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Arlington Townhomes (ATHA)

Vandergriff Park & Bob Duncan Community Center



The walking and bike trails at Founders Park will take you to Vandergriff Park. The park is named after a long time mayor and prominent local family the Vandergriffs.


There is a large modern community center. At the center there are activities for young and old alike. It is also the place local residents vote during election.  There are large baseball, soccor, and football fields. The park also has horshoe pits and childrens amusements.


Vandergriff Park has a large pool. Lifeguards are on duty to assure safety.

The pool is open to the public. There are diving boards and areas for adults and children.  Water athletic lessons are offered for a small fee.

Arlingtown homes has its own pool for residents but no lifeguard. Many families like to walk the 1/4 trail to this pool as lifeguards are no duty.