish color, to a greyish blue. Smiling, he didn't even recognize the smile. He opened his mouth, seeing that all his teeth had changed. Now they were straight and even. Very odd, he thought. He looked again at his fingernails, now longer and well shaped. He felt a slight pang of disappointment, noticing that they weren't painted.

Finally the changes seemed to have stopped. Danny stared in amazement at the gorgeous woman reflected back at him. She looked about 23 years old. Holding his breasts in his hands, "What knockers" he muttered to himself, getting a kick out of the soft feminine voice coming out of his throat.

They felt kind of funny hanging from his chest like that, making him feel like he was going to fall forwards. His whole balance felt very off. He tried running to his parents room, to see if his Mom had something he could wear, but found his breasts bouncing all around. They were very distracting.

He looked through his Moms clothes, but found that she didn't have anything that would fit him. His breasts were larger than hers, and her waist thinner. Danny felt disappointed, not having thought this through. He hadn't expected to be as big or amazing as he was. He realized that the only thing his Mom had that would fit him, was probably her robe.

He was about to put it on, then looked down, noticing for the first time that his nipples were not only larger, but that brown area around them was real large as well. Curious, he remembered that there was one thing, that he hadn't looked at. In a rush, he pulled his boxer shorts off, and rubbed his hand through his groin area, amazed at how flat it seemed. It felt so empty. He squeezed his legs together tightly, not feeling the ever-present appendage their anymore.

He saw that his groin area was blonde as well, and laughed. Sitting down on his parents bed, he rubbed, feeling a slit there. He rubbed the outer folds around it, starting to get aroused. His nipples started to get hard, feeling sort of like his penis when he had an erection. Pinching one of his nipples, he couldn't help but groan with pleasure.

Without quite realizing it, he found himself rubbing one both of his breasts. They felt so soft in his hands, but at the same time, sort of firm. They felt so good. He moved one of his hands down to his groin again, and started rubbing there. He felt his groin start to get moist in his hands, and pulled one of his fingers to his nose, sniffing. It smelled kind of nice.

He started rubbing again, with his groin getting tense, feeling a sort of pressure. One finger slipped inside without meaning it to, and he felt a warm moistness within. He could feel his finger inside his body, and was amazed.

Moving his finger around, the pressure continued to build, then finally released in a massive orgasm. He felt himself spasm in waves of pleasure, coming from around his groin and his breasts, running throughout his whole body. He felt so good, he kept at it, having the pressure build again, then release in another orgasm.

He moaned and moaned, and even screamed. Finally he stopped, and just lay back on his parents bed, feeling so warm and good. He felt so pleasant, all over his whole body. Breathing hard, he felt his heart beating wildly, and kept one hand on his chest, feeling the rise and fall of his new breasts.

He stayed like that for awhile, then finally sat up, and felt embarrassed to have masturbated on his parents bed. He saw a wet spot on the bed, and his thighs felt so gooey. Wiping the sweat from his forehead, he decided to take a shower.

First though, he went for some toilet paper, and wiped the goo off of his thighs, then started wiping the spot on the bed. He decided that after it dried the rest of the way, it probably wouldn't be noticeable, so he left it, and went into the shower.

Danny started off reaching for the shower knob, but then changed his mind, deciding to take a bath instead. His Mom always took bath's, and when he'd once asked her why, she just said it was a woman thing.

When he had the water the right temperature, put the plug in, and poured in a generous amount of bubble bath. Waiting for it to fill, he looked at himself in the mirror again, noticing for the first time, that he had a small butterfly tattoo just under his belly button. He giggled, then looked down further, noticing a small rose one wrapped around his left ankle.

Finally he slid into the bathwater, gasping as he went in. It felt so good, and so relaxing. He leaned back, sliding in further so that his breasts bobbed in the water. He soaked for awhile, then remembered to start washing. He slowly rubbed the soapy rag over his shoulder, then down over his breasts, finding it sort of erotic. Taking his time, he fully intended to enjoy the experience.

He found washing his hair was rather annoying though, taking a large amount of shampoo. Finally though he was finished, and stepped out of the tub, drying himself off.

