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by Quark Master

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"Crap Sheila. What are we going to do?" Joe asked his wife plaintively, while resting his head on her shoulder. Sheila placed her arm around Joe's shoulder and gently stroked his hair.

"Don't worry, we'll get by. Somehow." She smiled down at the top of his head.

Joe closed his eyes, resting his right hand on her thigh. "I know your mother's going to be thrilled. My getting fired will only reinforce her opinion that you married a low life from the wrong side of the tracks."

Sheila laughed softly, "Actually, you're right; she will be. It'll give her something else to nag me about next time I see her. You know how that always makes her feel good. Fortunately I don't see her any more than absolutely necessary."

"Well maybe with me being unemployed she'll ease the pressure on you for a grandchild."

"Possibly, but I doubt it. I mean, it wasn't like we weren't trying before. I want nothing more in life than to be a mother, but it just wasn't happening. She couldn't accept that even." Sheila sighed.

"Well there's no way we can consider having a child until we can support it. Even if we could conceive. And, like I said, it will just be one more point for your mother. The only reason she still talked to you after the wedding was to try and get a grandchild. Unlike your father, who never spoke to you again, and cut you out of his will."

"That will would have come in handy about now. But that's over and done with, he's in the grave and the will executed, nothing to be gained. Mother and Sis got the company. As for the short run, I can probably beg enough from them to eat on, and pay the rent while you look for a new job. I'll start looking too."

"I'm sorry honey, I know we agreed you'd stay home and take care of the family, when we had one. I know how much this means to you. I'm sure I'll have something soon." Joe's hand began slowly creeping up Sheila's blouse, unbuttoning the buttons one by one.

"I know you will dear." Sheila slowly began pressing Joe's head down towards her breasts. Joe's hand brushed her open blouse aside, and undid her front snap bra; exposing her breasts and her silver dollar sized nipples. Her nipples already tightening with the cool air and anticipation.

Sheila pushed Joe's head down to her left breast and, gently, he began licking at the nipple, feeling it contract under his tongue. He loved the feel of it tightening like the head of an eraser under his lips. Gently he nibbled at it, teasing it intermittently with his tongue.

Sheila moaned, her left hand massaging her swelling crotch under her pants. She loved it when Joe lapped at her breast. ëSuckled' was the word she like to use. Her Joe was suckling at her teat. It gave her a warm glow from the tips of her nipples right down through her stomach and to her clit, which always began to swell with blood. She imagined Joe as her baby, suckling at her breast getting all his nourishment from her body, all his needs fulfilled by her and her alone.

"Harder." Sheila panted. Joe complied, his mouth making wet sucking noises as he worked the nipple between his lips. Joe brought his right hand up, between his neck and Sheila's other breast and began teasing her right nipple between his finger and thumb.

Her eyes closed, Sheila brought her hand down to Joe's pants and began fumbling with the button and zipper. With the aid of Joe's free hand, which was under him, and Sheila's right, they were able to awkwardly slide his pants and underwear down, briefly catching the elastic on Joe's throbbing cock.

As the pants slipped down, Sheila gripped Joe's dick firmly and began pumping it, her thumb smearing precum over the head. Joe moaned around the nipple in his mouth and quickly flicked its tip with his tongue. Sheila's other hand unfastened her own pants and slid inside her panties to begin rubbing her clit.

As their moans began to escalate, Joe's sucking and Sheila's pumping grew more and more furious. Sheila pumped harder, her thumb sliding roughly over the sensitive head of Joe's penis, her pinky finger outstretched rubbing against Joe's balls as they tightened up close to his prick. Suddenly she felt a warm surge on her thumb and cum was washing over her hand. As it did she felt a throbbing in her groin and tingling jolts seemed to trace their way up through her veins from her moist center. The sensation coruscating over her entire body, the orgasm rocking her, making her breast swell even firmer, her nipples tighter, if that were possible.

"He's trying very hard mom." Sheila paced the elegant office Sheila's mother occupied as the president of her company. Rather, her husband's company. He was dead now, gone almost a year. In that time, she and her other daughter Ellen, had managed to wrest control from the remaining board members and cement their control of one of the nation's largest biochemical companies. Sheila had nothing to do with the company. That was the decree in the will. As long as Sheila was married to Joe, she would have no part of the ownership of the company. If she divorced him, she was entitled to a third of it.

"I'm sure he is, dear." Ms. DeBouville stated, somewhat condescendingly. "But remember dear, one with his upbringing can't be expected to achieve greatness. If he'd been raised by a respectable family, he wouldn't be in this situation."

"Joe can't help who he was born to, or the fact that both his parent's died when he was in his teens. As for achievement, Joe did manage to put himself through college, and got his first job. If his company hadn't been bought out and downsized, he'd still be there on his way upward."

"Well dear," Sheila's mother said, distinctly not looking at her, and playing with her pearls, "these things do happen to people of lesser backgrounds."

Sheila just shook her head. "He will get another job mother, things will work out."

"Not if I have my say," Ms. DeBouville said under her breath.

"What did you say?" Sheila looked at her mother, angrily.

"I said, ëif that's what you say', dear." Her mother responded.

"I do say, he'll get his job and then I'll have a baby, just like I've always planned."

"You'll have a baby?" Her mother asked, emphasizing the ëyou.'

"That's what you've always wanted to isn't it?" Sheila demanded, missing the emphasis in her mother's words. "We've always talked about me having a baby and you a grandchild. You keep asking me about it. I also thought it was the only reason you still talked to me."

"Dear, dear, relax. Of course we have. We have always wanted you to have a baby of your own. But you are my daughter, and I would have talked to you, no matter what. I love you." She stood and gave her daughter a warm hug.

Sheila was somewhat taken a back by her mother's words. It wasn't what she expected. Her mother hadn't been so warm in a long time.

"Now dear, why don't you come and work here part time, for us. That way you will have some money coming in and be able to support Joe, since he doesn't have a job."

Sheila looked at her mother like she was unsure of what her mother was saying. She couldn't believe this turn around. "Are you serious? You're willing to let me support Joe? Who you've called my ëdead beat husband' on more than one occasion?"

"Honey, I don't think of Joe as a dead beat, just socio-economically challenged, similar to those vagrants that rode the rails in the 30's. He just sort of reminded me of some urchin in a Dickens' novel. I have nothing against him personally. I am sure if he'd had a decent upbringing, such as the one you had, or the one I want my grandchild to have, he'd be a perfectly respectable individual." Sheila frowned at her mother, not liking the comparisons, but not sure how to deal with the warmth her mother was expressing towards her.

"Besides, dear." Her mother continued, "it's been three weeks and Joe still hasn't gotten a job. You've got a job here. He needs you, he's dependent on your good background and social advantages to support him." Sheila stepped back, thinking about what her mother was saying. It made sense.

"Sheila, my darling, he's already shown that he can't make it on his own. He needs you to help him, to be there for him, to support, love and nurture him. As your mother, I just want to give you all the love and support I can to help you be strong and give Joe what he needs."

"I don't understand it." Joe sighed as he rested his head in Sheila's lap, while she rubbed her fingers on his temples, trying to relieve his tension. "The hiring managers always seem positive about me, and then as soon as my resume starts making its way upstairs, it gets crushed. It's like the upper management of every company I apply to hates me!"

"I'm sure it's not that dear." Sheila smiled down at him. Sheila was leaning with her back against the couch, her legs folded, Joe's head on her lap. She moved one hand and gently rubbed the hairs on his chest that peeked through his partially unbuttoned collar.

"But what are we going to do. I've got to find a job some time. You can't go on working at your mother's. I know how you must dislike it. You've already spent a month there."

"Now, now dear. Don't you worry about that. I will do whatever it takes. I will be there for you, I can be strong for you. I love you and want to take care of you when you need me."

"But isn't working with your mother and sister driving you crazy?" Joe asked.

"At first. But we've been having lots of long talks, and are reaching some understandings. They understand my feelings for you. They know what I want for you. And because my mom wants a grandchild and I've made it clear that without you, she won't get one, she's playing ball."

With her other hand Sheila began unbuttoning her blouse. As she slipped it aside, Joe noticed she wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples were already getting hard. Joe smiled as he bent his head, sticking out his tongue to brush them as Sheila leaned over him. "Come to mama, baby." Sheila whispered softly as he began to nibble.

"Ugh," Joe mumbled as Sheila finished massaging his back. It was now nine weeks and he still couldn't get a job. He was always making it to right near the end and then getting the door closed on him. The stress was getting terrible. His muscles were tight all the time, and Sheila had volunteered to start giving him massages to relax him when he got home from interviewing.

It was so kind of her, especially since she was putting in almost a full day at her work too. She went to work every morning as soon as Joe left to go for an interview and arrived home shortly before he did. If he was at home working, rather than the library or at the copy store, she was there to help him. She was bringing in all the money they had, and was doing the cooking and the cleaning and helping him relax.

He'd volunteered to help but she wouldn't have it. Insisting it was her job to take care of him. He felt so lucky to have her. Joe had no idea what he'd do if it wasn't for Sheila and her love and support.

Joe picked himself up slowly, wrapping the towel around his waist as Sheila ran into the kitchen. "Here, try this, it should help you relax, and still give you energy." She handed him a milkshake.

"What is it?' Joe asked.

"It's a new protein drink our company's making. It's all the rage in test markets, people at work rave about it."

"Your mother didn't poison it for me did she?"

Sheila gave him a mock look of disapproval. "No, but she tried. Now be a good little boy and drink your milk." She smiled at him. Joe shook his head in amusement and took a swallow. At first it tasted like typical protein drink, crap, but after a couple swallows it seemed to get better. Sheila smiled as he wiped the milk mustache from his lips. "Good boy."

"As good as ever." Joe said as he put the glass his shake had been in, in the sink. "I know why they like this stuff at your office. I could drink it all the time. It's almost euphoric. Too bad it doesn't last that long."

Joe turned to look at his smiling wife. He'd been taking the shakes every night for the last week, and at least for the rest of the evening, he felt relaxed and almost rested. Of course, the next morning he'd be tense again, but at least he could relax in the evening.

