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Altered Fates: Keeping House

by Kokopelli

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Daniel Fraser strode purposefully along the road under a brilliant cobalt blue sky. He was leaving Justin, his hiking companion and younger brother behind once again. Daniel was a fast walker, especially on days like today, with the temperature hovering in the forties. He needed to stay warm. Plus, he wanted to finish this hike, the last one he needed for his merit badge.

Daniel turned to yell at Justin, and caught a glint of gold lying off in the bushes. So instead of yelling, he marched through the underbrush and scooped up a shiny gold medallion. "Wow," he thought, "this must be solid gold. I'm gonna be rich!" He slipped the heavy chain over his head and tucked the medallion under his jacket. He reappeared on the shoulder of the road just as Justin struggled up.

"Come on, man, let's rest here," Justin whined.

This, thought Daniel, was why he hated taking his brother along. Even Donna, their 10 year old sister would be better company, and she was a royal pain. But they rested.

Finally, an hour later, they arrived back home. They threw boots and coats into random locations in the family room, and sat down to watch TV. Daniel had forgotten about the medallion he was wearing as he became engrossed in a completely inane talk show.

Mom, however, was busy. Very busy. Stopping in front of the pair, she tossed an armload of laundry at both of them and told them to take it upstairs. Struggling to his feet, Daniel tripped on his first step, scattering his and Donna's clothes to the winds, and landing nose first. Boy scouts had done nothing to improve his grace and coordination. Jean, the Mom, just shook her head in exasperation, then did a double take. The reason for Daniel's clumsiness was soon apparent. A lanky 6 foot 16 year old was now about six inches shorter and standing on his own pants legs. Actually they now were around his ankles as he kept shrinking. Jean and Justin just stared as he shrank to about four and a half feet tall. His underwear was now on the floor, although his shirt now hung to his knees. His hair began growing out, then he felt an odd sensation in his crotch. Ignoring the bystanders, he pulled up his shirt and watched as his penis and balls disappeared. He soon had the genitals of a 10 year old girl. A short time later he actually seemed to be a double for Donna.

The three of them stared at each other in shock. No one knew how this could have happened. Then Jean spied the medallion and told Daniel to give it to her. Looking closely, it seemed to be cast bronze, with some sort of hieroglyphics around it. It was shiny, but still looked very old. She interrogated the boys (well, the siblings) about it, but could come to no conclusions about it. It must have something to do with Daniel's unexpected metamorphosis, though. She thought for a moment, and decided that Donna's clothes touching it must have triggered the change. That's why he now looked like Donna. But he was still wearing his own shirt so why didn't he change back? Well, they'd have to figure it out later. Sam would be home from work soon, after picking up Donna from her ballet lesson.

"Justin," she said, "Don't say a word to your father when he gets home. We're gonna have to hide Daniel until we can figure out how to get him back."

Daniel, of course, was still catatonic. But after a few gentle taps on the head, Jean managed to get him to follow her upstairs to Donna's room. She got him dressed in some pants and a pullover top. No sense traumatizing him worse by making him wear a dress. Then they were off to Daniel's room, where Daniel was told to sit and make no noise. In fact, the closet would be an excellent place to hide. She brought him some food, since he'd have to skip dinner.

There was no opportunity that evening for Jean to try and resurrect her son. Well, she thought, it won't hurt him to spend one night as a girl. She just hoped she could figure out how to turn him back.


In the morning Jean finally got everyone off to where they were going - Justin and Donna to school and Sam to work. Then she took the medallion to Daniel's room. She woke him up, put the medallion around his neck, and touched one of his shirts to it. To their surprise, he immediately started expanding. He quickly tore off Donna's clothes before they ripped, and within 30 minutes was back in his own body. Still in shock, he was allowed to skip school for today, and went about tinkering with his computer. It had been an interesting experience, but not one he cared to repeat. He liked girls, even though he couldn't get a date to save his life, but he sure didn't want to be one. Although being a good looking girl would have its advantages. No, being a guy was better. And that was that.

Jean, meanwhile, was still mulling over the possibilities this medallion presented. It looked like a person could become anyone else who's clothes touched it while being worn. And there was some sort of delay, but you could change back the same way. Yes, things could get interesting.


Over the next few months things got very interesting around the Fraser household. Sam traveled frequently for his new project. The trips were usually just two or three days at a time, but Jean took full advantage of them to experiment with the medallion. She became Sam a couple of times, enjoying the powerful feeling of masculinity his body provided. The kids were not left out, sometimes ending up as each other whenever they argued. Seeing things through another person's eyes was a surprisingly powerful form of discipline. The boys especially calmed down after spending several days each as Donna. And not a word was ever said to Sam, at Jean's insistence. They obeyed, not knowing what they would become if they didn't. Fear is also a fine motivator.

