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The Stories
A Visit to Aunt Millie's - Part 1
  A petite young woman takes a version of the experimental treatment that helped her younger sister develop into a more mature looking woman than her.
  A modern chemist-alchemist seeks and discovers the elixir of life. When he samples the potion, he discovers the meaning of the warnings in the ancient alchemical treatises.
Alex's Adventures Through the Looking Glass
  Alex steps through a mirror into a strange place. (TG).
  Chris, cleaning out the garage of his recently deceased inventor Father, finds his latest invention, the Mobile Indentity eXchange Device or MIXD. Chris's next mistake is sharing his find with his older sister who then..?
Altered Fates: Danny Boy
  Danny's uncle leaves him the altered fates medallion with an explaination of it's powers. Danny is just getting used to messing around with it behind his parents back when...
Altered Fates: Dennis
  Dennis stumbles onto the medallion, and when cleaning it with his wife's dirty blouse he discovers it's powers. When his wife discovers what he has found also, they have fun playing with the medallion until...
Altered Fates: Faith
  Father Christoper getting up there in years, is looking foreward to going to heaven, but is pained that his work with the homeless is not finished yet. Then he is given a strange Medallion by a homeless woman...
Altered Fates: Girls will be Girls
  A young woman uses a magic medallion on her womanizing boyfriend.
Altered Fates: Just passing through
  An Altered Fates Trilogy: The medallion is passed on to three difference sets of circumstances.
Altered Fates: Juvenile Delinquent - part 1
  While exploring the powers of a magic medallion, a man comes under the authority of the Juvenile Justice system.
Altered Fates: Keeping House
  A family finds and uses a magic medallion.
Altered Fates: Old Aunt Ida
  A man and his wife use a magic medallion to deceive his Aunt.
Altered Fates: Playing Dress Up
  Melissa finds the medallion at her Uncle's house and being a curious child she takes it. (see Altered Fates-Dennis). With her parents away she decides to play dress-up in her Mothers Clothes.
Altered Fates: Spare the Rod
  While cleaning out an old house they just bought, a man and his wife unknowingly find and use a magic medallion.
Angel of the Backward Look
  When a man starts to shrink for unknown reasons, he is admitted to a hospital to find the cause. After he is released to his wife's care, he has problems with his daughter. (Infantilist)
Athena Investigation pt. 1
  A special corporate agent investigates an unusual case.
Baby Box - part 1
  A young genius gets involved with scientists building a time travel device.
Baby Game
  An infantilist who enjoys playing baby with his wife suddenly finds that he has become a real baby.
Back to BabySitter - part 1
  A 14 year old boy is babysat by a beautiful college student.
  A woman finds an ancient oil lamp, from which a genie appears and grants her wishes as a reward for his freedom.
Bath of Artemis
  A researcher has an encounter with a Goddess
Belated Birthday Suprise
  A young man receives a visit from a stripper on his birthday.
Blessings of the Goddess
  A divorced man poses for a female artist he has met and is visited by divine justice.
  A terminally ill professor steals a sample of experimental nanorobots from his best friend in an attempt to restore his health.
  A woman visits the AR story archive on the web.
Candle Shortage
  There aren't enough birthday candles for the cake.
Careful What You Wish For v. 1
Careful What You Wish For v. 2
  A single mother makes a birthday wish. This is a rewritten version of an earlier story
Careful Who You Trust
  A family intervenes with a troubled young woman.
Chains that Bind
  An adulterous husband is regressed and punished for his sins. (Co-authored with Mistress Janice)
Christmas Cookies
  Troy receives Christmas gift of a box of cookies with transformational properties.
Chronos Continuum pt. 1
  A College student receives a package from a mysterious organization - The Chronos Continuum
Conscience of the King
  An immature man is enchanted into a baby by his witch wife.
Counter Clock Husband
  A woman scientist has a surprise in store for her philandering husband and his mistress.
  Two teens have a sexual encounter in the Magic Valley Daycare Center.
Days of His Lives
  A set of seven science fiction physical regression stories set in parallel universes.
  A woman scientist finds her husband cheating on her with a co-worker and takes revenge.
Decisions, decisions... pt 1
  The wife of a scientist has an affair. Co-written with an anonymous author.
  A man invents an age-changing device and gives it to his wife
Don't Tell Daddy
  Elizabeth an inventor, is now a housewife and mother. But in her basement workshop she designs a machine to allow people to share dreams. But she need to test it and selects her young son to help her, but...
Dr. Jeckle and Missy Hyde
  Dr. Bill Weston had to show his friend his invention, a DNA scanning machine that could record DNA patterns of people and then edit them.
  A friend's magick ring is employed to punish a drunken husband.
Evening Prayers
  A homeless man and a lonely woman discover that God has granted their prayers.
