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At the Armagh Observatory I met two active irish cavers: Joy McKenny and Duncan Foster. I joined the Belfast Queens University Caving Club for a fresher's weekend caving trip to county Fermanagh and did a lot of caving thereafter. I love doing SRT (means 'single rope technique' and is a convenient way to move vertically along a rope) and developed a passion for vertical dimensions as I picked up scuba diving later on.

On this page I offer a selection of pictures I taken with cheap disposable cameras - merely snapshots serving as a memory, but some results are surprisingly good. Some pictures from a french caving friend who joined on some of the trips are added, too.

The pictures are sorted in the categories:



John Thomas

The latter one is a cave we find ideal for freshers.

A list of caving trips I did:

1998 Feb. - Boho, Marble Arch, Co Fermanagh

1998 March 08 - John Thomas, Co Fermanagh

1998 March 21 - Polltullyard, Co Fermanagh

1998 March 22 - Cascades, Co Fermanagh

1998 April 12 - Upper Poll na gColm / Pollbinn, Co Clare
cleanout during students caving forum.

1998 April 13 - Poll na gColm, Co Clare
we got lost here and needed a rescue

1998 Nov 14 - Coolarkan, Boho, and White Fathers, Co Fermanagh

1998 Nov 15 - John Thomas (again), Co Fermanagh

1998 Dec. 13 - John Thomas (once again), Co Fermanagh

1999 April 3 - Poll na gColm, Co Clare

1999 April 4 - Poll na Grai, Co Clare

1999 Nov 13 - Boho Formation Passage, Co Fermanagh

1999 Nov 14 - Pollnathanree, Co Fermanagh

1999 Nov and Dec - no logs

2000 March 25 - Cascades, Co. Fermanagh

2000 April 8 - Poll na gcaim, Co. Clare

2000 April 21-24 - Student Caving Forum 2000, Co. Fermanagh

2000 June 16-25 Trip to caves in Yorkshire
did not keep a log of caves we did - but I well remember de-rigging a 300 feet pitch...

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