Joe and Sheila went into the living room to watch TV for the evening. Sheila wrapped her arms protectively around Joe as he leaned into her while they sat on the couch. As they flipped through the channels, the found an old children's movie they hadn't seen in years and Sheila insisted they watch it. Joe didn't mind, and in fact, afterwards, as they headed up to bed, he decided that it was better than he remembered.

"Hmm?" Joe woke feeling suddenly uncomfortable. His groin felt wet and clammy. He reached down and found his underwear soaked. "Shit." Joe said in surprise. This woke Sheila up.

"What is it dear?"

"Crap. You won't believe this. I wet the bed."

"Really!" Sheila said, suddenly awake. Joe glanced over at her, surprised by her excitement. He'd figured she'd be annoyed. Sheila jumped up and turned on the light. "Let me see." Joe reluctantly pulled the covers back to reveal his damp underwear and the wet stain on the bedding. His face flushed crimson as he did so.

"Oh, don't worry dear." Sheila said. "I was reading in a magazine where many men experiencing the sort of stress you're under have trouble with a bit of incontinence."

"Are you sure?" Joe asked uncertainly.

"Positive. Now get up and let's go into the bathroom where I can wipe you off, and then I'll change the sheets."

"I think I can manage that for myself, Sheila." Joe said as he got out of bed.

"Nonsense, that's what I'm here for." She took his hand and led him into the bathroom where she turned on the water. As the water heated, she began to pull down his briefs.

"Now let's get these messing things off my man." She removed his underwear and soaked a wash cloth in the hot tap water. Efficiently, she wiped his groin, penis and thighs, while Joe stood there seemingly helpless. He was still sort of in shock over wetting the bed, but Sheila's ministrations were quickly arousing him, so he didn't complain.

After she was done, she led him back to the bedroom. "Now put these on while I change the sheets." She began rapidly pulling the sheets off the bed. Joe turned to steady himself on the dresser as put his clean underwear on. As he finished he turned around to see Sheila tugging new sheets over the bed. He wasn't sure if it was his imagination, but he thought he saw a plastic liner under the sheet, covering the mattress. At least the mattress wasn't damaged, but why would there have been a plastic cover over it in the first place?

Sheila finished with the sheets and turned seductively to Joe, while pulling her nightgown over her head. Any thoughts Joe might have had about plastic covers were forgotten as he found something new to attract his attention.

The next night Joe woke again, with that wet feeling. "Damn, not again." Sheila woke almost instantly. "Did you wet the bed again dear?"

"Yes." Joe said, disgusted at himself.

"Don't worry, I've got plenty of sheets." And the events of the previous night were repeated. Their lovemaking seemed particularly intense after his wetting the bed, so Joe almost didn't mind.

The third night, when he awoke Joe almost sobbed. Sheila hugged him and said not to worry, she understood. As she soothed him he began to feel slightly better. Eventually, after repeating the two previous nights entertainment he fell to sleep again.

Joe woke and looked at the clock. "Shit, damn it." Joe cursed. It was five in the morning. He'd woken once again to find the bed wet. Twice in one night.

"What is it dear?" Sheila asked. Joe just covered his eyes with his arm as he pulled the sheets back to show her. "Well it was almost time to get up anyway."

Joe finished up his shake and put the glass in the sink. He and Sheila had gone out to eat. Sheila paid, as was becoming the norm. Neither had spoken of his problem during the meal. Joe couldn't understand it. He hadn't wet the bed since he was three. Here he was a grown man, 25 years old, wetting the bed. Sheila was sure it was just nerves, Joe didn't know. He was afraid he'd do it again tonight. While the sex after was good, it was still humiliating.

He entered their bedroom and began to undress for bed. Sheila came out of the bathroom with her hands behind her back. "Joe."


"Thinking about your little problem today, I came up with a solution."

"Really?" Joe asked turning to look hopefully at her.

"Yep." Sheila brought her arms out from behind her back held up a large diaper.

"A diaper? That's the solution? How's that solve the problem?" Joe asked.

"Well, silly, if you wear a diaper to bed, you won't get the sheet wet when you go wee-wee, now will you?"

Joe frowned. "I am not going to wear a diaper to bed."

"It's not a baby's diaper. It's an adult diaper for people who have this sort of problem. A lot of adults wear them. Besides, I don't have time to wash 2 sets of sheets every day."

"I've only wet the bed twice in one night once."

"OK, but even so, once is more than enough. You are 25, you shouldn't be wetting the bed. This way at least I won't get wet along with you."

Shamed by her statement. Joe hung his head in acquiescence. "Good. Now let's get these on you." Sheila said coming up to him. "Get those underpants off."

Joe did as Sheila instructed and put the diapers on, his face turning red as she had him turn around so she could make sure they were secure. "Now off to bed." She patted him on the bottom and hurried him to their bed.

At about one am Joe woke, his groin once again feeling wet. "Crap." He rolled over to nudge Sheila. "Honey, do you have any more of these. This one's wet." Sheila opened her eyes and smiled at him. She gave him a peck on the forehead and jumped out of bed.

When she returned, Joe pulled his covers off and was about to get up. But Sheila put her hand on his chest, lightly rubbing his chest hairs. "Lay back, let me do this for you." Not knowing what to say, but enjoying her sensual touch, Joe laid back down.

Sheila unvelcroed his wet diapers and then guided his legs up in the air so she could take them off. He felt ridiculous, like a small baby as she did this. She'd brought a wet rag and wiped him off, arousing him in the process.

Sheila ignored his horniness and quickly fastened him back up with the clean diaper. As she did so, she leaned forward, her robe falling open. "So, my little boy want some warm milk to help him get back to sleep?"

The sort of condescending way she said that made Joe feel uncomfortable, but the sight of her full breasts swimming above his head made him ignore the feeling. He opened his lips and stuck out his tongue to tease the nipple.

Shortly he was sucking on his wife's nipple and Sheila was grinding her thigh against his diapered groin. The sensation was odd, and very arousing, before he knew it, he was coming in the diapers. "Uhh" he said as the last of his cum spilled into the diapers.

Sheila smiled down at him. "Well I think we'll let you sleep in these wet diapers." Joe just smiled at her.

For the next three days things continued pretty much the same. Every night Joe woke to find his diapers wet. Usually twice a night, the third night three times. Joe was thinking he should see a doctor, but Sheila insisted his problem was minor. Pretty common.

Nonetheless, Joe was concerned. This stress he was under was causing him to wet his bed, and if that wasn't bad enough, he'd started noticing a lot of hair clogging the drain after his morning shower. Apparently he was going bald already! He was just surprised that he didn't see any gray hairs, those were supposed to be the tell tale signs of stress. It was now getting to the point where he was starting to spend as much time thinking about the symptoms of his stress as he was the cause. That was especially true at moments like this.

"Joe, Mr. Johnson will see you now." The receptionist said. Joe finished his cup of coffee. He'd had to wait a while to see Mr. Johnson, but it was worth three cups of coffee to finally see someone at an upper level.

Joe was shown into Mr. Johnson's office. Mr. Johnson was an older man, of the stern sort who liked to make their money the ëold fashioned way.' He asked Joe a large number of questions about his past work and his previous duties. As the questioning went on and on, Joe began to feel a bit of tension in his bladder from the coffee. Hopefully the interview wouldn't last too much longer.

About fifteen minutes later, Joe was describing one of his leadership experiences when he felt an odd tingling sensation in his penis and groin. The next thing his knew his lap was feeling warm. Joe's eyes got wide and he almost stopped talking as he moved his hand down to confirm what he already knew. He'd peed his pants while sitting in the chair.

Joe quickly finished what he was saying, moving his briefcase onto his lap. Sensing that Joe was suddenly in hurry to leave, Mr. Johnson wrapped things up and told Joe he'd be in touch. Joe got up carefully, shielding his crotch with his briefcase and left as fast as possible.

By the time Joe got home he was in tears. He didn't understand what was happening to him. Why was he loosing control all the time? Even in midday now. When he got home, he found Sheila waiting for him. One look at his pants told her the story. She smiled sadly at him.

"What am I going to do honey? I just peed my pants on an interview."

"Well first, we get you out of those wet pants." Sheila took his hand, and led him upstairs. At this point, Joe was so frustrated by his lack of bladder control he didn't know what to do but follow Sheila's guidance. Sheila sat him down on the bed and began undressing him.

Joe found himself babbling to her about the insanity of it all. Trying to explain to her and to himself how this could be happening. He had no idea. After she undressed him, Sheila went into the bathroom and came out with a diaper.

"What's that for? It's only 2 PM."

"Well, it seems to me if you're going to wet yourself in the middle of the day you should be wearing diapers in the middle of the day."

"I can't do that. That's insane!"

"Would you rather have pee-pee running down your legs at your interview?"

"No." Joe admitted, almost petulantly.

"Then let's get these on." Sheila said. Joe took the diaper from her and put it on. As he went to his drawer to get some new pants, Sheila came up behind him and whispered that since it was just the two of them, why didn't he skip the clothes and just go as he was around the house. The tone of her voice, and light touch down his back made him think it wasn't such a bad idea.

Joe followed her downstairs. "You've been so upset by this little problem, you're getting even more tense. I think this only adds to your problem." Sheila told him as they entered the kitchen.

"Probably, but what do I do?" Joe asked.

"Maybe you should have more than one shake a day. You say they relax you." Sheila suggested opening the refrigerator door.

"That's not a bad idea." Joe agreed. A protein shake sounded awfully good after the bad day he'd had.

"I brought home a new flavor to try." Sheila turned to him with a shake already to go from the refrigerator. "This one is strawberry flavored."

"Well, what have I got to lose?" Joe said as he reached for the shake.

It was two days after the incident at Mr. Johnson's and Joe was sitting at the table going through the want ads. Since he was around the house he was just wearing sweat pants and a sweat shirt over his diapers. Sheila was in the kitchen cleaning up after lunch.

Joe belched, it almost felt like lunch was coming back. Or maybe his morning shake. Suddenly his bowels rumbled and Joe realized he'd better hurry to the restroom. He got up and started walking to the restroom when he felt a knotting in his intestines, he started to walk very fast. He stopped suddenly as he felt his sphincter muscles giving way. "No...." Joe cried out loud. His ass ring was expanding on it's own. He couldn't hold it. He was shitting in his diapers! Joe tried to continue to the bathroom but it was hard with shit squishing in his diapers and more coming.