Fabulous Machine of Professor Wiggles
  Professor Wiggles comes to the door to demonstrate his incredible invention (TG).
Family Home
  Four college boys move into a house that wants a 'Family' living in it.
Flower Child
  A young man has an encounter with a special child.
Fountain of Youth Stone - part 1
  An Army team is responsible for destroying a mysterious meteor, with amazing side effects.
Fountain of Youth Stone 2 - part 1
  A man and his wife use some pieces of the meteor in this sequel to Fountain of Youth Stone.
Girl's Night Out pt. 1
  A group of girls have a different evening than the slumber party they planned, thanks to an age-changing invention.
  A young man loses his job and his wife has an idea for another role he can play in her life.
Grow Up
  A mother has to bail her 24 year old daughter out of jail - again.
Hebe Jeebies
  Vengeful ex-girlfriend acquires a magic amulet.
I'm a Teenager Again!
  An aging stepfather's invention makes him younger.
Idol of Meyhem
  Dr. Caroline Marcus accidentlly brings a small statue home from her museum job. Then the Meyhem breaks out and their family life is turned upside down.
Incident at the Mall
  A mall daycare center has a unique solution to misbehaving husbands, wives or teens.
It Does The Body Good
  A fired postal worker decides to have a little fun and mixes up some packages. Kyle and his 8 year old son get a strange bottle of milk in the mail. Drink this milk and 'It Does The Body Good', depending on your point of view!
  A practical joker gets caught by his own trick.
Journey Man - part 1
  An accident results in a man becoming unstuck in time.
Kid at Heart
  A young woman has a pleasant surprise when she wakes up at her boyfriend's cabin.
  A meteor secretly crashes into a backyard and has a strange effect on the family that lives there.
Lamp of Love
  A couple purchases an Arab lamp at a garage sale. When the infantilist wife cleans it up, they are both in for the surprise of their lives.
Little League
  Two men who feel too old to play baseball use a special device.
Making the Grade
  A student takes a placement test.
Mambo and Child
  Airline stewardess who buys a youthening beauty creme from a voodoo priestess (a Mambo) in Haiti.
Midnight on the Firing Line
  Crime Fighter The Jester is called into action against a mysterious villianess.
Mommy's Day
  Marion, a 26 year old single mother, is at wits end with her life and her 8 year old son on Mothers Day. Jason is tired of his Mother telling him what he can and can't do. For a day the problem is solved.
Ms. Ann Learns a Lesson (1/3)
  Ann, a harried schoolteacher, gets an education after she mistreats a student.
  A man evokes a demon to restore his lost youth. His spell goes awry with disastrous consequences.
No More Greed
  An aging woman has a surprise for her greedy daughter.
On The List
  A college student reads a fascinating age regression story with incredible side effects.
Onward Christian Soldiers
  A President's political advisor and is infected with an experimental virus to question/brainwash him.
Oops, My Bad
  A man's daughter is aging at a tremendous rate.
Peace, Quiet and an Early Bedtime
  A boy is unjustly accused and punished. (Co-authored with Mistress Janice) (Infantilist)
Poolside - Part 1
  A fourteen year old discovers an ancient formula on the Internet.
Power Bottles
  A man makes a raid on a storhouse for magical energy.
Prodigal Son
  A drug dealing son is given a treatment to make him behave himself. (Co-authored with Mistress Janice) (Infantilist)
Reversal Rings IV: Family Life
  Carl's wife purchases the Reversal Rings from the Spells R Us shop and has some fun with her husband until she goes to far and..?
Reversal Rings V: Finale
  Doug, trying to make up with Susan, unknowingly purchases the missing rings as a gift to her. When the dust settles he might have made a mistake in doing this.
Reversal Rings: Weird Wednesday
  Susan his having trouble finding a Birthday present for her 14 year old son. With a little help from the Spells R Us wizard, she purchases 2 rings. Morpheus, is trying to start a sub universe to Spells R US with this story, called Reversal Rings.
Reversal RingsII: Jamie's Story
  Jamie can't figure out why his best friend Kevin is acting weird. When he discovers the cause he developes his own plan and steals the hidden rings. But..?
Reversal RingsIII: Lost and Found
  Steve finds the ring dropped in the park, but who is wearing the other ring, when he tries it on?
Ridgerunner's Requital
  A young man attacks a neighbor's daughter and his mother punishes him by using her hoodoo powers.
  A teenaged couple discovers something at the Roswell UFO crash site.
Sabrina: The Teenage Witch
  Sabrina has a little mishap with one of her spells. Pictures by Don S.
  A man with a breast obsession meets the woman of his dreams (or is that nightmares?).
Second Chance
  A man meets a woman in a neighborhood bar and goes home with her for a one night stand. (Rewritten from another author's story.)