Slipping his Moms robe one, he tightened it at the waist and was impressed at the shape and cleavage still extremely notice. Sitting down, he started brushing his hair, trying to get the tangles out of it. He found the slow steady strokes of the brush felt kind of comforting, and relaxing.

The image staring back from the mirror was extremely exciting, and Danny started to wish that he were able to sleep with this woman, instead of just looking like her. He briefly considered the idea of changing someone, but only half heartedly.

Danny suddenly noticed, that his ears were pierced, and put his fingers up to the small holes he saw in the mirror, surprised that they didn't hurt. He had always believed that pierced ears had to hurt, at least a little. A small grin spread over his face. He just had to see what ear rings would be like, and jumped up, running to his Moms jewelry box.

He found a pair that were fairly nice, and dangled a bit, deciding to use those ones. He looked into the mirror while he carefully put the needle through the hole, nervous that he might poke himself. Biting his lip, he carefully put the stud on. Then he did the other one. They definitely looked nice.

That woman in the mirror was definitely HOT. Since his nails didn't already have nail polish on them, he decided to fix that. He found the darkest shade of red his Mom had, slightly disappointed that it wasn't darker. Carefully he started to put it on his nails, but made a little bit of a mess at first. Annoyed, he found the polish remover and cleaned them off, to try again. After his second try, they weren't perfect, but they satisfied him. Holding his hands in front of him, fingers open, he admired the shiny red coating. Definitely sexy.

Danny blew a kiss at himself in the mirror, then thought how odd it looked, with his nails done up, but with no lipstick, so of course, he went for that next. Again he was disappointed that there wasn't anything darker and shinier in his Moms makeup, but he made due with what he had. He went slow and careful, and was satisfied with the results.

Briefly he put on a little blush and mascara, finding it odd that his hands almost seemed to know how to put the stuff on. He thought he'd done a good job since it was his first time.

When he was finished, he walked around the house, trying to think of what he could do next. The one thing that really annoyed him was that he didn't have any clothes he could wear, so was stuck in the house. Briefly he wondered if he should change into his Mom after the time limit wore off, then go shopping for clothes he could wear in this form, then change back again later.

Definitely not a good idea though, he decided, since it would take up the entire weekend time he had to explore. Maybe he could find some clothes for the next time he changed into this girl. He wasn't sure yet if he was going to, but the idea was seeming more and more interesting. He wanted to at least find out what it was like to walk around in high heels and go out in public. He couldn't do that yet, but maybe later.

Danny spent some time, just posing in front of the mirror, then got an idea. He started digging through the closet, then found what he was looking for. He went back to his own room, then sat down on his bed, opening the robe. He practiced a few poses, then decided he was ready.

He set the camera on his dresser, aimed at his bed, making sure that the timer was set, then he jumped back to the bed, making sure he was in the first pose he'd chosen. He took 10 more pictures of himself in various poses before the film ran out. Smiling, he pulled the film out, hiding it for later development.

He certainly didn't want to have to explain those pictures to his parents. But they'd make great fun showing a couple of his friends. He'd really convince them that he'd had this gorgeous girl in his room, posing nude for him. He chuckled at the idea, thinking how impressed they'd be.

Danny was finally beginning to get hungry, and called for a pizza, knowing that he couldn't go out. Fortunately his parents had left him some money for the weekend, so he wouldn't have to tap into the money Uncle Benny had given him. Impatiently he waited for the pizza to get there, then almost whooped for joy when he heard the doorbell ring.

He raced to the door, then stopped, suddenly embarrassed. He didn't want to get seen like this, and was just about to open the door and slip the money through the crack, telling them to leave the pizza by the door, when he suddenly changed his mind. Feeling a little mischievous, he opened the door wide on a whim, letting the startled pizza delivery boy get a look at his gorgeous body, wrapped only in a robe.

Danny tried to hold back a giggle as the guys jaw dropped. Calmly, Danny handed the money to the boy, who Danny realized was a year or two older than himself. He smiled, realizing that the boys eyes were staring directly at his chest. Danny felt himself get a little embarrassed, his cheeks blushing. Quietly he took the pizza, thanking the delivery boy, then shut the door relieved. What a rush.