Jean enjoyed it immensely. Truth be told, so did Daniel. During Sam's latest absence, he finally got up the nerve to ask his mother to turn him into a girl his own age. Jean was delighted to do so, and went out to buy the right clothes. Over the next two days they both had a lot of fun shopping together and doing mother-daughter things. Daniel, taking the name Debbie during this time, was finally enjoying some parental attention he'd never gotten from his father. Jean enjoyed the company, enjoyed having a daughter old enough to be a friend as well. She hadn't realized how much Sam had been ignoring them until she actually did have some company.


Summer came, and Jean enjoyed walking in the park, especially when Debbie could make an appearance. They both watched young mothers strolling with their carriages - Debbie with some envy, Jean with some nostalgia. Since virtually anything was possible with their medallion, soon Justin was tricked into becoming little Jessica, and the two older women proudly paraded him around the park. Needless to say, Justin did not approve of the unexpected loss of about 13 years, nor did he approve of the loss of his male equipment. He was irritable and squabbled during the entire outing. As punishment, he got to stay in his 18 month old body for an extra day. Actually the return of Sam is all that stood in the way of an even longer stay.

Sam had to be told. Jean was having too many problems working around his schedule. He was gone a lot, which was great for her little games, but she and the children did miss him. But even when he wasn't traveling, he spent long hours at work, and ignored everyone when he was home. This just had to change. He would have to be involved in the games. But how? The kids would love to have him as a sister. No, that would be too much for the first time. After much thought, she had a plan.

Friday night came, and the kids were sent to bed at the usual time. No one suspected a thing. As Sam got ready for bed, she presented him with the medallion.

"Close your eyes, Sam. " As he did she slipped the medallion over his head and touched one of her bras to it. His eyes flew open as he felt a jolt through his entire body. He lifted the medallion and examined it, not noticing the subtle changes already occurring.

"What's this?" he asked.

"Its something Daniel found. It has some interesting properties, as you'll be noticing."

As Sam looked up he did feel his hair brush his shoulders. And he noticed that Jean seemed a little taller. Then he felt the weight on his chest as his breasts began to enlarge. His body became smooth and hairless, other than...

"Argh! Wha...!" he managed to get out as he watched his balls and penis disappear. He soon found himself with a fully functional vagina and clitoris. The sensations he felt as he touched them scared him. Finally, after half an hour, he was Jean's twin. He stared into her face, even with his for a change.

"We've had this around for a while, Sam," she told him. "I don't know where it came from, but it has the power to transform the wearer into whoever owns the object you touch to it. The kids and I have been having a lot of fun with it while you've been off God knows where. Its time you got into the game. Don't worry," she continued, seeing his panic building. "Its not permanent. We've found that it takes about 12 hours before you can change back, then all you have to do is touch something of yours to it and poof! You're back to normal."

"You've done this to the kids? What did you turn them into? They'll be scarred for life!"

"No, they love it. They've been all sorts of people. Daniel likes to be Debbie, a 16 year old. Daniel and Justin have spent time as Donna, mostly as punishment for fighting with her. Donna's been a 10 year old boy. Justin's been a baby girl, though not by choice. And now its your turn. I thought you'd like to be me for a while, just to see how you like it. And I'll be you."

She took the medallion, put it on and touched Sam's shirt to it. Half an hour later they both stood naked next to the bed. Jean pulled Sam into bed, wrapping her now strong arms around poor Sam. As they kissed, and Jean fondled Sam's breasts, Sam lost his tenseness, and began to enjoy it. It wasn't long before Jean was on top, thrusting into Sam, while he bucked and moaned, and generally got lost in a number of orgasms. They fell asleep still coupled together.


Sam groggily became aware of hands groping his breasts. BREASTS!! Then he remembered, and his heart rate settled down. Apparently he was going to get screwed again before he could get back in his own body. Oh well, it had been enjoyable, he thought. Then he joined in with full enthusiasm. He had three orgasms before Jean finally came. This was great. He was beginning to wonder if he wanted to switch back.

"Well, Sam," said Jean, "You sure seemed to like it as a woman. I'm gonna let you stay this way until tomorrow. Now go get breakfast on while I take a shower."

