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The Leo personality

Leo people are much more fortunate than most. They are usually very ambitious, and their energy and their ability to make friends in the right places often enable them to become successful quite early on in life. Many become entertainers, but because of their leadership qualities, they can also be very good in business, especially in management.

They are usually very warm-hearted, and have a deep need for a strong emotional attachment. Unfortunately, however, they can quite easily jump into the wrong relationship. They often have more than one marriage.

They are very generous - sometimes a little too generous. They can sometimes be a little over-optimistic, even gullible: they should try to be a little more careful with money. It is particularly important for them to learn more from their mistakes.

Leo people have a great deal of courage, however, and can usually cope with whatever is thrown at them. They are high-spirited and optimistic most of the time: indeed, they are an inspiration to other signs.

Advice for Leo people for attracting the right person.

As a Leo, you have very strong emotions, which you must learn to keep under control. It is important that you choose a partner who is likely to take your relationship as seriously as you take it yourself. At the same time, you should be prepared to take things a little more easily if possible: it is quite likely that you will end up in relationships that don't work, and you must be able to finish them without feeling that this is the "end of the world".

You may be surprised how much you can dominate a relationship. You might be better choosing a partner who is prepared to be passive and accommodating, rather than one who constantly wants to hog the limelight. Even then, you should do your best to let them have more of a say in things.

With a new partner, try to be a little less quick to judge and find fault. You are likely to reject many very good people, just because you cannot wait long enough to find out their good qualities.

Finally, you may be better with a partner who does not get too jealous. You are likely to attract a large number of admirers. You will be faithful to the right person, but you may make a less confident partner feel left out at times.




So long as this relationship does not lead to a power-struggle, all will go well: it may be necessary for each partner to pander to the other's ego occasionally to keep the peace. Both partners will take the physical side of the relationship seriously, and this is likely to be very rewarding.


There is usually a strong attraction between these two. Problems will come if Leo tries too hard to get his or her own way: he will need to think twice before he tries to pitch himself against Taurus' stubbornness. Leo is usually very warm and affectionate, however, and like Taurus, enjoys the good things in life.


This couple will enjoy an excellent social life, and will get on well together. It is important for Gemini to flatter Leo as much as possible: this is the quickest way to Leo's heart. This will also allay Leo's insecurities about Gemini, who may appear at times to have a "roving eye".


This can be a very well-balanced and successful relationship. Cancer will appreciate Leo's warmth, while Leo will enjoy strong emotional support from Cancer. It is important that Leo is not too bossy, however, as this could make Cancer retreat into his or her "shell". Cancer must try to find a way to express his feelings in a way which Leo will understand.


This is often a surprisingly successful combination. Obviously, both partners will try hard to hog the limelight, and there could be frequent clashes and petty disagreements. However, they will also understand each other well. The physical aspect of their relationship will be very good, and this could well make up for any other problems they may have.


There are important differences between these two, which must be dealt with if the couple are to have a chance of a successful relationship. Virgo can provide a good partner for the Leo, by looking after the details which he tends to ignore. The Leo may feel held back at times, however. He will also have to be more patient if he wants to win over the Virgoan's heart: a Virgo does not do anything without a great deal of thought.


This can be a good match. The Libran is able to cope with Leo's occasional tantrums, and will bolster his ego whenever necessary. The Leo, on the other hand, should help to add a dash of spice to Libra's life - Librans can be a little too well-balanced at times. The physical side to their relationship should be particularly good.


This can be a very powerful combination; but there are important differences between the two partners. The Scorpion is much more subtle and mysterious than the Leo. He may find the latter a little too extrovert, while Leo may find the Scorpion difficult to understand and moody. This will either work extremely well, or not at all.


In some ways, these two are very similar. They are both very extrovert, and will have a great deal of fun together. The Leo partner may find the Sagittarian a little unreliable, however: he will be very committed himself, and will want to feel that his opposite number feels the same way.


This is a combination that needs an input of effort. Both partners will want to get their own way: each may seem selfish to the other. However, if there is a sufficient amount of goodwill between them, and a willingness to be flexible for the sake of the relationship, this combination can work, despite the difficulties.


Leo will find the Aquarian a stimulating partner, with an excellent sense of humour, and an original approach to life. This combination will work, provided both sides are able to avoid a power-struggle. Both partners must try hard to understand the other's point of view, and to settle any differences peacefully.


Although this is a combination of opposites, it can work surprisingly well. Leo will help to boost Pisces' confidence, and perhaps make him a little more practical. The Piscean, on the other hand, will open Leo up to the more sensitive side of his nature. Both partners must ensure that the relationship does not become imbalanced, however.

How do you attract a Leo woman?

The best way to a Leo woman's heart is through her ego. She is unlikely to be lacking in confidence; but even so, she will greatly appreciate being given your full attention. Flatter her, but be careful not to say anything insincere, as she will see straight through that.

She is very sentimental, and will appreciate the occasional gift. Be careful to remember any anniversaries or other special days. Remember that it is "the thought that counts" for her. Give her something romantic, even if it is not very practical.

You will have to accept that the Leo woman is bossy. Don't try to change her ways, and don't tell her what to do. Let her be in charge of all domestic matters. Don't nag her or start an argument. While she may not value your advice, she will give plenty of advice of her own. At times, she may seem selfish, but this is not the case at all. Indeed, she will often be generous to a fault.

When she has children she will be a very good mother, but will want to do things in her own way. She is good at managing money, and will not want any interference in this part of her life, either.

Finally, while she may flirt from time to time, she is likely to be completely loyal. If times are bad, she will stick with you in a way that other people might not. Make sure that you return this loyalty.

How do you attract a Leo man?

The Leo man is full of confidence. To succeed with him, you must let him feel that he is the boss. Don't be too forward: instead, let him pursue you. Flatter him, not by telling him things that he would like to hear, but simply by paying him as much attention as possible. Be open and generous with your shows of affection, and let him be the centre of attention.

At times, you may have to accept double standards with a Leo man. He will not accept criticism from you, but will feel quite free to make sarcastic remarks about you. Try not to be hurt. At times, he can be a hard man to please.

However, if you can accept these faults, you will have a partner who is as loving and generous as anybody you are likely to meet. Once he has opened his heart to you, he will be completely loyal and surprisingly accommodating. He is a very optimistic, cheerful person, and this positivity will bring a ray of sunshine into your life.

How good is Leo at making money?

Leos are very good at making money - but also very good at losing it. They are very lucky, and often manage to find the right people to help them to the top.

There are two areas in which they particularly excel. On the one hand, they are very good at show business. They love being in the lime-light, and have the confidence that other signs usually lack. The other area which appeals to them is management. Their leadership qualities enable them to stand out and command respect.

Leos who are successful often make it surprisingly early in life. They may be a little reckless at times, however, especially when they are young. They can be a little gullible, and may lose the money they have earned by having too much confidence in the wrong people. However, they are not extravagant, and in most cases will manage to hold on to their capital.


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