At first it felt normal, but as more came it was obvious he had diarrhea. He was at the bathroom door when Sheila reached him, having heard his cry. The look he gave her was almost one of total despair. Sheila sniffed and then just smiled sadly at him and shook her head.

"Come on my boy. We'd better change you." She led him into the bathroom and motioned him into the tub. As he stepped into the tub, she began tugging his sweatshirt off, and then once he was in, helped him get his pants off. It was very difficult and uncomfortable with full diapers. "Lay down." Sheila directed.

Joe did, and Sheila undid his diapers. As expected, they were very full and he did have diarrhea. Sheila threw he soiled diaper in the trash and proceeded to clean him with a wet rag, just like he was a baby. Joe couldn't help himself, tears started rolling down his cheeks. He felt so frustrated and upset by this. It was so humiliating. Sheila had to treat him like a little baby.

That night, Joe woke suddenly in the middle of the night. His stomach twisting into knots. He doubled over into a fetal position and then suddenly felt his bowels loosening again. "Noooo..." Joe cried. Sheila got up and patiently cleaned him once again.

After showering the next morning, Joe once again noticed the accumulation of hair in the drain. This was getting bad. He toweled himself off and stepped on to the scale for his weekly weigh in. 152 pounds! He hadn't weighed that little since his freshman year in college! That was almost 25 pounds in the week since he'd last weighed. That couldn't be right.

Joe stepped over to the full length mirror to look at himself. He ran his eyes down his body, trying to see the effects of the weight loss. He looked almost normal. He seemed to have lost a bit of the definition and overall muscle tone he'd picked up working out at the gym the last few years, but he didn't look sick. It wasn't like he was wasting away. Those pictures of people in Africa during droughts always looked emaciated, Joe thought he looked fine. If anything he seemed to have a healthy sheen to his skin that he'd been loosing since he entered his twenties, it didn't seem as course. Joe rubbed his chin, he only needed a quick shave this morning, not the normal routine to get rid of his thick growth. That was one nice thing.

Joe put his diapers on, not looking in the mirror as he did so. He hated wearing them, and seeing himself in the mirror with them gave him this really funny feeling. It made him feel sort of inadequate, helpless. The strange thing was, it wasn't necessarily a bad feeling, just a very uncomfortable one.

He put his suit on in the bedroom, fortunately the diapers didn't show too much. In fact they made his waist and upper legs fill his suit better. His coat felt a bit lose on him, probably the weight loss. How long could this go on? Well, he couldn't lose that much weight, he guessed. He'd find a job soon. He decided to put it out of his mind and go down and have his breakfast shake. Those shakes were so good they were about all he felt like eating. One in the morning, a light lunch and light dinner and then another shake. Wasn't there supposed to be protein in those things? Proteins built muscle, he should be gaining weight. He certainly wasn't hungry, except for a bit of a craving for the shakes, perhaps.

Joe barely made it home. He slammed the door behind him, sprinting for the rest room. He didn't make it. Joe leaned against the doorway in despair as he once again felt his bowels emptying themselves into his diapers. He just couldn't stop it. It was really bad diarrhea. Sheila came up to him and just patted him on the back reassuringly. He impulsively hugged her. He needed her support. Joe had no idea what he'd do without Sheila. She was the cornerstone of his existence. Without her strength and love, he had no idea how he'd be able to manage his deteriorating situation.

"There, there. Everything's going to be all right. I'm here to take care of you." Sheila gently rubbed and patted his back.

Joe sobbed, "why? why me?"

"Don't you worry about that. Thinking about it only makes your tension worse. Don't think, just act, just go with it. Trying to control your situation can only make it worse. Relax and let nature run its course. I'll take care of you, I'll make sure nothing bad happens to you."

"Oh Sheila, I love you so much. I don't..." Joe began, but Sheila leaned back and put a finger over his lips.

"Hush now, I love you too. I love you more and more every day. And I'll always be here for you. Now let's get your diapies changed." Sheila smiled at him and led him into the bathroom.

After she'd gently cleaned the poo, as she lovingly called it, from his bottom, Joe blushing as she almost treated him like a little baby, she dressed him in fresh diapers. "Lay down here on the couch and rest, while I go get you a treat."

Sheila left the room, while Joe simply rested on the couch, wearing nothing but diapers. He idly noted there was a children's show on public broadcasting. Now why had Sheila been watching that? He didn't have time to wonder because his wife returned with what looked like a vanilla shake.

"Here we go! Yet another new flavor we've introduced! Now we have chocolate, strawberry and French vanilla! I thought maybe after all you've been through a shake before dinner might help you relax some. Then you can have your chocolate one before going to bed so you can sleep."

"Thanks, dear." Joe smiled at her. How considerate of her. If anything proved how much she loved him, it was in these little things. While he hadn't thought himself hungry, the thought of a shake almost made his stomach growl. Slurrrp. He surprised himself, almost drinking half the shake in one long gulp.

"Slow down now. You don't want to get a tummy ache, do you?" Sheila asked.

Joe smiled sheepishly at her and said coyly. "No mommy."

Sheila smiled even wider, and gently massaged her breasts. "Well why don't you finish that off and then mommy will give you a real treat." She began unbuttoning her blouse.

Joe quickly finished his shake. Not that he needed the incentive, but it was nice. As Sheila unfastened her bra her breasts sprang free, causing Joe to catch his breath. Oh...they looked so heavenly. Nice and plump, Joe almost swore they were heavier and rounder than normal, the nipples a couple of centimeters bigger around. Joe's penis hardened almost painfully within his diapers.

Sheila dropped her skirt as well, and then her panties. Her right hand massaged her quickly moistening mound, while her left traced circles around her nipples. While Joe normally loved every bit of his wife and normally would dig in anywhere, her breasts really were drawing his attention.

Sheila spread her legs and knelt on the couch, crotch directly over the bulge in his diapers, pressing firmly against his swelling manhood. With both hands, she lifted her breasts and leaned into Joe's face, enveloping him in the cools smooth, silky, flesh of her breasts. Joe gasped, turning his head, mouth searching for the delectable morsel he knew to be near.

His mouth found the nipple, tongue lapping at the tip as he tried to draw it into his mouth. Pretty soon he had it in, the nipple tightening under his lips. He sucked hard on her tit, massaging it with his lips, twisting gently, but mainly pulling on it. Sheila slid up and down on his crotch, Joe could almost feel the opening of her cunt trying to envelope his prick through the thick plastic and paper.

Joe had been sucking on the nipple for about five minutes when his eyes shot wide open! Something wet had shot into his mouth. He sucked again, and his mouth got wetter. He looked up into his wife's eyes as they both realized what had happened. She was lactating! Joe was sucking milk from her breast! With that realization Joe lost control, his dick started pulsing wildly in his diapers, soaking them with cum. Even as he did so he felt Sheila contract and moan loudly as her own orgasm hit her.

Talk about your kinky sex! Joe thought as Sheila slid to his side. This was incredible. At least their sex life wasn't suffering because of his stress. It was better than ever. Sheila wrapped her arms around Joe as he nestled his head on her full breasts, and drifted off.

Joe woke a little later as Sheila rose to fix dinner. He wasn't hungry, apparently the shake had filled him up. Sheila just smiled and said, "No problem, maybe you'll be a little hungrier by bedtime and you can have your normal chocolate shake." That sounded good to Joe.

Joe had his shake before going to bed and that more than filled him for the evening. It seemed to just exactly hit the spot. He supposed it should have been no surprise, but about midnight, Joe woke with his bowels grumbling. He pulled the covers aside to get out of bed, but it was too late. He shit his diapers again. "Damn!" Sheila woke and once again changed him.

Joe woke in the morning, his intestines complaining again. He laid still, concentrating with all his might on holding it, but to no avail. Almost with a will of its own he felt the rings of his sphincter muscles slowly opening and then suddenly a burst of poop filled his diapers. What was going on? Joe wondered. He'd eaten almost nothing yesterday. How could he have to fill his diapers so much?

Sheila helped him get the diapers off in the tub and then he took his shower. Once again he couldn't help but notice how much hair was on the drain. On impulse he stepped onto the scale again. 145! 7 pounds in a day? What sort of diet plan was this. Joe ran to the mirror, it was hard to see a whole lot of difference from yesterday. Perhaps some more muscle loss. His chest muscles didn't seem very thick anymore, less pronounced, his biceps too? Maybe. Probably not that much from yesterday. Mainly his imagination, Joe thought. What was not his imagination was his chest hair. That's where most of the hair in the drain was coming from, and his legs as well.

The hair on his head seemed as thick as ever, maybe fuller, but certainly the dense mat that had covered his chest was thinning. For the first time in years Joe could see more skin on his chest than hair, the same with his legs. Normally they were covered with thick blackish-brown hair, but now lots of skin showed through. What was up? It didn't make any sense. At least it wasn't something that showed.

Joe shook his head and went to get dressed and then have his shake. He was feeling rather hungry for it this morning. More so than usual. Maybe his appetite was coming back. Hopefully the worst was over. Maybe he'd even get past the hiring manager in his interview today.

Joe spent the morning at the copy store, revising his resume for the job interview coming up. He'd sent them the generic one, but they'd inquired over the phone about some specific experiences, so he'd decided to include them on a more detailed version. As he hit the print key on the computer, he suddenly felt the now all too familiar rumbling sensation. "Oh shit!" Joe grabbed his brief case and fled to the bathroom. However, about like he expected he didn't make it. This time though it wasn't all his fault. He felt his asshole open up and begin to let go, as he waited for someone else to come out of the one person restroom. He didn't have to wait long, less than a minute even, but that was still too long. Joe sighed as he got in the restroom. Now what was he going to do? He didn't have time to go home before the interview. Morosely he dug through his soft side briefcase looking for the time and address note again, hoping against hope. To his surprise he discovered, at the bottom, a spare diaper Sheila must have stuck in there for him.

Bless her! Joe thought to himself. She thinks of everything. Joe carefully took his suite off, trying to not dislodge his full diapers and then spent the next 15 minutes trying to clean himself up and put the new diapers on. It was a lot harder to do it on his own. It was so much easier for Sheila to do it! He hadn't realized how grateful he should have been. Doing it on his own was a pain. It was such a mess, and trying to get the diapers off without spilling was a real problem.