Shadow Falls on Momzer
  A Jewish couple evokes a demon to demand a boon.
Special Delivery
  A single man's married friends send him to a company called Special Delivery.
SRU: Curse Box
  Donald, an Antique collector stumbles into the Spells R Us shop and spies a little wooden box he must have. After pleading with the old wizard to sell it to him a deal is struck. In the end I bet Donald never wished he made that deal.
SRU: Dennis the Menace
  Dennis the Menace visits the Spells R Us shop, where he drives the Old Wizard just about as crazy as he does George Wilson. Dennis, given a Marble by the Old Wizard, then really becomes a Menace to those around him! The ending is really good laugh!
SRU: Family Squabble
  Nancy at wits end over how her family acts and gets along ends up in the Spells R Us shop. There the old man sells here some spice, with the comment this will spice up your life. And how it does!
SRU: School Days
  A teenager visits Spells 'R Us to teach her mother a lesson.
SRU: Spring Cleaning
  During spring cleaning at the SRU shop, a passerby gets a second chance at happiness.
SRU: The Doll
  Jason's sister purchases a doll at the Spells R Us shop, not understanding what she has now. But after discovering it's magic powers and her brother also finding out....?
SRU: The Game
  Donny purchases a magic board game at the Spells R Us, called the Game of Change. With several friends over they give it a try....
SRU: Tried as a Juvenile
  A young woman resorts to magic (purchased at Spells 'R Us) to get out of trouble.
Strange Saturday
  An inventor tries out his new device on his girlfriend.
Studies in Daycare - part 1
  A middle-aged Grad student is accepted into a prestigious research program.
Summer Rerun
  A middle-aged man has an unusual summer experience.
Test Run pt. 1
  A young man brings an experimental time control device to his high school.
The Amusement Park: For Kids of All Ages
  Two children take their Mom to a new amusement park.
The Mad Scientists Club
  Dr. Ralph Hopkins is sick and tired of somebody else always winner the price each week at The Mad Scientists Club. He plots his revenge with his preincarnator device.
The Other Side of the Coin
  Mark gets his birthday wish in a surprising way.
The Price of Their Toys
  A car accident has unusual consequences.
The Reflecting Pool
  A husband and wife discover a glowing pool in a secluded cave.
The Rival - part 1
  A woman uses her boyfriend's youth ray without permission.
The Rivals 2: Payback's a Bitch - part 1
  Authorized sequel to The Rival
The Spa 2
  A woman is invited to visit a special spa.
The Spa
  Man spends time at a special spa.
The Sphere
  Mikey trips over a shiney metal sphere, that he takes home to play with. A desire of his father for Micky to have a brother or sister and Micky's wish to be bigger than his mother so she will not boss him around and..?
The Substitute Teacher
  A petite elementary school teacher substitutes for an unusual high school class.
The Switch, or My Sister's Body
  Jeff is sent to stay with his much older sister while their parent are on vacation. She takes him to her work to show the place off and they proceed to have a small accident which results in..?
The Tale of the Wayward Daughter
  A sequel to The Prodigal Son. This time, the drug-using townschildren get the treatment. (Co-authored with Mistress Janice)
The Timer part 1
  College student finds device that looks like a TV remote in the dumpster behind a laboratory.
The Video Game
  When Victoria babysits nine-year-old Britt, they play Britt's new video game.
The Youth Drug
  A husband and wife use the latest illegal drug - Juve (joo-vee) to become temporarily younger.
Time Change pt. 1
  A woman's witch friend is learning to use a medallion which controls aging.
Time for a Change
  A young man gets a surprise while babysitting a two-year-old neighbor.
To Cry Is To Weep
  A picky woman visits an art gallery.
Trading Up pt. 1
  A girl receives a doll with a secret inside - a magic Incan ring.
  A short vignette about two hikers and trust.
Two Birthdays
  A man and his wife use magic spells from the Spells 'R Us shop with unintended consequences.
Two Cookies
  A couple makes a special visit to a nursery.
Ups and Downs
  A woman becomes conscious in a teenaged body and wishes to return to her normal age.
Week at the Beach
  A man, his wife and stepdaughter take a vacation at the beach, but before they leave, the parents take an experimental youth treatment.
Which Wish, Witch?
  A witch grants a teenager a special power on Halloween.
Who Wears the Pants - Part 1
  This is a novel length work (about 900 k) set in the not so distant future.
  Wishes - a spray that can restore the body of your youth, but don't use it more than once a week.
Wooden Masks e
  The fruit of a tropical country has an unusual effect. (Rewritten from another author's story.)
Working World
  A young woman takes her first post-college job.
You'll Learn
  A man wants to escape from the pressures of his marriage, finances and job, and a woman he meets has the solution.


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