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Founded by a group of surfers in 2006, Operation Amped is about giving back to those who've been wounded in service of our country.

As surfers, we can't think of any greater expression of what they fought for than the freedom of surfing itself. As thanks, we share our love of the ocean with disabled vets.

Throughout the year, Operation Amped puts on surf events that range in duration from one day to a week. At these events, vets who've been wounded have the chance to get free of the constraints that illness or injury has imposed on them. Many have never set foot on a surfboard. Many have never set foot in the ocean. Some can't even swim. But with the support of this grassroots effort, everyone has fun.

Among our team are number are retired servicemen, former world champion surfers such as Shaun Tomson, and even agents from one of Hollywood's top talent agencies.