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The Aries personality

Aries individuals are individual, self-motivated people. Ruled by the planet Mars, they have a great deal of courage, and their ability to push through against all odds means that they can often become very successful in life.

They are often pioneers. They do not care too much whether or not other people approve: indeed, they are usually happy, so long as nobody tries to interfere in their life. Although they often lack persistence, they make up for this with the strength of their energy.

Unfortunately, this energy can sometime spill over into aggression. They may become reckless and argumentative, and be so determined to get their own way that they find it difficult take other people's views into account. However, while they are quick to show their anger, they soon calm down, and do not usually bear a grudge.

Provided these traits are overcome, Aries people can achieve a great deal. Once they have sorted out their goals in life, they will progress extremely quickly, and will soon be in a position of responsibility.

They do not take criticism easily, and will often become moody if they feel that other people do not agree with the things that they say or do. However, they respond well to kindness.

It is particularly important for them to take things a little more slowly. They should also try to take criticism without getting angry, so that they may learn from the experiences of others.

Advice for Aries people for attracting the right person.

In order to be more attractive to members of the opposite sex, you need to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. You also need to understand the types of people that are most compatible with you, and accept that relationships with other types may be more challenging.

First and foremost, you must think a little more about others. You enjoy expressing your views, but you should also try to listen to what other people have to say. You dislike criticism, and find it difficult to accept other people's points of view if they are different from your own. You should try to avoid partners who are very forthright themselves, as this could lead to arguments.

On the other hand, you are very loyal when you have found a suitable partner. You will do your best to avoid arguments, and will become depressed if you find that you don't get on together. You are inclined to become jealous when your partner spends too much time with members of the opposite sex, but you are likely to be faithful yourself.

You can be quite harsh in your judgement of other people. Try to be a little more understanding: many of the people that you reject might be more suitable than you think, if only you gave them time.

You love praise. Don't allow yourself to be manipulated by someone who tells you what you want to hear. You should use the same degree of scepticism in believing praise as you to in believing criticism.

However, provided you can overcome these faults, you stand a good chance of finding what you want. You have a great deal of energy, and once you have found the right person you will pursue them with determination and stamina. Many people will be impressed by your dominating approach: they will be attracted to a person who they feel has a lot of purpose and direction in life.



This can be quite difficult. Both partners will want to be in control, and there could be a power-struggle. At least the relationship will not be boring! This relationship will succeed if both partners are able to swallow their pride and give in a little.


Aries people may be a little frustrated by a Taurean partner's lack of dynamism. Provided he can inject enough energy into the relationship, however, it should get off the ground. Taurus will appreciate the security which Aries provides, and will enjoy his financial success.


Gemini can provide a good balance for Aries. The Geminian partner will calm Aries' fire, but in so doing will help him to keep his feet on the ground. Aries should enjoy Gemini's intelligent conversation, although he may feel a little insecure from time to time.


Cancer is a little too sensitive for Aries. Aries is too unsubtle, and is liable to say the wrong thing. The Cancer individual will respond well at first, but could easily "clam up" after being hurt. Aries may also find Cancer's emotional ups and downs difficult to cope with. Good communication is essential for this couple.


So long as this relationship does not lead to a power-struggle, all will go well: it may be necessary for each partner to pander to the other's ego occasionally to keep the peace. Both partners will take the physical side of the relationship seriously, and this is likely to be very rewarding.


Aries is sometimes put off by Virgo's fault finding, while Virgo can find Aries a little too brash. Physical attraction is very high, though, and there is often a strong attraction between these two. Provided that this couple can sort out their difficulties, the partnership stands a good chance of succeeding.


The Aries individual finds Libra a little too indecisive, and will probably want to take the initiative to ensure that things actually get done: this may cause a certain amount of friction. Provided Libra doesn't object to this bossiness, however this is a good match.


This will usually be an extremely powerful combination. Strong passions on both sides will make or break it. So long as both partners know when to give in, however, the energy can be used constructively.


This combination works well, provided the Aries partner can adjust to the Sagittarian's easy-going attitude to life. At times, this couple may seem to be more like a couple of friends than a pair of lovers. However, provided Sagittarius feels sufficiently committed to the relationship, the prospects are good.


The success of this relationship depends on the extent to which the Capricorn partner is able to allow the Aries person to have his or her way. So long as the Arian feels in control, there should not be too much friction. However, Capricorn can be very stubborn at times, and there will be occasions when one or both of them will have to back down.


Aries people will find Aquarians very stimulating, although they may be a little worried by their lack of reliability. This relationship should work well on the physical level, so long as both partners remain faithful. The Arian partner may be a little too physical for the Aquarian, however.


The Aries partner is likely to completely dominate the relationship: this may suit both partners. The Aries person is especially attracted to the Piscean's sensitivity, since this is a side to his own personality that he finds it difficult to express. However, he will have to try to be more sensitive himself, if he wants to stay close to Pisces.

How do you attract an Aries woman?

The Aries woman is a self-motivated person who does not like to be bossed about. She will have a good selection of intellectual friends, and will be impressed if you can introduce her to intelligent, cultured people like herself.

She will not want you to monopolise her life, and will resent it if you seem to be taking her away from her own friends. At the same time, she may not want to give you the same freedom, and may like the feeling that you are emotionally dependent upon her.

She will be particularly attracted to men who are cultured, well-mannered and highly educated, and will enjoy intelligent conversation. You should try to appeal to her affections through reason. It is important that you are always punctual (even if she is not), and that you dress carefully. Avoid rough behaviour.

If you have intellectual or cultural interests in common, this will be a big plus. She will enjoy getting involved in your business or professional activities, and may be able to offer some helpful suggestions.

She will often be quite athletic, and will enjoy sports. It might be diplomatic to let her win occasionally.

Like all Aries individuals, the Aries woman hates criticism. Never criticise her in public, and be very careful about doing so in private. She will respond extremely well to flattery.

How do you attract an Aries man?

The Aries man likes to feel that he is in charge. He will usually have a lot of women around him, with whom you may have to compete. However, he is generally very loyal once he has been hooked.

He is unlikely to be impressed simply by your physical appearance: it is important that you offer him plenty of intellectual stimulation as well. He will be particularly impressed if you have cultural interests which you can share with him.

He may need some encouragement in making the first moves; but it is very important for him to feel in control. He can be lead fairly easily - provided the approach is not too obvious. It is not a good idea to show too much enthusiasm in the early stages.

A good dose of flattery is important, and he will respond well to this. By the same token, he does not take any kind of criticism well.

He likes an honest approach, and while he will be impressed by a person who is cultured and sophisticated, he will immediately see through any pretence.

How good is Aries at making money?

Aries people have the drive to make a lot of money, but can also waste their opportunities through recklessness.

They are often more ostentatious than their budget will allow, and waste money that they cannot afford to lose. An impatience for riches can often lead them into schemes that are unsound or fraudulent.

Those Aries people who are successful are usually the ones who have managed to control their rashness and who have the patience to take their time doing things properly.

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