Eventually, Joe made it to the interview. Sitting there, he at least felt some level of confidence, having survived the morning. "Now, Joe," his interviewer said. "You say on your resume, that you graduated from college 3 years ago?" She looked at him a bit strangely, as if surprised by this.

"That's correct. I'm 25, and have been working for the last 3 years." Joe answered.

She shook her head slightly, smiling somewhat. "Amazing. I would swear you couldn't be over 20 at most. In fact, when you walked in, I guessed 18."

Joe was surprised. He knew he didn't look that young, even with his weight loss and that shine he'd noticed to his skin. He didn't quite know how to react. "You're too kind. It sometimes seems even longer than three years." Like right at this moment.

Unfortunately the interview seemed to go slightly downhill from there. Joe really got the impression she thought he was lying about his age. He couldn't understand it. It was just as well the interview ended a bit early, as he got up to leave, he felt the warm feeling in his diaper signifying that he had just wet himself. At this point it just seemed like par for the course.

When Joe got home, Sheila was also once again home. As always ready to help him change. Even though he could change the wet one's easily enough by himself, Sheila insisted on helping him. That was what she was there for. Afterwards, dressed once again only in diapers, Joe sat on the couch and sipped on a vanilla shake. Sheila had another kid's movie on TV, it was pretty funny, but Joe was a little concerned.

"Sheila?" Joe asked his wife, who had her arms wrapped snuggly around him.

"I know how much you want a baby."

"I know you do honey." She rubbed her cheek against the top of his head.

"But you do realize that, even if we can turn our luck around, right now is not a good time for a baby. Not while I don't have a job."

"Don't worry about a baby dear. I'm perfectly happy with the way things are going now. I do want a baby, and I will have one, and probably sooner than you think. But don't you worry about it or your needing to get a job. The baby will come when things are right for it. Not until you're ready."

"But we're not having one until I have a job? Right?" Joe was not sure what his wife was getting at.

"Relax my sweet. By the time there is a baby in THIS house, you won't be looking for a job anymore." She rubbed her nose against his and gently kissed him. Joe started to kiss her back, but suddenly his colon had something else in mind.

"Oh no..." Joe started to get up, but it was too late again. His pants began filling even before he could get off the couch. "What is going on. I'm hardly eating anything! What do I have to shit out?"

As with the previous nights, Joe woke in the middle of the night, this time he discovered it was too late. He'd pooped in his diapers while he was asleep. It was only the discomfort of the runny mess that had woke him. He had trouble falling back to sleep, he was really starting to worry. His worry wasn't helped by waking up at three and needing yet another change.

"This is getting ridiculous." Joe said as he rinsed himself off in the shower the next morning. He'd once again woke this morning to find his diapers full again, that made three dumps in the night. He hadn't eaten enough to poop that much, only had a small salad and three shakes yesterday. His stomach growled at the thought of the shake. "Gees those things are addictive," Joe said to himself.

Suddenly Joe looked at his hand, there were loose hairs all over it. He rinsed it off under the shower, realizing there was even more hair in the drain than usual. Quickly he ran his hand down his legs, watching in amazement as the hair on his legs came off on his hand. The same with the hair on his arms and chest.

By the time he was done showering, and all the hair that was coming off had come off, the only hair on his body was a small patch under his arms and around his penis. "What is going on here?" Joe said. He stepped on to the scale. 125! He was down another 20 pounds since yesterday.

"Sheila!" he called. His voice almost sounding a little higher than usual. Joe stared at himself in the mirror. His chest was almost completely flat, except for slightly puffy nipples. His biceps too, were thin, as were his legs and thighs. He looked like a thirteen year old. He swore he was even shorter. Judging by the bathroom tiles, he was a couple inches shorter.

What was happening. This obviously wasn't right. Even as he thought this, he felt his penis spring up. It was hard, hard at something that wasn't even sexual, like when he was a teenager. At this point Sheila came into the bathroom, carrying his shake.

She didn't seem surprised at all. Instead she just handed him his shake. Without thinking he started gulping it down. "Yes?" his wife asked. Joe found himself staring at her shoulders. This proved he was shorter! Normally he could look her right in the eyes.

He finished off the last of his shake and almost shouted. "Look at me? Don't you see anything wrong?"

Sheila looked at him, up and down. "Not particularly. You look very healthy to me. Why don't you get your diapers on and walk over to the mall. I am sure the fresh air will do you good."

"Sheila, for god's sake! Can't you see that something is terribly wrong here. I went to bed last night my normal age..." he stopped, thinking about the woman at the interview yesterday. "Today I look like a teenager!"

"Now, now, just relax." Sheila unbuttoned her blouse. Her bra was already open. Joe's eyes quickly riveted on her nipples. Like any thirteen year old's would have. He felt precum starting to leak from his aching cock. Sheila's breasts seemed even fuller than the other day. They were positively huge, they looked almost succulent...that was the word that came to Joe's mind. The aureoles had to be over 2 inches across and the nipples stuck out well over half an inch. Without thinking, he moved towards her, even as she dropped her skirt, revealing that she hadn't been wearing any underwear.

Joe's lips locked around one of Sheila's giant nipples, feeling it tighten and swell under his sucking. It was almost like he couldn't help himself. His mouth moving of its own accord. Sheila guided them down to the floor.

Even as he wriggled on top of her, arranging himself so that his pulsing cock slid smoothly in to her moist cunt, Joe never let his lips leave his wife's nipple. In he plunged his cock, in he sucked her nipple, as far as it would go. As he penis slid back, so did he let her nipple slide out of his mouth. It was, Joe thought in the heated frenzy of lovemaking, almost like her nipple was fucking his mouth as his dick fucked her hole. Back and forth in a steady rhythm.

Very shortly, Joe felt milk bursting from Sheila's breast. Filling his mouth. It tasted good, warm, comforting. Almost as good as the shake. After about three or four minutes of this, Joe felt his balls tighten and then shoot! Out...his seed pouring into his wife's belly, filling her with his love.

Joe simply laid there, resting on top of his wife, spent. What an orgasm! That was incredible. Just thinking about it, he felt himself getting hard again.

"Now dear. I really do think you need some fresh air. Why don't you get dressed and go to the mall?"

Joe walked back to his house. He'd finally decided Sheila had been correct. Fresh air had helped. He was feeling a lot better. Not good, but not quite so shocked. After they'd had sex, he'd gotten dressed. That hadn't been easy either. None of his clothes fit him anymore. He'd finally found a pair of shorts that had been too small for him before. Given his diapers, they'd fit OK around his now smaller waist. At first he'd been concerned because the legs now reached down to his knees and were baggy, but at the mall he'd seen a number of other boys...other boys? that word, other, bothered him, dressed the same. So the shorts and a baggy shirt hanging to his crotch wasn't out of place.

It was so weird. He couldn't get over it. Why was he so young? He really looked like a thirteen year old. True, he didn't really look like he did when he was first thirteen, he'd already had a bit more hair and hadn't been quite as thin. He'd stopped in the mall bathroom and examined himself in one of the stalls, his legs were completely hairless, almost silky smooth. As was his chest and arms. He couldn't get over it. He really did look like any of the other thirteen year olds in the mall. Which is why he'd walked. He was too nervous to drive a car. If a cop noticed him driving the car, he'd never be able to explain the situation.

Joe had no clue what was happening, but finally decided he'd have to deal with it. At worst, being a thirteen year old wouldn't be too horrible. He'd be able to do a few things differently with his life. But what was Sheila going to do? He'd never be able to get a job looking like this. After about three hours at the mall, and a salad in the food court, he decided to head home and talk with his wife. As he turned the corner of his street, he noted a big truck pulling away from the front of his house.

He idly wondered why it would have been parked there. Maybe just looking at a map trying to make a delivery. As it drove by him he noted the sign on the side of the truck, "Baby MegaMart." That was odd, he didn't know the neighbors too well, but didn't think any of them had babies. At that point Joe felt his stomach rumbling and began walking faster. It didn't do any good, as he was walking up the drive way, he felt his ass cheeks spread slightly as another load of poop started oozing out his asshole, filling his diapers. It was almost getting routine, Joe thought as he paused for a moment.

At this point he noted the car in front of the garage. "Damn!" It was his mother-in-law's car. What was that bitch doing here? That was all he needed was for her to see him like this. Quietly, Joe tried easing his way in through the back of the house, hoping to get to the bathroom without running in to her. He was just crossing the threshold of the bathroom door, when he heard her.

"Well, look who's home." He turned anxiously. There was his mother-in-law, looking him over, from head to toe. "Looks right on schedule to me." Joe was puzzled by this statement, he didn't have much time to react because Sheila showed up from the other direction. She smiled at him kindly and walked forward, hands behind her back.

"There's my love. Here, give me a hug." Joe was rather puzzled by his wife's actions, but none the less gave her a big hug. He closed his eyes, as he felt his cock stiffen in his diapers in response to the feel of her large breasts rubbing against his chest.

Click. Joe opened his eyes. Sheila had fastened something around his neck. "What's this?" He moved to the bathroom mirror to look. There was some sort of padded metal collar around his neck. He couldn't find a latching mechanism on it.

This was odd.

"Oh it's nothing. It's just temporary, a little something to make sure you don't wander off, accidentally, during the next few days."


"Now, I smell that you've been a naughty boy and went poo-poo in your diapers again. In the tub with you." Sheila began ushering him into the bathroom. Surprised by her behavior, Joe let himself be led back. Sheila began to unbutton his shirt. "Now let's get this off you. Little boys shouldn't be wearing big boy's clothes. She pulled the shirt off easily, then yanked on his shorts, which also fell off easily. Apparently even looser than this morning.

"What's going on here, Sheila?" Joe demanded, even as he let her push him back into the tub for changing.

"Why we're changing your diapies, silly." Sheila said unfastening his diapers. Efficiently, she stripped them down. At this point Joe suddenly realized his mother-in-law was standing over Sheila watching. His face flushed red.

"Do you mind?" he asked her.

"Now Joey," his mother-in-law stated, "it's not like I've never seen a little boy's diapers changed before."

"I'm not a little boy." Joe said, realizing even as he said it that it sounded petulant, just like a little boy.

"Have you looked in a mirror lately?" His mother-in-law asked.

