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The Cancer personality

A pleasant, peaceful home environment is very important to Cancerians: they are shy, sensitive people, who are easily hurt by criticism. They are upset by arguments: however, when they are pushed hard enough they can become aggressive.

They are usually extremely fond of members of the opposite sex. They are flirtatious, and attract a lot of partners. However, they are a little too idealistic: their partners inevitably don't always meet up to their high standards, and as a consequence, they often become disappointed.

They are usually very creative, and at some stage in their life will enjoy painting or writing. They may even make a career from this; however, they are also likely to be successful in other areas of business.

Advice to Cancerians for attracting the right person.

As a Cancerian, romance is particularly important to you. You are unlikely to be happy unless you are in a successful relationship.

This strong desire, coupled with your charming personality, will ensure that you do eventually find someone who is suitable for you. However, there will be a number of disappointments along the way.

You have a slightly unrealistic image of your ideal partner, which may differ substantially from the people that you come into contact with. You should try to "come down to earth" a little, or else you will be continually frustrated because the people that you meet fail to come up to your ultra-high standards.

One aspect of this lack of realism is that you may fall for someone who is not available. Be particularly careful of people who are married. You may manage to convince yourself that they will leave their partners for you; but this is unlikely to happen in practice.

You may also find that you are a little over-sensitive, especially when you are disappointed in love. You will need to put up with more rough-and-tumble.

Finally, don't forget that you can be very attractive to members of the opposite sex. You are a keen flirt, and may lead people on, perhaps without realising it. Be careful not to get involved in situations which are difficult to get out of.



Cancer is a little too sensitive for Aries. Aries is too unsubtle, and is liable to say the wrong thing. The Cancer individual will respond well at first, but could easily "clam up" after being hurt. Aries may also find Cancer's emotional ups and downs difficult to cope with. Good communication is essential for this couple.


This can be a very good combination. Both partners need security, and will provide stability and support to each other in return. At the same time, there will be a good balance between them: Cancer's occasional moodiness will be offset by Taurus' consistent and reliable approach to life. The physical side of this relationship should also be very successful.


This is very much a meeting of opposites. Gemini might find it difficult to fathom Cancer's moods - and Cancer may find Gemini a little cold at times. However, if each partner can come half-way towards understanding the other, the combination can work well.


This will be a very stable relationship - sometimes, a little too stable! Both partners understand each other well, and will respond very quickly to each other's moods. Cancerians are very family-oriented people, and a successful family life will contribute strongly to the strength of their relationship.


This can be a very well-balanced and successful relationship. Cancer will appreciate Leo's warmth, while Leo will enjoy strong emotional support from Cancer. It is important that Leo is not too bossy, however, as this could make Cancer retreat into his or her "shell". Cancer must try to find a way to express his feelings in a way which Leo will understand.


Virgo and Cancer complement each other well. Virgo gives Cancer the practical support he or she needs, while Cancer can help Virgo to get closer in touch with his feelings. Communication can sometimes be a problem, however, and it is important that both sides feel able to air any grievances before they become serious.


Cancer will appreciate Libra's considerate nature, and will be touched by the little ways in which Libra shows his love. However, at times the emotional rapport between them may not be quite as deep as it seems. This will improve immensely if Libra tries not to be too analytical.


A Scorpio/Cancer relationship can be a very good combination: it will certainly always be an extremely passionate one. The main barrier to overcome is the reluctance of both sides to open up emotionally. If this problem is not overcome, there could be fireworks. Otherwise, the prospects are excellent.


This relationship can work, but it may require a little more determination than some other combinations. The Sagittarian is a little too flighty for the Cancer, who could become very insecure. The Cancerian, on the other hand, may respond to this by becoming even more clingy.


Both partners need security, but in slightly different ways. The Cancerian may find that Capricorn is a little too reserved in his approach, and finds spontaneous affection difficult to cope with. Both partners will want similar things from the relationship, however, and this can work, provided they are able to accept the other person's viewpoint.


At first, the Cancerian is attracted to the Aquarian's idiosyncratic personality, while the Aquarian, in turn, is seduced by the Cancerian's sensuality and sensitivity. However, the Cancerian may be a little too sensitive, and his mood swings could annoy the Aquarian. This relationship will work if these difficulties are overcome.


Each partner will appreciate the other's kindness and sensitivity: on an emotional level, this relationship should be very successful. Neither partner is very practical, however, and they may have a few problems with day-to-day issues which have not been properly addressed.

How do you attract a Cancer woman?

Cancerian women are very romantic and sentimental. They need affection, and respond well to compliments, provided they feel that they are genuine. However, they will soon see through flattery.

They can be a little moody at times. They are very sensitive, and are easily hurt by criticism. It is important not to criticise them in public or in front of their friends.

Cancerians are generally quite status-conscious. A Cancerian woman will be impressed by a partner who is financially successful, or who she believes could become successful in the future. She can be quite extravagant, and this could be a problem for a partner with limited means.

Finally, because of their love of children and family life, Cancerian women are likely to be looking for a man n do very well financially.

He is impressed by someone who is intelligent and who is capable of interesting conversation. However, he is easily put off by conversation which is disagreeable: he shies away from arguments. It is important not to criticise him except in the most subtle way.

While good looks are important to him, they are not of paramount importance. He is not usually impressed by fancy clothes or make-up.

Compliments will work, but only if they are accepted as being genuine. He is fairly modest himself, and may be embarrassed by flattery that seems over the top. The Cancerian man is quite conservative.

How good are Cancerians at making money?

Although Cancerians are often very good at business, they are too conservative for their own good, and will often miss important opportunities because they are not prepared to take the risk.

Having said that, they are very good at coming up with ideas. They are often successful in areas such as writing and painting, where creativity is important. In business they may be better if they have partners who work with them to actually bring their ideas to the market.

Because of their conservative approach to making money, they are unlikely to be very successful early in life. However, they are also unlikely to be driven to bankruptcy. They are often very successful by middle-age.

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