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The Capricorn personality

Capricorns are conservative, well-ordered people. They have a few good friends, but generally do not lead a wild social life. Indeed, they may even be lonely at times. They are dependable and honest, however, and their friends are very loyal to them.

While their ability to work hard means that they are unlikely to be poor, they are not usually willing to push themselves forward as aggressively as other people. Because of this, they are often not as successful as they could be. They are loathe to make snap decisions, but will stick to their guns once they have decided what to do.

Their lives can sometimes be a little harder than necessary. They are unlikely to look for easy answers or quick breaks, believing instead that "slow and steady wins the race". They are intelligent people, but are sometimes held back by their conservatism. They are ruled by Saturn, and this association can lead to a succession of minor problems and illnesses that may hold them back.

Advice to Capricorns for attracting the right person.

Capricornian people take their time with relationships, as with everything else. You will need to know a person for quite a while before you become intimate. Because of this, you are unlikely to meet a potential partner through some chance encounter, but rather through work or an introduction by a friend. If you managed to be a little more adventurous, this would certainly improve your chances of meeting someone suitable.

You need someone who is sophisticated and intelligent. Try to be a little less aloof, if possible: the kind of people that you are attracted to might prefer it if you were slightly more dynamic yourself.

Be particularly careful not to fall for someone who is already married, or otherwise unavailable. You are likely have disappointments in love at least once in your life, and it would be well to avoid difficulties if at all possible.



The success of this relationship depends on the extent to which the Capricorn partner is able to allow the Aries person to have his or her way. So long as Arian feels in control, there should not be too much friction. However, Capricorn can be very stubborn at times, and there will be occasions when one or both of them will have to back down.


This is a good combination which usually works well. Both partners are able to provide the stability and support needed by the other, and are likely to have a similar outlook on life. Although to outsiders their relationship may seem a little staid at times, they are unlikely to tire of each other's company.


Capricorn can provide the stability and practicality which Gemini needs. Gemini, on the other hand, can give Capricorn some much-needed encouragement and inspiration. Capricorn may need to "loosen up" a little, however, and try to become a little less serious. Provided Gemini is prepared to take the lead at times, both partners will benefit from the relationship.


Both partners need security, but in slightly different ways. The Cancerian may find that Capricorn is a little too reserved in his approach, and finds spontaneous affection difficult to cope with. Both partners will want similar things from the relationship, however, and this can work, provided they are able to accept the other person's viewpoint.


This is a combination that needs an input of effort. Both partners will want to get their own way: each may seem selfish to the other. However, if there is a sufficient amount goodwill between them, and a willingness to be flexible for the sake of the relationship, this combination can work, despite the difficulties.


This is a relationship which works well in the longer term, even though there may be considerable ups and downs. Both sides are fairly conservative, and are unlikely to rush into things until they are sure that they are doing the right thing. If they can find something to inject some spice into the relationship from time to time, they have a very good chance of staying together.


This is a relationship that either works extremely well, or not at all. Generally, the balance is good, since Capricorn can provide some much-needed firmness to Libra (who would otherwise be forever making up his mind). So long as the Libran does not mind this discipline, the relationship stands a good chance of success.


The balance in this combination can provide a surprisingly stable and fruitful relationship. The Scorpio partner may find the Capricornian a little too emotionally detached, while the Capricornian, for his part, may find Scorpio too intense. But provided each can appreciate the other's strengths and limitations, this should not matter.


If this works - and it certainly can - it will be an attraction of opposites. The Capricorn partner will be much more down-to-earth and negative than the Sagittarian: this will give some much-needed stability to the Sagittarian, while, at the same time, giving the Capricornian partner some inspiration. The physical aspect to this relationship is usually excellent.


This is one of the best same-sign combinations. Each partner will be completely loyal to the other, and will work hard to make the relationship work. A slight lack of variety will be more than made up for by the determination which both sides have to make it work. There is a good chance of financial and social success as well, however, since this will be a priority for both partners.


Whether this relationship works well or not depends a lot on the extent to which the Aquarian partner can provide enough emotional stability for the Capricornian. A less-conservative Capricorn person may enjoy the Aquarian's idiosyncratic approach to life. If the balance is right, this combination can be as durable as any.


The balance between these two can provide a firm foundation for both their lives. The Capricornian partner will underpin the Piscean's emotional depth, and provide some much-needed stability. Pisces, on the other hand, will help Capricorn to open up emotionally and show his feelings. So long as each partner is able to appreciate the strengths of the other, they should both be very happy together.

How do you attract a Capricorn woman?

The Capricornian woman is difficult to understand. She is very conservative, and it could take quite a while before you have her complete trust. It is particularly important not to rush her.

However, once she has decided that you are the person for her, she will stick to her decision, and will be completely loyal. By the same token, if she decides against you, there is very little that you can do: you will just have to look elsewhere.

She is a very determined person, and needs a substantial amount of independence. She is unlikely to start many arguments, but will be stubborn if you try to push her too far. She needs a lot of space, even when she is married.

Her attitudes towards marriage are usually quite conservative. While she may not show her affection quite as openly as other signs, she will remain faithful.

How do you attract a Capricorn man?

Capricorn men are fairly conservative. Be careful not to push things too far in your first meetings: try to develop an air of mystery! If you appear hard-to-get, he will take this as a challenge, and pursue you still further.

Don't try to make him enjoy an active social life if her prefers not to. He is likely to have a few close friends, and may just prefer to spend time with them. He will not want a huge number of acquaintances.

Above all, Capricornians need space. They are independent people, and do not appreciate too much interference in their lives. Don't be surprised if he doesn't want to share all his secrets with you.

If you need to influence him, try to appeal to practical, logical arguments. He will not be impressed with an emotional argument which is not backed up by facts and reasoning. Some Capricornians are a little hostile to views which they consider unconventional.

Generally, he is very easy-going. When he wants to dig his heels in, however, he can be incredibly stubborn, and there is little point attempting to change his mind when he gets to this point.

Don't be too worried if he is reticent about showing his affection for you. Although he may appear a little aloof at times, he is unlikely to stray.

How good are Capricorns at making money?

Capricorn people are shrewd at business, but often do less well than they should because of their unwillingness to push themselves forward. They prefer to be judged on their results; and as a consequence, they are often passed over in favour of people who are less talented than themselves.

Capricornians are by nature quite conservative. They are not the sort of people who are attracted to wild speculative schemes. Indeed, they may pass up many worthwhile opportunities because they seem too risky.

They are unlikely to make a lot of money when they are very young, but are often quite successful as they mature: it may take them a while to choose their vocation in life. Once they have chosen this, however, they will stick to it and will not allow themselves to be side-tracked.

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