"Sheila! What the hell is going on here?" He demanded, even as his wife lifted his legs and began wiping the diarrhea off his bottom.

"Oh, what a nice smooth hairless little butt you have!" Sheila exclaimed. Her finger poked gently at his anus, tickling it. Joe's cock swelled, precum leaking. He couldn't believe this was happening. In front of his mother-in-law even. As Sheila wiped his groin too, Joe noted in surprise that a lot of the remaining pubic hairs around his penis seemed to come up with the cloth. He now only had a very small patch right around the base of his cock. Sheila quickly proceeded to put his diapers on, still without answering him. As she fastened them, Joe noted that her mother had disappeared, thankfully.

"Now, let's get you up." Sheila easily helped him up and out of the tub. He looked to the bucket Sheila had put the mess in. There was an awful lot of crap in those diapers. A lot more than he'd eaten in days. He glanced in the mirror, and then did a double take. He wasn't sure, but he looked almost younger yet.

At this point, Sheila's mother came back in, carrying a shake. "Here you go Joey, drink up."

"No thanks." Joey said, more out of principle than desire. The shake did look really good, and he felt a growl in his stomach telling him how hungry he suddenly was.

"Are you sure?" the woman asked.

"Well," that shake looked damn good, he felt his mouth start to water. "I guess I could do with one." He hated having her bring him one though. He took it and started drinking it, almost greedily as Sheila led him out of the room. He finished it and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Now, Sheila, what is going on here? Why is your mother here and why are you behaving so oddly?" At this point they were walking past the extra bedroom. The one Sheila and he had planned to redo as a nursery some day. Joe stopped in his tracks.

The room was full of baby furniture! All sorts of things. A crib, a changing station, toys, diapers, high chair, stroller. The truck had been stopped here. "What the hell is going on!"

"Now, now" Sheila's mother chided. "Little boy's shouldn't use that language."

"I'm not a little boy, and I'll use what ever language I feel like." Joe snapped. "Sheila."

"Well, Joey," Sheila said, as if explaining the obvious to a small child, "as you know, I've always wanted a baby. So far you haven't been able to provide me one."

"Well it's not my fault. The doctor said my sperm count was fine!" Joey interrupted.

"Whatever." Sheila said, almost annoyed at being interrupted. "The point is you are now going to provide me with my baby."

"What do you mean? We just had a conversation the other night. We agreed we wouldn't be having any kids until I found a job. That's looking even more difficult given the current situation."

"No," Sheila corrected, "what we agreed was that by the time I had a baby, you wouldn't be looking for a job. And you won't. Babies don't need jobs."

That stopped Joe in his tracks. He got a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. "Sheila, what are you saying? Are you saying my current situation is your doing?"

"I am saying that I am soon going to have a baby, and that you are providing it. You're going to be my baby."

"That's ridiculous, I'm not a baby! I'm a grown man, I'm your husband!"

"True, you're not a baby. Yet. But have you looked in a mirror lately, you're already about 11 or 12, only a few more days and you'll be an infant."

Joe was horrified. "How? Why? You're doing this to me. But why? How do you plan to support yourself and a baby"

"I can answer most of those." Sheila's mother said. "The how is a new biogenetic age-reducing formula our company has developed. You've been taking it, and it's been making you younger."

"The shakes!"

"Exactly." She smiled almost evilly. "My daughter has always wanted a baby of her own, and I've always wanted a grandchild. Now we're both going to get our wish. While I never liked you as a son-in-law, I will be thrilled to have you as a grandson in law."

Joe looked in shock from his mother-in-law to his wife. Both of whom were looking back coldly. "As to how she will support you," the woman continued, "once she's no longer, ëmarried' to you, my ex husband's will changes and she becomes a one third owner in the company and very wealthy."

"Sheila? How could you?" Joey asked desperately, his voice cracking as he asked her. He was in shock. He couldn't believe this was happening to him. It was too evil, too diabolical, he couldn't believe his wife would do something like this.

"I want my baby, Joey, and you'll be perfect. I'll be able to give you all the advantages of a good upbringing that you never had. I realize now that that is why I was so attracted to you. It was the fact that you were an orphan for most of your life, it brought out my maternal instincts. I just mistakenly married you, instead of taking you as my baby. But that's changing now."

Joe just shook his head. "Well I won't let you. You won't get away with this." Joe dodged around them, taking them by surprise and headed for the back door. He didn't care if all he was wearing was diapers. He had to get out of this crazy place, and fast, before they made him a baby. He made a beeline for the door. As he stepped through the back door, he suddenly dropped to the ground in agony. The collar around his neck was hurting him. It stung like hell and he felt all light headed, like it was cutting off circulation to his brain.

He gasped for air as Sheila drug him back in the house, the pain vanishing once inside. "Now, don't be a bad little Joey. That's why we put this collar on you, while you can still walk. We don't want you leaving here. But it will only be for a few days, soon you won't be able to walk anywhere." Joe stared at her in horror. Suddenly, with a loud fart, he felt his hole give way again, his diapers filling with poop.

Sheila noticed this, and as soon as he was finished, she helped him up and led him to the bedroom. He couldn't even resist. He was still light headed from the collar and in shock over the current state of affairs. How could she do this to him. He loved her!

Sheila laid him down on the bed, her mother had disappeared, hopefully she'd left. Sheila went out of the room to get the changing bucket. When she returned she shut the bedroom door behind her and punched the lock. She set the bucket beside the bed and then unbuttoned her blouse, sliding it off her shoulders. Then her skirt. She wasn't wearing any underwear or bra.

Her large breasts called to Joe. His dick was still hard from this morning and all he could do was stare at his wife's breasts. They looked indescribably good to him. Staring at them, he almost forgot the horror of his situation. Sheila leaned over and began changing him. As she wiped him with a cloth in one hand, she gently stroked his inner thigh with the other. The tingling sensation as her hand gently tickled his new silky skin, caused precum to drip from his cock onto his belly. He felt a brief tugging sensation in his groin as she wiped and looked down to see that all his pubic hair was now gone. He was completely hairless except for his head. Even his balls had no hair on them. Sheila played with them briefly, his scrotum tightening up, bringing his balls up close to his cock.

Sheila put the rag away, and once more raised his legs, this time over her shoulders. Her finger played gently with his asshole, feeling around the smooth hairless hole. "Well I thought we'd have one more fling. I expect that by tonight or maybe tomorrow, you won't be able to have an orgasm anymore." Joe's stomach did a flip flop at this, but he was so horny at the moment he could barely think.

Sheila's finger slid into his tight little butt hole. "Let me see if I can give your prostate a little love, before it stops doing anything for you." Joe moaned as his wife slipped a second finger in. She'd never done this before, Joey had never felt this type of pleasure. Suddenly she hit something and cum started spewing from his swollen prick, all over his belly. He couldn't help it. Sheila slowly withdrew.

Joe lay there gasping. Slowly, his wife lowered his legs to the bed and began crawling over him. His eyes riveted on her boobs. The still looked incredible, even though he was spent. He felt a sort of sexual hunger for them, despite having just come. As one large nipple came to his mouth, Joey automatically clamped his lips around it and began sucking. It felt really good, almost natural, relaxing.

Relaxing or not, Joey felt his cock growing harder. Obviously there was one benefit to being in puberty again. Sheila's pubic hair and cunt rubbed on his cock. He'd shrunk so much in height that with his lips on her breast, his cock could easily rub between her legs, massaging her clit.

Joey sighed almost contentedly as milk start oozing from the tip of Sheila's nipple. At first a trickle and then a stronger stream as he adjusted his sucking to get just the right amount. The milk tasted so good to him. He wondered what Sheila had had to take to get her breasts to lactate like this. In a lot of ways the taste of the milk was like the taste of the shake, only warm and runnier.

His penis finally found its way into her cunt and he once again managed to establish a rhythm of sucking and fucking. It felt incredible. Good enough that Joey couldn't even worry about his situation. On and on they went, Joey losing track of time with the intensity of the experience, just feeling the growing sensation of fullness in his belly as he sucked the milk. Finally, Joe felt a tensing in his ball sack and then a burst as he shot hard into Sheila's vagina.

He gasped and felt Sheila shuddering slightly and moaning. As Joey opened his mouth to gasp for air, Sheila pulled up.

"Now, that was a good boy. Mamma's so happy with her boy!" Joey felt exhausted, he couldn't even reply to Sheila's comments. He just laid there while Sheila got up and put new diapers on him. He felt really sleepy. The next thing he knew, Sheila was putting a blanket over him. "Now be a good little boy and take a nap, you'll feel much better when you wake up."

Joe woke up still feeling a bit groggy, he looked at the clock by the bed. It was 5 p.m. He'd slept most the afternoon away! He shivered under the blanket. He wrapped his arms around each other. It felt really odd. His arms were awfully skinny. He noted that the bedroom door was still shut, and got up and wandered into the bathroom off the bedroom. Looking in the mirror, he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

In the full length mirror stood a boy about 11 years old. Straight dark brown hair hanging with bangs about half way down his forehead. The boy's arms were thin, no muscle to speak of, his chest completely flat, although his nipples were a little bit puffy, as was typical for a lot of boys starting puberty. He wasn't emaciated, he just looked like a slightly gawky preteen. He couldn't get over how thin his thighs were. His diapers, as incongruous on a boy this age, as they were on adult Joe, hung rather baggy on his skinny butt. His fingers were thin, almost fragile, his face completely smooth, satiny almost. He stepped on the scale, 90 LB's! He couldn't believe this.

Looking back at his diapers though, he decided that the most nerve wracking was that his dick was hard. Here he was in a...well, preteen? crisis and his dick was harder then hell. Almost as if he was getting some thrill out of the horrible thing his wife and mother-in-law were doing to him. He knew he wasn't, and shouldn't be feeling any such thing, but why was he hard? Was it just a standard puberty sort of always on hard on? It had been so long that he'd forgotten what those years were like.

Joey unfastened his diapers in front to look at his hard on. It was definitely swollen. But was it smaller? Joey wasn't sure, but it looked like it too had shrunk along with his body. Certainly his scrotum had tightened and shrunk, his balls didn't hang anywhere near as low as before, and while his hand felt about the same size, wrapped around his dick, he knew for a fact that his hand had shrunk.