He ran to the couch, giggling, feeling his boobs bouncing around. That was so cool. It had been hilarious seeing the look on that guys face. Sitting down, he put the box on the coffee table, and opened it up.

"Ahhh" he said, inhaling deeply. He pushed his hair back since some of it was beginning to fall into the pizza. That was beginning to get a little annoying. All that hair flying everywhere. The rumbling in his stomach took his mind back off the hair as he started eating.

After several slices, Danny belched, feeling full. He looked down at the pizza feeling a little disappointed. He could usually eat twice that many pieces, but he was already full. At least there was more for later, he decided.

Danny sat back for awhile watching TV, feeling rather full and content. Then he felt a pressure in his bladder, and hurried to the bathroom. He felt kind of stupid sitting down to go pee, but felt relieved as it sprayed out. He looked down, seeing that he had gotten himself wet a little. "Yuck" He grabbed a wad of toilet paper and carefully tried himself off.

Looking in the mirror again, Danny laughed, seeing that his lipstick was smeared and really messed up. Apparently, eating pizza wasn't the best thing to do while wearing lipstick. Patiently, he wiped it all off, and the rest of the makeup as well, deciding that he didn't need it anymore. He'd already had his fun with it.

Danny stayed up late, watching movies, especially the ones he wasn't supposed to. The ones hidden under his parents bed. He giggled, thinking that he looked better than some of the women in those movies, but knew for a fact that he'd never be able to do what they were.

Finally his tiredness got to him, as he nearly fell asleep on the couch. Pulling himself up, he slowly made sure the lights were all off and the doors locked, then went to bed, finding it rather odd and uncomfortable to try getting to sleep with the large mounds on his chest. After a short while, he drifted off.

Waking up the next morning, Danny jumped out of bed, put the robe on again, and went to make himself breakfast. He poured himself a bowl of cereal and was about to pour the milk on it, when he had second thoughts. Looking down at the prominent bulges on his front, he realized he was currently an adult. Smiling, he turned the coffee pot on waiting for it to brew. He'd never tried coffee before, but both of his parents drank it every morning, so he was sure that it was the grown up thing to do.

Carefully he poured himself a cup, then sniffed it. It didn't smell that impressive. Slowly he took a sip, and winced. "That's nasty" he said, finding the brown liquid rather bitter and strong tasting. Regardless, he took another sip, not finding it improving any. He stubbornly kept at it, drinking over half the cup before he finally put it down. "It must be an acquired taste" he told himself.

Flipping through the TV, he found some girls exercising, and decided to try it for a few minutes. Pulling off his robe, he felt embarrassed to be doing it naked, so put on a pair of boxer shorts again. He looked at his breasts and wondered what to do with them, then remembered the bikini top. Putting that on, he found it looked nice, if rather odd with the boxers, but didn't do much to support his breasts or keep them from bouncing. Better than nothing though.

As he started, Danny was a little surprised to find just how flexible his body was. He was amazed as he did the splits and found himself bending over effortlessly. He stretched and did aerobics for almost twenty minutes before the show ended, and was breathing a bit harder when he was done. He wiped the sweat off his forehead, laughing. He felt so good being so flexible. Different, and rather odd, but somehow, good as well.

Danny took a shower this time instead of a bath, not wanting to spend that much time in the tub. He had meant to hurry, but got distracted by his bulging breasts again, and got aroused. He soon found that he was rubbing his breasts and fingering himself, then caught himself, forcing himself to stop. It wasn't hard for him to deny the temptation and finish washing up, but he managed.

Once again Danny put on makeup, finding it even easier this time. He blew a kiss at his reflection in the mirror as he left the bathroom.

Danny wandered around the house, trying to find something to do, but started to get bored. Finally he settled for throwing one of the porno movies into the VCR, and sat on the couch rubbing his breasts. He felt very aroused, and fingered himself to orgasm several times, each more pleasurable than the last. Briefly, he wondered what sex with a man would feel like, then blocked the idea out as soon as he realized it was there, feeling extremely embarrassed. "NO WAY" He told himself, not quite sure what he was feeling.