Jean got up and went into the bathroom. Sam was at a loss. He had a white gooey mess leaking out of him, making him feel a bit dirty. Anyway, he had no clue as to how to cook breakfast. It had been 17 years since he had been a bachelor, and every day of those years Jean had cooked all meals. Shrugging, he followed Jean into the bathroom and tried to clean himself off. Then he washed his hands, splashed some water on his face and went back to get dressed. He put on a plain cotton pair of panties, a plain bra (he'd watched Jean do this often enough to know what to do), and slipped on some shorts and a t-shirt.

Downstairs he was greeted by the kids, who were happily munching away on nutritionless cereal. He did a double take as he noticed that there were three girls around the table instead of the usual two boys and a girl. Jean's doing, he thought, and shrugged. He began looking through cabinets to find a pan. Then he pulled bacon and eggs out of the refrigerator. Struggling, he finally got some slices of bacon separated, and into the pan, which seemed much to cool. The kids stared at him. He turned up the heat and got the bacon cooked, but fumbled around trying to get it out of the pan. His complete incompetence was very much in evidence.

"Is that you, Dad?" asked Justin, slowly and awkwardly. It was plain that their Mom had been at work with the medallion again.

"Yeah." answered Sam, finally getting the bacon onto a paper towel. "Your Mom decided we oughta try this out last night. I agreed to try it until tomorrow. I hope we don't starve to death."

Sam did manage to get some eggs scrambled and none of them died after eating them. Jean had come down in shorts and a t- shirt as well, preparing to do battle with the lawn. Sam correctly deduced that he was detailed to do the grocery shopping. It would be a typical suburbanite Saturday. As Sam went about his chores, he could hear an occasional giggle or snicker from the kids. He was just not very good at being a housewife. By the time Sunday evening rolled around and they switched back, Jean had come to the same conclusion. But she wasn't going to let him off the hook. His lack of help around the house really grated on her, and she was tired of it. She worked too, so why did she get stuck with all the housework. Not any longer. She had a plan.


Part of the plan evolved due to the kids. Jean decided to let Daniel stay as Debbie for the rest of the summer. Debbie would be a cousin visiting. Daniel was off at camp. At the same time, Justin became Jessica, but this time he got to keep his age. Again, a visiting cousin. Donna just stayed Donna, although she'd get a turn later as Don. Donna allowed herself to become a baby sometimes, so they could push her around the park. She found it kind of fun to be pampered and fussed over again. It was on one of those strolls that Jean heard about the baby beauty contest. Tiring of some of the remarks she heard from other mother's she decided her entry would win. The method involved the medallion of course. She'd found a trunk in the attic a few weeks ago. In were some baby clothes and pictures. The baby was just precious. She would win any contest, hands down.

The day before the contest, Jean placed the medallion over Sam's head as he prepared for bed. Oh God, he thought, not again! Some of the experience had been fun, but he was just not cut out for womanhood. Why couldn't Jean understand that? But he wouldn't fight it. He knew she was upset about all his travel, and he wasn't spending enough time with the kids. So he calmly stood there, as she knew he would. She then reached under the bed, and something white flashed by and touched the medallion.

He looked, and it was just a piece of cloth. What was a piece of cloth going to do to him? It wasn't anything of Jean's! She just stood there with a grin on her face. He began to suspect the outcome as his height got steadily shorter.

"What are you doing?" he yelled. "That looks like a diaper."

"Yes, indeed. That's what it is."

"You're turning me into a baby? Why? I thought you just enjoyed swapping with me?"

"Well, yes, that part is fun. But I have some plans, and I need you for them." He soon lost all his body hair. A moment later he watched as his balls shrank to labia. His penis became smaller and smaller, until it formed a clitoris. The sensation was already familiar. But instead of seeing his hips flare he just kept shrinking. He looked over to the full length mirror on the door and saw a 10 year old girl.

"What plans?" Sam asked in a small voice.

"Hang on a moment, and I'll tell you. This is just too fascinating to watch!"

He continued to shrink. He began to panic as he looked and saw a four year old. A few minutes later he no longer had the strength to stand up, and he fell back on his butt. Finally the shrinkage stopped. It could not have gone much further anyway.

"Gaaa gii yeee.... Whaa muuh?" He knew what he'd said, but he also knew he was the only one. Crap, he thought, I can't even talk.

"Yes, dear, I know. You are now Pam, and you're 14 months old, I'd say. I found this stuff in the attic. You'll love this. You're going to win the beautiful baby contest I entered you in. If you don't act like a little angel for the judges, I'll leave you like this. Got it?"

"Blaaag." Sam drooled over himself.

"I'll take that as a yes."

Soon little Sam was diapered and sound asleep in the crib Jean had also found in the attic.