His hand felt so good there, that he began moving it back and forth. With his other hand he reached up and massaged his right nipple. Alternating with stroking his smooth, but wrinkled ball sack The sensations felt so good. It was almost surprising, the sensations really felt different. It was almost like when he'd first learned about jacking off. Those early days when he went through puberty for the first time. Before the magic started wearing off and it got to be almost more routine than simple wonder and pleasure. It wasn't like he didn't occasionally beat off, after he'd married Sheila, he still did now and then, but this felt different, almost like it was new experience again.

He kept staring at himself in the mirror, the sight of his gangly body, this 11 year old boy playing with his hairless cock and balls was driving him quickly to orgasm. Did this make him some sort of pedophile? Or worse. The sight of a naked youth, sexually aroused, was doing a sort of feedback thing. Of course, the kid jacking off was himself, Joey...Joe... He knew from books that a lot of guys got off watching themselves jack off, so maybe it wasn't pedophilia, since he was the boy. But he'd never much gotten into watching himself masturbate before, this time he was.

Was it something worse? Was it this situation that was doing it to him? Was he getting off on being turned into a teenager, then a preteen. Was the thought of being turned into a helpless baby, forced to depend on it's mommy for everything turning him on? What sort of sicko did that make him? He knew that what Sheila was doing to him was appalling, it made him pissed, it made him feel powerless and weak. It was frustrating as hell. And yet, the more he thought of this, the more the blood in his prick pounded. What was wrong with him?

Suddenly, such thoughts fled his mind as his cock demanded his attention. His balls pulled up so tight to his dick, he thought they'd go up inside his groin. White blasts of jism began blasting from the purplish crown of his dick, splashing over the mirror and the image of the boy in it. Joey gasped for breath as electric shocks ran through his body. God! It was like he hadn't shot for a month and had been staring at Playboy magazines every day of that month. He shuddered as the orgasm continued to wrack his body. He hadn't had such an orgasm since he really had been about 11 or 12.

Joey leaned against the wall for a few moments, relaxing. Eventually, he pulled his diapers back up. Reaching for some Kleenex, he began wiping the mirror off. He couldn't believe how much cum he'd spewed, especially after having sex with Sheila so much today. He probably wouldn't even be pissed at Sheila if she'd be willing to leave him at this age and let him have sex like they'd been having and like he'd just had.

The problem was, Joey reflected as he went back into the bedroom. She wanted a baby. A little bawling brat. Joey suddenly realized he didn't want a kid, even if the kid wasn't himself. Sheila wanted to make him helpless, totally dependent on her. Not that he wasn't already. He hadn't been able to get a job on his own, and she'd been supporting them both, and what with the diaper thing, he'd seen how much trouble he'd had without her help. Of course, he now realized bitterly, the whole diaper thing had been her fault to begin with.

She was going to take sex away from him. Pretty soon he'd regress to before puberty and wouldn't be able to get it up. Certainly not like he could at the moment. He was already hard again. He'd just come! Joey sat on the edge of the bed, gently stroking his hairless legs. They felt so weird, the sensations were totally different from what he'd become accustomed to.

Sheila was going to take this away from him! He wouldn't be able to have sex, no longer get erections. Before long, he wouldn't even be able to walk, just crawl and then not even that. God! it was horrible. What was he going to do? This damn collar didn't seem to come off in any way that he could see and leaving the house seemed to set it off. It hurt like hell and caused him to pass out.

Obviously, the problem was the shakes. All of this had started when he began drinking the shakes. If he didn't drink any more shakes, he should stop shitting so much and stop getting younger. That was the key. Just don't drink the damn shakes.

As if on cue, the door opened softly and Sheila poked her head in. "Ah, my boy is up!" She opened the door and stepped all the way in. She was once again dressed in her normal attire. She had a shake in her hand. "I brought my boy his dinner."

"Can it Sheila." Joey said as coldly as he could. He had to admit though, his voice didn't sound particularly convincing, more like sarcastically petulant. Maybe that was the problem with teenagers. Maybe they always sounded that way because of their vocal chord's limitations, not just bad attitude. "If you think I'm going to take another one of those damn Soda Fountain of Youth drinks of yours, you've got another thing coming."

Sheila looked pissed for a brief moment at Joey's words, but then brightened up. "Mother warned me about raising preteens, and their attitudes. She was right. However, you don't have to drink your shake if you don't want to. I'm just going to leave it here for you, in case you get hungry. She sat the shake down on the dresser, smiled sweetly at him and left, shutting the door behind her.

Joey shook his head and then went to the door to listen. He could hear Sheila and her mother talking, but not about what. It wasn't clear, but it sounded like they were in the nursery. Joey shuddered at that. They were in what was soon going to be his room. Or at least his room if they got their way. But they wouldn't. He'd show them. He wouldn't drink their damn shake. It could sit there on the dresser forever. He looked at the evil thing. His stomach growled. He wouldn't drink it. Licking his lips he went over to the TV to turn it on.

He'd just watch TV. Unfortunately there wasn't much on. Mainly just news, he tried to watch it for a bit, but it wasn't very interesting. He flipped through the channels. Hmm, channel 9 was showing an episode of Gilligan's Island. He hadn't watched that in ages. Even though he'd seen every episode, it was still better than watching the boring news. After all, the biggest news story of all was here in his bedroom, not out there in the city. Besides those news guys were such a bunch of phony geeks, he couldn't understand why anyone would ever listen to them. Crap, even he and Sheila used to watch the news together. He'd thought he'd liked it at the time, but maybe it took an event like this to make you realize how bogus it was.

He guessed the problem was, too many of those guys took themselves too seriously. Joey had to admit, even he used to take himself to seriously. Like getting worked up and stressed out about getting another job. Look where that had got him. Besides, like he really wanted to work in a stupid office all day anyway? If nothing else, his mind was a lot clearer now than before. He could finally think rationally.

It was also interesting that he'd forgotten how good this show was. Not that it was exactly high comedy, but for it's was certainly enjoyable. Joey's stomach rumbled some more. Unfortunately he was feeling rather hungry and definitely thirsty. He would not, however, breakdown and drink the damn shake. He looked over at it sitting on the dresser. Moisture was condensing on the side of the tall glass. It was rather warm in the bedroom. He should probably open a window, since the air conditioning wasn't that low, but he didn't want to risk seeing if the collar would go off if he got too close to the window.

Anyway, given that he was feeling a bit warm, sweating a bit even, despite the fact that he was only wearing his diapers, the shake looked really good and refreshing. His stomach was really agreeing, but he knew drinking it only played into the hands of his enemies.

Enemies? Well, he guessed that was the word. He couldn't quite conceive of Sheila as the enemy, but technically she was. That bitch of a mother was the real enemy. Joey was sure she'd put Sheila up to all of this. The woman had never liked him. The point was there wasn't much he could do about it.

As he sat thinking about it, Joey felt his bladder loosen suddenly. He really hadn't been aware of having to go pee that badly. Apparently his control was pretty much completely gone. As if he didn't know that all ready. In that respect he was, and had been for a while, more like a baby than a 11 year old already.

As soon as the commercial came on, he got up and went to the restroom to wipe himself off and change his diapers. At least Sheila didn't have to do it when he wet himself. Going back to the TV he once again saw the shake. Damn thing was evil. None the less, he still had to forcibly ignore it.

After Gilligan was the Beverly Hillbillies. Another great show he'd forgotten about somehow over the years. The problem was, by the end of the show he was sweating pretty heavily. It couldn't be that hot though. He'd walked to the mall, and while it was warm out there, it wasn't so hot that he should be sweating this bad. He was really thirsty too. He'd tried drinking some water from the sink during a commercial, but that hadn't helped. His stomach was also not only complaining but feeling slightly nauseous.

By the end of Green Acres, Joey wasn't sure he could hold out. True, the shake had gotten really runny looking sitting out, but it was looking really really good. The thing was, he was sweating so bad his diapers were wet with sweat, and the bedspread was also damp. His throat was not only dry, it was almost sore.

It was 7 PM on a Friday night. All he had to do was hold out through TGIF on ABC, then he could go to bed. He'd be past the evil shake. Of course that would mean he'd miss two shakes. But he had to try.

Unfortunately by 7:15 his resolve was gone. Joey finally decided that one little sip wouldn't hurt. Normally he was drinking lots of shakes per day, a couple little sips wouldn't have much effect. The problem was, he'd tried to go cold turkey. That sort of thing didn't work. He'd just have to sort of wean himself from the shakes, gradually.

He walked over and picked up the shake. By this point it was warm, so it was more like chocolate milk. He took a couple sips. Hmm, actually, it tasted a lot like a chocolate version of Sheila's breast milk. That got him hard pretty quick. All though, he'd never really gotten unhard in the last hour or two. It really seemed to help a bit too. He felt slightly more relaxed. He hadn't realized how tense he'd gotten until he felt his muscles relax from the strain of holding out. Maybe another couple sips.

Joey licked his lips. He'd better stop. He looked at the glass. Shit! it was empty. He'd finished the entire damn thing. So much for resolve. Unfortunately, while it had helped a lot. It hadn't completely cured him. He still felt warm, and maybe a little trembly. Maybe he needed fresh air.

Joey tried the door to the room. It opened fine. He'd expected it to be locked, but realized that was silly since it only locked from the inside. He walked out into the hall. He took a quick look in the nursery. The ceiling light was out, but small reading lamp with teddy bears was lit on a night stand that also held a baby monitor. Joey shuddered slightly. The crib, Joey noted was one of those semi convertible ones. At the moment the sides were down so it looked like sort of a short bed. In fact it was made up like a child's bed instead of a crib.

Joey continued on down the hall to the living room. Sheila and her mother were sitting in there watching TV. As he entered they both looked up. When Sheila saw him, she seemed to look at his face, but not meet his eyes. She smiled widely. "Did my little boy have a good snack?"

How did she know he'd drunk the shake. Joey reached up to his mouth and realized he had a milk mustache. The only sort of mustache he could get now. Damn. Joey just glared at her.

"Come over here and give mama a big hug." Sheila told him.

"Yes," her mother added, "then come and give grandma a big hug too." Sheila had sounded like a mommy with her comment, but her mother, the bitch, sounded sarcastic. She was obviously enjoying his state. Relishing his growing helplessness.

