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Last Match: 25/9/99-Home, Premiership Arsenal-1 Watford-0 report up

Next Match: 29/9/99- Away Champs League v. Barcelona

Yes the site looks utter crap right now but im remodeling it...We'll get to our very best and have this mess completed by Thursday (the day after Nou Camp)

Breaking News (Check Latest News page for more)

  • Henry's first sends Gunners second as Arsenal win 1-0 over Soton
  • Injury Update
  • Mendez off on loan again
  • Bogus Kanu rumour
  • Arsenal linked with Croatian starlet


Site News

  • Yah I know I've had updating problems, things are a tad hectic but I expect to have the site up to regular service by October.
  • A new design for the player profiles page is being worked on, until it's finished the profiles will not be available.
  • Two new ideas are being worked on...Player Stats and opposition pages.  History and Player Profiles are also being worked on so remain patient...

Info on our New Players

View the Oleg Luzhny factfile
View the Stefan Malz factfile
View the Silvinho factfile

View the Davor Suker factfile
View the Thierry Henry factfile


Summer Friendlies

Opponent Date Score Scorers
Borehamwood 9/7/99 6-1 Wreh (2), Lincoln (2), Pennant, Barrett
Notts County 17/7/99 2-1 Wreh, Ljungberg
St. Etienne 24/7/99 2-2 Kanu, Ljungberg
AS Monaco 26/7/99 1-1 O.G.


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