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Publication Date:April 2006
Space Deadline: February 28, 2006
Thought-piece Editorial Deadline:March 6, 2006
Ad Material Deadline: March 13, 2006

Featured Show Distribution:BIO 2006 Chicago Annual International Convention

Unique Advertising Opportunities
Contributed VIEW - $5,000 net
Four-color spread - your contributed thought piece appears on the left page and a full-page corporate ad appears on right page or, submit a two page thought piece.

Display Advertisement
Full-page, run-of-book - $4,000 net
Cover 2 - $4,500 net Cover 4 - $4,750 net
Cover 3 - $4,250 net
1/2 page 4/C - $2,900 net 1/2 page B&W - $2,150 net
1/3 page 4/C - $2,300 net 1/3 page B&W - $1,550 net

MarketPlace Listing — Value-Added Benefit
AMarketPlace Showcase Listing
is a value-added benefit to all full-page or contributed VIEW advertisers and represents a $750 value.
AMarketPlace Profile Package Listing is a value-added benefit to all fractionalpage VIEW advertisers and represents a $300 value. To purchase either option as a stand-alone package, please contact Jayme Hudson, sales representative, at 215-482-4396 or e-mail

Reach more than 18,000 industry decision makers!
Including the full distribution of PharmaVOICE magazine, which has a circulation of more than 17,000 U.S.-based subscribers in the life-sciences industry. In addition, the VIEW on Biotechnology will be distributed at the 2006 BIO Chicago Annual International Convention and other content-related conferences and events in 2006. Plus, benefit from an enhanced online Company Listing on for more than one year.

For advertising, contact Lisa Banket, Publisher at 609-730-0196, or e-mail; Melissa Drozdoff at 908-638-5730, or e-mail; or Cathy Tracy at 203-778-1463, or e-mail

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