"Sheila this has gone far enough." His high pitched voice certainly didn't carry the weight that he intended. "I won't put up with..." Joey paused as his stomach and bowels suddenly rolled. He'd never felt nausea before when shitting, but this time there was a little. He felt his diapers fill up fast. "your stupid games anymore." Joey finally finished.

Sheila was aware of what had just happened and stood up. "Now, Joey, we can talk about this later. Right now we better get my little man cleaned up. He went poo-poo in his panties and we don't want him getting diaper rash do we?"

Joey had had it. "Enough. This is what I think of your damn diaper changing." Mad, Joey unfastened the velcro on his diapers, letting them fall to the floor. Runny poop splattered all over the carpet. Sheila got an angry look on her face.

"Joey shouldn't have done that. That was a bad little boy."

"Whatcha gonna do about it huh?" Joey was mad, he put his hands on his bare waist. He didn't care at this point that his grandmo...mother-in-law, he corrected himself, could see his hard dick.

Sheila just shook her head and went past him down the hall. He turned back to his mother-in-law and looked her in the eye. She just looked back at him with a rather amused expression. He wasn't sure how to take that. It wasn't quite what he'd expected.

Sheila returned with the diaper bucket and a wet rug. She sat down on the edge of a chair and stared at him. "Come over here, little man."

"No. You can't make me." Joey retorted.

"Oh really?" Sheila glanced at her mother. Her mother touched something on her funny looking bracelet and Joey felt a tingling in his collar. Crap. His neck started hurting. Not suddenly like when he tried to leave, but slower, building in intensity. "Come over here."

Not seeing a choice, Joey complied, glaring the entire way. "Bend over." Sheila said as he came up beside her knee. Joey stood there. The pain though, which had decreased when he walked over, started coming back. Glaring at the bitch, he complied. Leaning over Sheila's knee.

Sheila reached up and pushed him down so that his stomach was across her knees. With one hand she held him down and with the other took the rag and roughly wiped his bottom. Going to thorough lengths to clean him.

It wasn't exactly pleasant, but his dick was rubbing up against her thigh and the rough prodding as she ran the rag up and down between his butt cheeks and the area between his legs caused it to rub back and forth.

When she finished, Sheila put the rag in the bucket and said. "Now you've been a bad boy." Her hand rested on his bare buttocks, gently stroking it. It felt almost heavenly to Joey. Between the rubbing of his cock on her thigh and her hand his butt, he completely forgot about the bitch sitting in the other chair watching.

"Bad boys have to be spanked. And, I think with this nice smooth butt of yours, you're going to feel it real well. It's not like that nasty hairy butt you used to have. This one's nice and smooth and will glow a nice red color." Joey was so rapt in the sensations he didn't pay much attention to Sheila's words. Thus when the first slap came on his bare cheek, he let out a startled yelp.

Suddenly Sheila was spanking him. Hard. Whap, whap, whap, she kept slapping his butt. It hurt bad! Tears were falling from his eyes and without realizing it he started crying. Joey hadn't been spanked since he was like 5 years old. The odd thing was though, despite the fact that he cried at first, he quickly realized his cock felt harder than before. Further the slaps were making his cock rub even harder on Sheila's thigh. The spanking went on for another minute or so and then suddenly Joey shuddered as he felt his orgasm wracking his body.

Like before, this one was incredible. It was completely different to anything he was used to, though. Feeling him shudder, Sheila stopped spanking. She allowed him a few minutes to relax and then raised her arm so he could get up.

Straightening, Joey looked down at Sheila's skirt, expecting to see cum all over it. Instead all there was, was a small moist spot. Shocked he looked down at his hard little cock. Little was definitely the word. It was still hard, but couldn't be longer than his hand was wide. It was also only a little bit moist at the top. He'd had a dry orgasm! He hadn't been able to shoot. He reached down and felt his testicles. They were small, about the size of marbles. Half the size he was used to. Had he finally lost the ability to produce sperm?

Joey felt a sick feeling in his stomach. Without realizing it he started crying again. Crying for his lost manhood and all the injustice of what was happening to him. It just wasn't fair! As his tears finally started drying up, he wiped his eyes with one hand. As he did so, he felt someone put a glass in his hand.

"There, there. It's OK, everything's going to be all right." Sheila reassured him, patting him on the back. Without thinking, Joey took a deep drink from the glass. It was the bedtime shake. He'd drunk half of it without realizing it. What was worse, it tasted so good, he couldn't stop himself and he finished off the whole glass. Damn! What was wrong with him. He should know better. dammit.. the bitch, took the glass from his hand. Sheila led Joey, eyes still red and not paying too much attention, to the bedroom. "Why don't you rest now. You've had a long and traumatic day." She was right. Joey was exhausted from crying, from the spanking and all the nightmare of the day. He laid down and felt snuggly warm as Sheila pulled the blanket up to his chin. It was only as she smiled at him and shut the door behind her, that he stretched and felt the raised slats of the bed, that he realized she'd put him in the crib-bed in the nursery.

During the night, Joey woke two times to find his diapers full. Each time he woke, Sheila apparently heard him on the monitor and came into change him. It was really weird. Before, it was incontinence and an embarrassment. Now it was more like he really was a child and she was the mommy coming in to change her son. It was really different. He didn't like it, but yet every time she took his diaper off he was still hard. The thing just wouldn't go down.

When Joey finally woke with morning light, he was relieved to note he hadn't shit his diapers anymore. Also, as he felt them, he realized he wasn't hard anymore. Maybe he was finally coming to his senses and the situation wasn't arousing him anymore.

He stretched. He grabbed the slats above his head and stretched his legs out to the end of the bed. He glanced down in surprise when his toes just barely touched the other end of the bed. Last night his feet were banging up against the end.

Shocked, Joey jumped out of bed and ran to the full length mirror, Sheila had installed in the room. He was sure she'd put it there for just this purpose. Gasping in surprise, all though, he quickly realized, he shouldn't have been, Joey looked at himself. In the mirror was what appeared to be a 7 year old boy. There was no question Joey was a lot shorter now. He was maybe a bit over 4 feet tall, and still thin. Where yesterday his chest had been flat, but still somewhat distinguished on his ribcage, today his chest and stomach seemed to run together in a single unit. Unless he bent or stretched he didn't see much of his ribcage. Just a tubular torso. Yesterday his nipples had been puffy, like a boy in puberty, today they were just small round bumps on his chest. He rubbed them and felt a bit of a tingling sensation, but nothing like before.

Quickly, Joey dropped his diapers. There was a reason his penis wasn't hard. It was obvious that it wasn't going to get that way anymore. His penis had shrunk. It was only about three quarters of an inch long and very thin. His scrotum was a small little round sack at the base of his penis. It was the penis of a little boy. One who wasn't anywhere near puberty.

He grabbed it between two of his fingers. It was soft, but had a bit of underlying wiriness or hardness to it. Basically, the tissue couldn't get much smaller. Surprisingly it still felt really good to touch. In fact, before he realized what he was doing, Joey found himself rubbing it. Rubbing his little penis and his small balls. It felt really good. It sent small shudders up his spine. and gave him a pleasurable feeling in the pit of his stomach. He hadn't remembered that boys could feel pleasure down there before puberty. He'd forgotten and assumed that the only way he could feel anything was when it was hard.

Joey had been rubbing himself for sometime, when suddenly he was surprised to hear the door open. Quickly letting go of himself, he tried to get his diapers back up, but couldn't do it in time as Sheila.. his wife, came into the room.

Sheila looked at him sternly. Joey felt himself blush from head to toe. "Has my baby been playing with himself?"

"No mommy...I mean Sheila." Joey felt ashamed of himself. Not just for the slip of his tongue but for getting caught at something dirty. Dirty? What was he thinking. Joey felt a bit confused.

Sheila didn't say anything, but simply reached down and pulled his diapers back up. As she did, Joey couldn't help but notice her ample cleavage. His mouth started salivating, slightly, and he felt a pleasant tingling in his tummy. His pee-pee...penis...didn't feel anything. He knew he should be disturbed that he had a feeling, the wrong feeling, for Sheila's breasts but he couldn't put his finger on it.

Sheila noticed his stare and as she stood up, she unbuttoned her blouse, and unhooked her front snapping bra. "Does my little boy want some mamma's milk?" Joey's stomach rumbled in response. Sheila smiled. She sat down in the chair. "Crawl up on mommy's lap and have some breakfast.

Joey didn't wait, without thinking he went over and sat on Sheila's lap and put his mouth to her nipple. As he suckled, he felt the milk run into his tummy giving him a good warm feeling. Sheila's arms wrapped around him, he was still a bit big for her lap, but it still felt good to have someone hold him like that. Protect him.

After a while, feeling full, he looked up to see Sheila smiling down at him and pat his head. He knew he should be hating her, but for some reason the gesture and smile just made him feel warm. "Now how about a bath?"

"I think I can take a shower, on my own." Joey replied.

"Now, little boys don't take showers. You're going to take a bath." Joey just grimaced as she set him down and then led him into the hall bathroom. "Stand here," she pointed Joey to a spot behind her as she began running water in the tub. Joey did as he was told. Next to him was a scale. Not the same one he'd been weighing on, but it was aligned pretty close. He stood on it to check his weight. 54 pounds! God he'd lost a lot of weight.

He was still staring at the reading when Sheila turned the water off. "Ready?" Joey looked over to the tub. It was full of warm water and big sudsy bubbles. A couple ducks and boats were also floating in the tub. It looked pretty good, he had to admit.

Sheila pulled his diapers down, and then lifted him into the tub. "Mommy's got to take care of a few things, why don't you play for a bit. Joey just nodded, letting the soothing water wash over his body.

The bath really felt good. He hadn't taken a bath in... well he didn't remember how long. The bubbles felt relaxing and they sort of tickled his nose making him sneeze if he got his head down too far in them.

Joey looked up as Sheila came back into the room. He'd been plowing tunnels in the bubbles with one of the boats and almost didn't notice her come in. "Ready to get your washing?"

"No, can't I have a little bit longer?" Joey asked, surprised at how petulant he sounded.

"Well, maybe a little bit." Sheila sat down on the closed toilet lid and just watched him as he drove the boat around. Joey knew he should feel foolish having her watch him play in the tub like a little kid, but for some reason it didn't bother him. Perhaps that worried him the most.

