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The Aquarius personality

Aquarians are amongst the most inventive and creative people of all. Their powers of intuition are strong, and they have a deep concern for the problems of the world. Many geniuses were born with the Sun in this sign.

At the same time, they are not very practical. They tend to dream a lot, but often lack the determination to carry their dreams out. Sometimes they can be quite eccentric. They are at their best when working with someone who is a little less adventurous than they are, but who is practical enough to get things going.

While they may seem a little aloof at times, they are not cold people. However, they are undoubtedly quite reserved, especially when they first meet someone.

Advice to Aquarians for attracting the right person.

You are likely to be very attractive to the opposite sex. However, you are also fickle, and your unpredictability can cause problems. Try to make your mind up before you make your move.

Unfortunately, you have a tendency to be taken in by the wrong people. Be particularly careful of partners who seem worthwhile on the surface, but who lack depth. Intellectual compatibility is very important for you; but other areas should be taken into account as well. Don't fall for someone who is not on the right emotional level, just because you are impressed by their intellect.



Aries people will find Aquarians very stimulating, although they may be a little worried by their lack of reliability. This relationship should work well on the physical level, so long as both partners remain faithful. The Arian partner may be a little too physical for the Aquarian, however.


Aquarius can be a little too much for Taurus! At first, Taurus will be excited by Aquarius's erratic approach to everything. Aquarius, on the other hand, will appreciate the stability which Taurus brings to his life. Once the novelty has worn off, however, there could be rows as the two try to decide on their priorities.


With stimulating conversation, and plenty of interesting things to talk about, this couple will be good company for each other. The only danger is that they may become friends, rather than lovers. Both partners must try hard to inject some passion into the relationship.


At first, the Cancerian is attracted to the Aquarian's idiosyncratic personality, while the Aquarian, in turn, is seduced by the Cancerian's sensuality and sensitivity. However, the Cancerian may be a little too sensitive, and his mood swings could annoy the Aquarian. This relationship will work if these difficulties are overcome.


Leo will find the Aquarian a stimulating partner, with an excellent sense of humour, and an original approach to life. This combination will work, provided both sides are able to avoid a power-struggle. Both partners must try hard to understand the other's point of view, and to settle any differences peacefully.


There can often be a strong attraction when this couple meets. However, Aquarians are sometimes a little too unconventional for Virgoans, and this may cause problems. Both sides will have to work on their differences, and the Virgo partner may have to put up with less stability than he might like.


This combination can work, although there could be problems if the Aquarian partner tries too hard to "go his own way". Provided there is a certain amount of flexibility, however, the Libran will try very hard to smooth over any disagreements that may arise.


A Scorpio/Aquarius relationship has some strengths: the Scorpion is often intrigued by the Aquarian's intellect, while the Aquarian may be drawn in by Scorpio's emotional intensity. However, Aquarius may be too detached for this to work. The combination can be a success, provided the pair have enough other astrological factors in common.


This combination will work, provided both partners have the same degree of commitment. Problems will arise if the Sagittarian's need for freedom is too great. Despite his flighty nature, the Sagittarian is warm-hearted, and may feel that the Aquarian is a little too distant at times. A great deal will depend upon other astrological factors in these people's charts.


Whether this relationship works well or not depends a lot on the extent to which the Aquarian partner can provide enough emotional stability for the Capricornian. A less-conservative Capricorn person may enjoy the Aquarian's idiosyncratic approach to life, however. If the balance is right, this combination can be as durable as any.


This combination will either work very well, or not at all. The couple will have a lot in common, and should get on well on an intellectual level. Whether the emotional side of their relationship is also good depends to some extent on whether they both have the same level of commitment. Both sides will need their freedom.


The Aquarian is likely to be intrigued by Pisces' emotional depth and sensitivity. The Piscean may need a less detached relationship than Aquarius can offer, however, and this could cause problems. Nevertheless, Pisceans are very good at empathising with their partners, and should at least be able to see things from the Aquarian's point of view.


How do you attract a Aquarius woman?

The Aquarian woman is not easily won. Indeed, at first, she may seem quite cold and aloof. She is affectionate, but needs to be gently wooed.

When you have broken down her reserve, however, you will find her as warm as anyone.

She will want an equal partnership with her husband. She is not that interested in housework, and will expect the work to be shared. She is very tolerant, however, and is unlikely to complain, as long as you pull your weight.

It is vital to be completely honest with her. She doesn't like to feel that anything is being kept secret, and she is unimpressed by social affectations. While social status is not particularly important to her, she will be very unimpressed by a partner who is not ambitious.

How do you attract a Aquarius man?

Aquarian men may need a little encouragement: they have a lot of ideas, but don't always put their ideas into action. In romance, they may be quite passive at times, and will expect their partner to take the lead.

They like to maintain an air of mystery. Indeed, they do have a surprising amount of depth which it may be difficult to unravel. They have a vivid imagination, and will often see much more in a situation than other people.

They are unconventional people. They are always trying to test out new situations and ideas. Although they can be quite flirtatious, they are not usually unfaithful.

How good are Aquarius at making money?

The main barrier to an Aquarian becoming rich is his lack of practicality. Aquarians are very inventive, and will be very successful in any area where this ability can be used. But generally they need someone else with enough push and practical skills to actually get things off the ground.

They tend to move around a lot, and will often flit from one idea to the next. However, if they can manage to stick to an idea for long enough, they have a good chance of making money.

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