Name:              ASHOK KUNDAPUR

Designation:         Professor & Head of the Department of Zoology,

Address:               M G M College, Udupi 576 102, INDIA.

Date of Birth:       5th September, 1944.     

Marital Status :    Married


My wide ranging experience coupled with ever bubbling enthusiasm and excellent health prompt me to  obtain a full time position in Teaching,   where I can continue to learn and contribute  my technical, analytical, interpersonal and creative  abilities and also be able to substantiate and maintain my other creative activities.  

Job Experience: 

Joined as a Lecturer at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College, Udupi, Karnataka, India in June,1972 and  promoted as Professor and Head of Department of   Zoology since 1986. 


Ø   Short term Training in Drosophila Genetics, Mysore University, Mysore (1997)

Ø   Course on Energy (alternate sources Energy, Application, Designing), Indian Institute of  Science,  

      Bangalore (1976)

Ø   Training in Question Bank, Science writing in Kannada (Wrote 2 books in  Kannada.) Mysore      

      University,  Mysore (1976 ).

Ø      Ph.D. in Applied Biology  (Long term studies with  Oral Contraceptives on MICE  

Histopatological,  Histo Chemical, Ultrastructural studies on General and reproductive organs of Mice to see if long term treatment alters the incidence of Cancer. )

Work was carried out at  Institute for Research in Reproduction, of Shet G.S.Medical College, ( University of Bombay ) Bombay      ( 1967 to 1972). 

       Research Guide: Dr. Shantha S. Rao .

       Research papers published on work carried out in listed in page 3 of this CV.         

Ø   Training in Electron Microscopy at Cancer Research Institute, Bombay (1970)

Ø   Training in Reproductive Biology at  All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi (1968)

Ø   Microtechnique, Photography (Micro & Macro) from Institute for Research in Reproduction, Bombay

Ø   Master of Science Degree in Zoology (Embryology) from Central College, Bangalore ( University of  

      Bangalore ) (1966)

Ø   Bachelor of Science Degree in Botany, Zoology, Chemistry from St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore ( 

      University of Mysore )(1964)

 Honorary Positions:

 I have held various honorary positions in my career since the beginning for  various organizations and institutions like:           

Volunteer in NGOs like VITA ( Volunteers in Technical Assistance, USA ), 

Volunteer and Expert on SCI  ( Solar Cooker International, USA ), 

Vice President, DKP Okkuta, Mangalore, ( Local Environmental Group). 1995 – P, 

Co-Conveyer,INTACH ( Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage, a National level NGO)¸ Udupi-Manipal Chapter as the  

Village Consultant (Energy) at  Rural Development Cell of Syndicate Bank ,Manipal , as  a,  Adithya Enterprises, Udupi 

Technical Consultant (Energy) 

Staff Adviser of Wall Magazine, Photographic Club. of  M.G.M. College, Udupi 

Secretary of  MUZTA ( Mangalore University Zoology Teachers Association) for several years 

 Member of  BOARD OF STUDIES of Mangalore University.

 Scholarships and Honours:












Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi.

Research Grant

Improving low cost Solar water heaters of plastic.



University Grants Commission, New Delhi.

Research Grant

Ecology of St. Mary's Islands. 




Syndicate Bank

Prize in National Level Competition

For improved design of bullock cart.




Indian Council of Medical Research , New Delhi.


Research Grant

For Ultra Structural Study on effect of oral contraceptives on Mice








World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva.


Research Grant

For Ultrastructural Study on effect of Oral Contraceptives on Mice.



Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi.

Junior Fellowship

For study leading to Ph.D.,




Government of India

Merit Scholarship for Orthopedically Handicapped*

For study leading to  B.Sc., &  M.Sc..


·        Ectrodactyly: Only four fingers in each palm, ( in the left hand all the phalanges are present but the middle and ring finger are joined,  while in the right hand only proximal phalange of index finger is present, and the proximal phalange of middle finger is fused with the that of ring finger which is complete in all respect ) only two fingers in each foot. Nevertheless, functionally  perfect and  can play Shuttle Badminton, Table Tennis, Cricket, Football and can also handle wide varieties of Teaching Aids, Computers,  Power &  Hand tools with ease.

·        I am a Left hander, with medium build, 159 cm in height, Excellent health.


Technical :  Pertaining to Doctoral Research:

1.        ‘Long term effects of Chloramdinone acetate – Ultra Structural Studies on Uterine epithlia of mouse’ – 

        Ashok Kundapur, Shantha S. Rao, Akhil B. Vaidya, S.M. Sirsat., Ind.  Jor. Exp Biol. 11.292-294,         


2.        ‘Effect of long term administration of Ovulen, on reproductive organs of inbred strain of mice’, 

        Ashok Kundapur, Safia Munshi, Shantha S. Rao, Ind. Jor. Exp. Biol ,  9, 121-123.. 1971 . 