After another five minutes, Sheila declared that was enough and that she needed to wash him. Joey grimaced at her but didn't protest as she took up a rag and began to scour him all over. A couple of points of the scrubbing were uncomfortable, but overall Joey rather enjoyed it. It felt good to have some one clean him like that.

When she was finished, she plucked him out of the tub onto a big fluffy towel to dry him off. Joey glanced at himself in the mirror as she finished drying him and smiled at himself. It was then that he noticed the collar was gone. He should have realized it would have gotten wet in the tub and shorted. But he suddenly realized he hadn't been wearing it when he woke up this morning. He could run away!

Sheila put his diapers back on him. Joey began trying to think of opportunities to escape as Sheila led him into the living room. Sheila turned on the TV, Power Rangers was on. Seeing that, Joey sat down in front of the TV. He forgot about his plans for the moment.

A little bit later, Sheila returned and set a glass by his side. Without taking his eyes from the screen, Joey reached over and picked it up. He finished the glass before he even realized it was one of those damn shakes. Suddenly he felt like crying. He'd forgotten again. No matter how much he tried, he couldn't stop drinking those damn things.

Joey spent the morning watching TV. About midmorning he went poop in his diapers and Sheila came into change him. He had to admit it really did feel good having her rub the damp cloth around cleaning up his mess. It especially felt good when she wiped his pee-pee. Again it gave him goosebumps.

When lunch rolled around, Sheila came by with a couple peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a shake. Joey swore he wouldn't drink the shake, but as he finished the sandwiches his mouth was stuck shut so once again, without thinking, he reached for the shake and gulped it down before he realized what he'd done.

Shortly after lunch, Sheila came by and suggested he take a nap. He didn't want to, but he was a bit tired. Unaging apparently took a lot out of a person. When Joey woke from his nap, he was not surprised to find he'd messed his diapers again. It was getting pretty normal. Sheila came in and changed him pretty quick though. As she finished, she reached beside the bed.

"Here you go. Feeling thirsty?" It was a kid's plastic glass. Joey was still sleepy so he reached for it, and really wasn't surprised to taste the shake. It was quickly getting to the point where it wasn't worth fighting it. For that matter, it wasn't so clear why he was fighting it. Things weren't that bad.

"How is it going?" Joey heard that wasn't her name...what was it? ask from the door.

"Like you said, it would. The more mass he loses, the faster the changes. The full shake doesn't have as much mass to work on anymore."

Sheila got up and followed her mother to the other room. Joey got out of bed, he had to hop down. The bed was higher than he remembered. He walked over to the mirror. He supposed he should have been surprised, but what he saw was a 5 year old little boy. He still found his transformation fascinating. He really knew he should be horrified, but he'd just been through so much, he didn't seem to have it in him.

His nose twitched, must be a booger. He stuck his finger into his nostril to try and get it out. As he did so he simply stared at the little boy looking back in the mirror at him. Joey took his other hand and reached into his diapers and began once again rubbing himself. Boy, that felt good. Both his finger, getting his nose clean, and his hand rubbing his pee-pee.

Joey heard his mommy...Sheila...coming back, so he quickly pulled his hand out of his diapers. As she entered, he got the booger out. Not knowing what else to do, but not wanting her to see that he'd been picking his nose, like a little kid, he stuck his finger in his mouth to get rid of the booger.

"How about some Barney?" Sheila asked. Barney? wasn't that that annoying purple dinosaur he and his friends used to make fun of? Sheila took his hand and led him out to the living room.

On the TV an announcement for some stupid documentary was just ending. Suddenly there was this big plush like purple lizard thing on the screen. "Hi boys and girls!" It talked! Wow. It had a really cool voice. As Joey sat down to watch the TV, he couldn't understand how he could have made fun of this show without ever having seen it. It was pretty cool. When Barney and the kids all started singing "I love you, you love me, we're a happy family..." Joey got this warm and snuggly feeling inside. It was a lot like when he and Sheila used to cuddle on the couch. Before he knew it, he was picking up on the words and singing along.

Before long, or at least so Joey thought, until he looked out the window and saw how low the sun was, Sheila came out with a shake. Joey had switched the channel to Gilligan. As he drank the shake, having given up on fighting it, he laughed at the show. He sort of felt he was missing something in some of the dialogue, like there was stuff he used to ëget' about the show and the silly characters, but he couldn't quite remember what.

As he finished, Sheila came up and sniffed as she picked it up. "Did little Joey go poo-poo?" Joey squiggled his butt around a bit and realized he had. He hadn't even noticed. He blushed and nodded. Sheila picked him up and carried him into the nursery. Laying him on the changing table she lifted his legs and preceded to change him.

When she set him down on the floor, so she could take the dirty diaper out, Joey wandered over to the mirror. He noticed that his belly stuck out a bit now. He was sure that this morning it hadn't. He had a beer belly! He stuck it out as far as he could and grinned at it. He rubbed it with his fingers, noting that they too were a little bit fatter. Definitely shorter.

He wasn't sure, but he thought he looked about three years old. It was really hard to remember what different age kids should look like. When Sheila came back, she sat on the chair. "Would you like mommy to read you a story?"

Joey smiled and nodded. He knew he should be annoyed by her continually calling herself mommy. He knew she wasn't really his mommy, her name was Sheila and she was really his wife. Or something, he was, he guessed the daddy. Yeah that was right. That was what was wrong with what had been happening. Joey was the daddy, not the baby. For some reason he kept losing track of that though. Anyway, for whatever reason, he couldn't seem to work up any anger over it. He remembered being mad about this whole thing, whatever that was, a while back, but he wasn't quite sure why. Sheelah read him a story about Winny Pooh. It was kinda of silly, about a bear that liked honey and a tiger with a springy tail. But Joey thought it was even sillier that the bear's name sounded like something in his diaper. When Sheelah finished reading, she asked, "Is my little man hungry?"

Joey nodded yes. Sheelah unbuttoned her shirt and there were her boobies again. Joey smiled at his calling them boobies in his mind. He knew that was a bad word, but as long as he didn't say it, mommy wouldn't get mad. There was the nipple, it looked nice and inviting. Joey smacked his lips and moved his head to drink.

Like times past, the milk tasted really good and Joey got a neat warm feeling all over. Sheelah cuddling him her arms made him feel safe. He knew she'd protect him from harm. He wouldn't have to worry, she would make all the bad things right. Just like she had when he lost his work thing...job...that was the word. He couldn't get one, so mommy had helped him. It was good to have a mommy to take care of things.

Joey woke choking. There was something in his mouth. He coughed several times. There were chunky bits in his mouth. Joey looked around. He was in his crib and the little night light was glowing. He must have fallen asleep after mommy...sheelah...fed him. What were these things? He spit. He had pebbles in his mouth. He felt one with one of his hands, it was sharp. What the? Teeth. They were his teeth.

Suddenly, Joey remembered, if foggily what was going on. sheelah...his uhm, wife, his wife was trying to turn him into a little baby. And it was working. He was losing his teeth. Joey scrambled to the edge of the bed. It was quite a ways down, but he thought he could make it, lowering himself over the edge. "Waah..." Joey cried as he fell the remaining distance, landing hard on his butt.

Unsteadily Joey got to his feet holding the rails of the bed. Once up, he waddled over to the mirror. It was hard to see by the light from the night light, but he could see the pudgy little boy in the mirror. He couldn't be much over 2 years old! Darn. What was happening? He was a baby. It was really hard to think. He kept getting confused. He knew he shouldn't look like that. He wasn't a baby. He was a grown up. Joey started sniffling, finally spitting the last of his teeth out.

Joey felt something warm in the back of his diapers. Oh, oh. He'd poo-poo'd his pants again. Mommy wouldn't like that. Maybe if he got back into bed fast, she wouldn't know. Joey turned to waddle back to the bed. He took a few steps and tripped.

Darn, he couldn't seem to get back up. Every time he tried, he lost his balance and fell over. Finally he just gave up and crawled back to the crib. The problem, when he got there, was that it was too high. He'd never get back into it! What was he going to do? His diapers were icky poo-poo and he couldn't get back in bed and mommy might get mad. It was too much to handle. Joey felt the tears start to flow and finally just gave up and cried.

Within just a little bit, he felt hands picking him up. "Oh, no... did my poor little baby fall out of bed? That's not good. Mommy forgot to put the sides of the crib up and baby fell out. Oh, poor thing." Mommy put her hand on Joey's diaper. "Oh, Joey woke up when he went poopy and then fell out of bed. Well let me fix that."

Mommy carried Joey to the changing table and quickly changed his diapers, putting some nice soft powder on his bottom. Joey smiled at her for making him feel better. "Tank goo, mummy." Joey felt so glad mommy wasn't mad and that she made things all better.

"You're so welcome, darling, that's what mommy's here for." Mommy carried him back to the crib. She laid Joey down, and raised the side of the crib. At least now Joey knew he wouldn't fall out.

Joey woke the next morning. He felt warm and nice, except for some uncomfortable poo in his pants. He was still tired though, so maybe he'd just roll over and get the pressure off so he could go back to sleep. Joey rolled onto his side, or tried to. For some reason he couldn't seem to roll over. His muscles just didn't seem to respond. Odd, he knew he should roll over. He looked at his hand, why wasn't it pushing him. It was there, short and pudgy, his tiny fingers almost see-through-able. He looked up, there was mommy and granma!"

"How is he?" Joey heard granma ask.

"Just fine." Mommy said. "He's such a good little boy. He's at about six months now."

"Good." Granma said. "You've stopped giving him shakes?"

"Yes. Just breast milk. That will keep the addiction at bay and I can wean him off over time. Without the shakes he'll stop regressing."

"Yes, what's left will take him back another few months, probably to about two months."

"Do you suppose he can still undereadfsdfsdf?" Joey smiled up at mommy and granma.

"Noidenasientaiateeaeltwfjl;asdfupoewinf;adfdsfasdf" There was his thumb. That looked good. Joey stuck it in his mouth. Mmm that tasted nummy nummy. Joey smiled around his thumb. He was so happy, to have mommy and granma there to take care of him. He didn't need to worry about anything. They'd take care of everything.


The End (or new Beginning) of The Grandson-in-law.

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