Little Pam took second place in the contest. It certainly wasn't for lack of trying. Jean dressed her in a terminally cute outfit, and she did indeed behave like a little angel. Sam had no intention of getting stuck like this. And he knew Jean was vain and vindictive enough to carry out her threat. And taking home the second place trophy, he was very, very worried. But Jean simply sighed, put Pam in the stroller and walked home.

"Well, Sam," she told the infant when they were settled in the living room, "You did do your best, even I could see that. So I'm going to let you off the hook." Jean went upstairs, returning after a moment with a large bag. She set the infant on the floor and removed the dress and diaper. She reached into the bag and withdrew the medallion, placing it once again over Sam's head. She pulled out another item and touched it to the medallion. To his relief, Sam began growing. But the relief was short-lived. When he stopped growing he could still barely stand up.

"Was dis Jean?" he stammered. He still couldn't talk well. "Why'd I stop?"

"Well, Pam, I thought it would help you to grow up little by little. You seemed so helpless when I let you be me. I'm going to teach you how to do things as we get you older and older. Oh, don't worry, I'll turn you back into Sam in a couple of weeks. Just enjoy the journey."

"Oh, sit. Why you doin dis ta me? I don wanna be a wittle girl."

"You'll get used to it, honey. It'll be fun. And I want you to learn how to help around the house. You seem to think housework is only for girls. Now you're a girl. Maybe some of it will rub off on Sam. Now let me get you dressed before your sisters get home."

"Sisters? I got no sisters."

"Yes you do, honey. Debbie, Jessica, and Donna. You know Donna, and you saw the others the other day. You're not my husband anymore, not like this. Now be quiet and let me get you dressed."

Sam was once again diapered and put in a dress. He toddled about the room under the watchful eye of Jean. She didn't want this 3 year old to get into anything harmful. She seemed a bit stressed out and was wandering around aimlessly. Maybe this wasn't such a great idea, Jean thought. But it was a very fleeting thought, as thoughts go.


Sam stayed at age 3 for two days. Then he got a boost to age five. At least he didn't have to wear diapers now. But the short little dresses he had to wear exposed his panties a lot, which he found highly annoying. Now he was old enough to help Mommy in the kitchen. Jean was very careful, since Sam was still a bit clumsy, but she did manage to teach him a little.

Another two days and Jean shot him up to age seven. This was a better age. He was able to help a bit more, as well as do some other chores. He was also old enough for Donna to coerce him into playing dolls. He was bored to tears. Why would he want to play with dolls. This was a girl's activity, practice, he assumed, for being a mother. In a week or so he'd be a man again. Donna really enjoyed having a younger sister, and took full advantage.

After three long days his next boost was only to 9, still younger than Donna, and still under her control. He was frustrated, and let his temper show. He had no interest in being a prepubescent girl. He looked forward to being older, when he could do some more interesting things with his body. But his temper only showed once, after being threatened with a permanent return to infancy.

The family had been cooped up for a long time now, almost two weeks since the contest outing. Now that Pam was old enough, they piled in the car went out to dinner. They went to a spaghetti place where everyone could have the sauce of their choice. Sam missed being able to have a glass of wine with his, but everyone had a good time. Sam had forgotten how great it was to spend time together as a family, even if everyone of them was now a girl. After dinner they all went to a movie, a nice family oriented one instead of the action movies Daniel and Sam always insisted on. It was a pleasant change for Jean, and even the new girls enjoyed themselves.

It was late when they piled out of the car and scrambled up on the porch to wait for Jean to unlock the door. To their surprise, the door was standing wide open. Jean knew she'd locked it, so she sent the kids back to the car and peeked in. The place had been ransacked. She called the police on her cellular phone, and they arrived within moments. After ensuring the intruders were gone, they did a quick inventory of the house. The TV and stereo were gone, as well as most other small appliances. Jean went into her bedroom and came out screaming. All of her jewelry was gone. Sam went deathly pale. Jean nodded at the silent query. The medallion was gone.

As usual in these cases, nothing was ever recovered. Sam's insurance paid them off, but that didn't help Jean's three new daughters. Through an old friend of Sam's, Jean found out how to forge new identities for them. Debbie adjusted easiest, of course. This is something she wanted anyway, and would have asked for soon enough. Justin, now Jessica, was adapting. She was at a resilient age, and would be OK. Pam was the real problem. Going from a 39 year old man to a nine year old girl had to be hard on the system. She was pretty rough on Jean for a while, and Jean accepted the blame. But she did lay some of it back on Sam, for neglecting them to the point where she felt she needed to do this. But once the kids went back to school, and the household settled into a routine, Jean reasserted herself, teaching her daughters how to get along in the world. She was determined that this time around, Sam was going to be a decent housewife.

The End

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