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The Libra personality

Librans are kind, generous people who appreciate beauty and harmony above all else. They love a beautiful environment, and shy away from the rougher side to life. While they dislike conflict, their need for perfection can sometimes make them a little over-critical of the people around them. They are worriers, and can sometimes be a little irritating because of this.

While they are not particularly attracted to fame and success, they are very keen on having the good things in life. They enjoy expensive living and fancy clothes, and are especially interested in art. Although they are very creative themselves, they are also good at areas of business which are related to art.

Librans are experts at weighing up the different sides to an argument. They make good mediators, and can usually be counted upon to see that there is fair play. They are unwilling to make snap decisions on the spur of the moment, preferring instead to mull things over until they are sure. Because of this careful approach, it is not often that they end up making the wrong decision.

Advice to Librans for attracting the right person.

As a Libran, physical appearance is very important to you. You are likely to be attracted to someone with money, and would probably prefer an artistic person to someone in business.

The danger with this is that you may end up with someone who is impractical and idealistic, like yourself. This should not be a problem; but, being an idealist, you may nevertheless end up dissatisfied with your choice. Try to be swayed less by the appearance of your potential partner, and more by their other qualities.

It is extremely important to be honest in this area. In order to avoid arguments, you may gloss over potential problems in your relationship. Make sure that you are not being taken in by the illusion of a successful relationship.

By the same token, you must try not to hide the negative parts of your own personality. Nobody is perfect; however, you are better than most at seeming perfect on the surface. It would be better to be honest about your defects before you have committed yourself.



The Aries individual finds Libra a little too indecisive, and will probably want to take the initiative to ensure that things actually get done: this may cause a certain degree of friction. Provided Libra doesn't object to this bossiness, this is a good match.


Libra and Taurus have a great deal in common: they both appreciate the good things in life, and are generally very easy-going. Taurus will be impressed with Libra's charm, while Libra will like Taurus's earthy practicality. They should do well financially, as well, if only because they both have such a strong desire for the things which money can buy.


This can be an extremely good match. Libra's easy-going nature will help to iron out any disagreements before they occur. It may seem at times as though the relationship is not very intense. This will certainly be a very romantic relationship, however, and the strong sense of harmony could suit both partners down to the ground.


Cancer will appreciate Libra's considerate nature, and will be touched by the little ways in which Libra shows his love. However, at times the emotional rapport between them may not be quite as deep as it seems. This will improve immensely if Libra tries not to be too analytical.


This can be a good match. The Libran is able to cope with Leo's occasional tantrums, and will bolster his ego whenever necessary. The Leo, on the other hand, should help to add a dash of spice to Libra's life - Librans can be a little too well-balanced at times. The physical side to their relationship should be particularly good.


This is one of the best matches for a Libran. Both partners will be determined to get the details right, and Libra should be able to cope with Virgo's criticisms. Libra will probably be more ambitious, but this should not be a problem, so long as he does not feel that he is being held back by Virgo.


Both partners will be trying as hard as possible to make things work, and there shouldn't be too many arguments. However, there may not be quite enough energy in their relationship. They should try to spend less time trying to create a happy image, and work instead on spicing up the relationship itself.


While Librans are very good at smoothing over any difficulties in a relationship, there are some important incompatibilities between these two. The Libran may find the Scorpio too emotional and extreme, while the Scorpion, for his part, may think that his Libran partner is a little shallow. However, if these two have other astrological factors in their favour, the relationship can work out well.


This is a good combination. They are both easy-going, and should be positive enough to rise above any disagreements. They are both the kind of people who enjoy the good things in life, and do not take themselves too seriously. They must be careful not to waste money, however, since both have an extravagant streak.


This is a relationship that either works extremely well, or not at all. Generally, the balance is good, since Capricorn can provide some much-needed firmness to Libra (who would otherwise be forever making up his mind!) So long as the Libran does not mind this discipline, the relationship stands a good chance of success.


This combination can work, although there could be problems if the Aquarian partner tries too hard to "go his own way". Provided there is a certain amount of flexibility, however, the Libran will try very hard to smooth over any disagreements that may arise.


These two can make a very good match. They are both very easy to get on with, and will generally try hard to accommodate the other. Both partners are also very romantic and affectionate, although the Piscean may be a little emotionally demanding. So long as there is a reasonable balance between the two, they should do well together.

How do you attract a Libra woman?

Libran women are generally beautiful, charming and romantic, and they expect the same from their partner. They dress well, and take good care of their appearance. It is extremely important for a man who is interested in a Libran woman to take the same amount of trouble himself.

Libran women appreciate a delicate approach. Be subtle, and take your time. They want to be wooed - even after they are married - and enjoy being wined and dined. Spoil her as much as you can afford.

An interest in anything to do with art is a big plus. At the very least, you should try to show some interest in these areas. She will enjoy being taken to an art gallery.

Bear in mind that Librans can be a little temperamental at times. While she is unlikely to start an argument, she will be a perfectionist, and her criticisms could upset you at times. If you feel that you would like to correct her, try to do this as diplomatically as possible.

How do you attract a Libra man?

Libran men are very popular, especially with women. There will be plenty of competition, and you will need to get everything right in order to succeed.

Physical appearance is particularly important to them. You must make sure that you dress well, and that you are properly groomed. Librans are also very concerned about their own appearance, and will appreciate a few well-chosen compliments.

Although they have very high standards, Librans are generally quite easy-going. While they may flirt with other women from time to time, they are usually faithful. Unfortunately, they are so attractive to other women that this is sometimes difficult for them.

How good are Librans at making money?

Librans enjoy the good things in life even more than other people. Unfortunately, this needs money, and while they can be quite good at business, they do not particularly enjoy it. They are idealists, and the practical, down-to-earth skills which one needs for this do not come easily to them.

An area of business which does appeal to them is the art world. Indeed, any method of making money in which they can avoid the rough-and-tumble of everyday business life may be suitable for them.

One factor which holds them back is their inability to make quick decisions. Librans like to weigh up the different sides to an argument until they are sure that they have the best solution. Business life usually works on a faster pace than this. Nevertheless, their methodical approach is very suitable for long-term investments. They are quite conservative financially, and are unlikely to make serious mistakes.

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