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Pharma FORUM: Meet the R&D Directors - These visionaries are responsible for today's research organizations at both large and small pharma and biotechnology companies. These individuals will discuss scientific trends and the challenges confronting the research arena.
"Drug development is a business of making decisions. The development questions always focus on: how we make decisions; how early can we make decisions to maximize the use of resources — people and money; and are we making the right decisions.”

Dr. James Shannon, Head of Pharma Development, Novartis.

Space commitment: May 12, 2006     Material Due: May 19 , 2006

R&D TOPIC: Taking it to the Board — Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) are an important piece of the clinical puzzle. IRBs are the gatekeepers of ethical, regulatory, and policy concerns of human-subject research. Learn what the leaders in this sector of the industry have to say about the impact of HIPAA, patients' rights, and clinical good practices.

Marketing TOPIC: The Internet — Surfing at its Best — Industry experts discuss best practices for developing comprehensive search engine optimization strategies for pharmaceutical brand Websites, which is particularly important as marketing makes the move toward more patient-centric communications.

Therapeutic CATEGORY: Orphan Drugs — Small patient populations, but important clinical and market opportunities. The Office of Orphan Products Development (OOPD) has successfully brought more than 200 drugs and biological products for rare diseases to market since 1983. Experts discuss the challenges and rewards of this sector of the industry.

Industry BIO: Theresa Kane Musser — Theresa Kane Musser is Acting President of the Drug Information Association and Executive Director of Development Operations at Rigel Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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