Going back to his parents room, Danny started to explore a little. He knew he wasn't supposed to be in there, but didn't really care, knowing that his parents wouldn't know as long as he cleaned up. He wasn't sure what he was looking for, but kept looking. He wondered if his Mom had a vibrator, and kept an eye out to see if he could find one. He was slightly disappointed when he saw no sign of anything like that.

Briefly he wished his parents hadn't both quit smoking a year earlier, wanting to try that, knowing how sexy it could look to see a beautiful woman smoking. He kept an eye out though, thinking that one of them might have a pack hidden, but was again disappointed. Finally he gave up. "Man, I never knew how boring my parents were" he muttered to himself as he left. "The only interesting things were a couple porno's"

Danny kept walking around the house feeling bored, trying to decide whether to try the medallion again. He didn't want to turn himself back to normal just yet, so considered becoming his Mom or Dad and going out. However, he didn't quite want to give up this form just yet, so stayed around the house, exploring his body a little more.

For dinner, he decided to cook something himself, using what he found around the house. He figured that this would take up a bit of time, and might be interesting, but when he'd finished, he found that the food wasn't quite as good as he'd hoped. Sighing, he tossed it away, and had leftover pizza for dinner again, once again wishing that he had clothes so could go out. Next time, he told himself.

The rest of the day and night was almost a repeat of the night before, and he went to bed, feeling much more comfortable in this body by now. He barely even noticed it while he went to sleep.

Waking up again, Danny started to take his time, then glanced at the clock. Suddenly his heart beat jumped. "Shit" he muttered, realizing that it was later than he'd thought. He became worried that his parents would be getting home soon, and might see him like this.

He could just imagine it. Mom and Dad walking through the door, and seeing him like this. "I know you had a son when you left, but I can explain this. Really" he could just picture himself saying. Yeah, right. He cringed at the thought. "Time to change back" he told himself reluctantly, and reached for the medallion.

Several minutes later he was already starting to change back, looking regretfully at his shrinking bosom. He waited patiently as he changed, wanting to savor the last little bit of being a woman that he could. After he was himself again, he reluctantly got dressed and made sure everything was cleaned up and neat before his parents got back. Just in time too he thought as they pulled into the driveway shortly after he'd finished.

Danny hid the medallion in a box of old clothes in his closet, already making plans to get hold of the clothes he'd need for the next time. He'd decided that he was definitely going to change back into that woman again. There was so much more to explore, and more fun to have. he smiled at the thought.

Several days later, Danny got back home from a friends house, plans running through his mind, ideas racing about what he could do with the medallion. The idea of it left him feeling so alive. Walking into his room, Danny was going to pull out the medallion and look at it again, wanting to feel the possibilities in his own hands. Then he stopped short, staring in shock at his closet.

The box of clothes were gone. Frantically, Danny got on his knees digging around the closet for a sign of the medallion, then he ran into the living room. "Mom", Danny asked nervously, "Where's that box in my closet"

His Mom barely glanced at him, going back to sorting laundry, "Oh that. I gave all your old clothes to the Good Will"

Danny was stunned. He couldn't speak, and could barely breathe. It was impossible. She gave away the clothes without telling him, and the medallion with them. Forcing himself to sound calm, Danny asked where the good will was, telling his Mom that he had a favorite T Shirt in there that he wanted to keep. She looked at him oddly, but told him.

He hurried as quickly as he could to the Good Will, and even found some of the clothes that he recognized there. But there was no sign of the medallion. After extensive and frantic searching, Danny was forced to admit that it was gone. Probably forever. That hit him like a crushing blow, smashing through all the dreams, ideas and plans he'd had, leaving him nothing but rubble in their place.

Finally Danny tried to get a grip on himself, and slowly started on his way home, knowing that at least, he had a much better knowledge of women then most men. Not that it was much comfort to him at the moment.

The End

The waking world is but a dream

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