Technical In other field of Interest

1.        Review of Solar Cooker Designs, one and the only BOK on the  on Internet :

                                                 <  >    since 1999

2.        Review of solar Cookers, March. 8(1), 1 – 37, TIDE, Tata Energy Research Institute, New Delhi, 1998.

3.        Solar Cookers – a Review:  Alternate Energy Sources – All India Seminar, MIT, Manipal,  1995.

4.        Low Cost Solar Gadgets of German Farm, Kulturgeshprach, 1981.

5.        ‘Plastic in Solar Industry’: Documentation Notes, Tata Energy Research Institute, 16-21, Feb. 80.

 General:   ( Innumerable  talks and articles on Environment, New Development in Science, Birds, Solar Cookers, Energy conservation, etc. on  Radio and in  local Newspapers , like ‘Waste Water Treatment”, “On reforming   education – ‘VISHWAS”, “ Energy Conservation in Villages”  (in Kannada ). Translation of the legendary Chief Seattle’s  letter )



I have been teaching  Biology for the students of  Pre University Classes ( equivalent to +2 or 11 &12 of other Countries ) and Zoology  for Degree students of  Bachelor of Science classes subjects like, Invertebrates, Vertebrates, Developmental Biology, Cell Biology, Histology,  Genetics, Evolution,       Comparative Physiology and  Environmental Biology for  the past 30 years. 

The standard Text books referred to were Villee, Helena Curtis, Barnes, Parker & Haswell, Kotpal, Dami & Dami, Huettner, Balinskey, De Robertis, Thorpe, Sinnott, Gardner, Stickberger, Tortora,  Hoar, Harper, Ganong, E.P. Odum, Collinvox, Sharma, Lull, Lodish - Baltimore et al.,  

I am also conversant with the use of all Hi-tech teaching methods such as, 35mm slides, Over Head Projector, Multimedia, and have been using all these for past 15years. 


1.       I have research experience of 5 years on Long Term effects of Oral Contraceptives on:

       ·        Variation of incidence of Cancer in  Reproductive Organs of rats and mice.

       ·        Aging in mice analyzing ratio certain soluble components of Collagen (Biochemical )

       ·        Ultra Structural Studies on Uterine Epithelium of mice and

       ·        Testing of Indigenous Contraceptive drugs in Rats.

       Under the able guidance of Late Dr. Shanta S. Rao  at Institute of Research in Reproduction, 

      2.      I have been active in the field of research for the past 15 years ( with my own funds ) on use of Solar Energy and other alternative energy resources and specially on  Solar Cookers, Low cost Solar Water heaters made of plastic.  I have dedicated a  web site on Solar Cooker, which incidentally is the only Body of Knowledge ( BOK )  on  Solar cookers of the World.  


3.      I worked for a  short term on a  project  Ecology of St.Mary’s Island off the coast of Malpe.


I have  designing experience for past 15 years on diverse objects ranging from Bullock Carts, Solar Cookers, Solar Water Heaters(plastic and metal), 3-D Viewers & Ladders. I have many more on the anvil.

 Computer Experience:

I have been gaining  experience for past 10 years in - Aldus & Adobe Page Maker, Photoshop,  MS Office , MS  Word and also in Web Designing and HTML.( My web site was designed, created and launched and being maintained  by me ). 

Special Skills: 

I have mastered skills like Microtechnique, General & Electron Microscopy, Photography (Macro and Micro), bit of Videography, & Sound Recording, creation of Multimedia Projects.  

Social Work & Heritage Management:

I have been working for past several years in ,INTACH and Parisaraskatara Okkuta, Creating Heritage and Environmental awareness, Tree Planting, Water Management, Organic Farming and sustainable development at Gross and Grass root levels. 


·          Prof. Sam Daniel,  Principal, MGM College, Udupi 576 102 , ( Now Principal of Silas                      

            International School) , 

           Ph: +91-8252-582607( O )   +91-8252-525893 ( R ) Email:

·         Prof. P.K. Rajagopal, Head, Department of Botany, MGM College, Udupi 576 102.

           ( Phone: +91-825-571759 )  ( My colleague at MGM, Udupi )  

·         Dr. Gopla Marathe, Institute of Human Genetics & Molecular Biol,  Build #533, Room # 4140,  15, 

           North, 2030, East,  University of Utah,  Salt Lake City, UT  84112  USA            

           Phone:    801-585-0715  (O)      801-485-8982  (R)  

   ( Dr Gopal was my student during '80 )                                          

·        Dr. K.P. Gunaga,  Assistant Professor, A 203, Clinical Center,  Michigan State University,                     East Lansing,  MI- 48823   USA.  

          Phone:  517-353-4914

          e-mail: (My colleague at IRR, Mumbai )


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