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Designer's notes: These rules are designed for use with a Space Wolves only force, not a mixed armies of the Imperium force.

Model a Black Templars unit by mixing 1 or 2 scouts with regular Space Marines on a base. Model the Emperor's Champion by placing a lone Space Marine hero on a base. At present I have no idea how to model Storm Shields, if someone can think of something please e-mail me!

Dedicated Assault: Dedicated Assault troops are armed with shields and close combat weapons. Dedicated Assault troops have their firepower reduced to zero, gain +1 assault and gain a Save whilst in assault.

A Land Raider Crusader has the following profile:

Unit Speed Range Firepower Assault Armour Notes
Land Raider Crusader 20cm 30cm 3 2 6+ Anti-personnel, Transport (3)


You must choose a detachment HQ. 

1 Detachment HQ +25 pts

1 Emperor's Champion 30 pts
Consists of 1 Space Marine unit
(Hero,  Rampage, Assault)
0-1 Marshall 25 pts
Consists of 1 Space Marine unit (Hero)
Extra cost to:
Mount in a Rhino* +7 pts
Mount in a Razorback* +15 pts
Mount in a Land Raider* +35 pts
Mount in a Land Raider Crusader* +28 pts
Upgrade to Bike unit (Hero)* Free
(*Choose one upgrade only)


Choose up to 10 squads from the following list.

Terminator squad 19 pts
Consists of 1 Space Marine unit
Extra cost to:
Arm with assault weapons
+2 pts/unit
Mount in Land Raider +35 pts
Black Templars squad 15 pts/unit
Consists of 1 or 2 Space Marine units
Extra cost to:
Arm with assault weapons
+2 pts/unit
Mount in Rhino +7 pts
Black Templars Assault squad 19 pts/unit
Consists of 1 or 2 Space Marine units
(Assault, Jump Packs)
Arm with Storm Shields
(-Assault, +Dedicated Assault)
+2 pts/unit
Black Templars Bike Squadron 10 pts/unit
Consists of 1 to 3 Bike units


Make up to one choice from 10 choices from the following list, but you may not exceed the number of choices made on the main force list.

Attack Bike squadron 10 pts/unit
Consists of 1 to 3 Attack Bikes
Land Speeder squadron 20 pts/unit
Consists of 1 to 3 Land Speeders
Dreadnought 27 pts
Land Raider 35 pts
Land Raider Crusader 28 pts
Razorback 15 pts
Predator 27 pts
Vindicator 22 pts
Whirlwind 26 pts
Notes: A Black Templars force consisting entirely of infantry may be deployed using drop pods. Black Templars may always be deployed in drop pods, regardless of the scenario being played.

Any unit in the detachment may be designated as the Detachment HQ subject to the detachment's chain of command. If the original HQ is eliminated then the highest unit in the chain of command below becomes the new HQ.

Chain of Command: Emperor's Champion > Marshall > Terminators > Any other unit.

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