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The Pisces personality

Pisceans are extremely sensitive people, who are easily hurt by the smallest amount of criticism. They are not argumentative: instead of fighting back, they will retreat into themselves and become upset.

While most Pisceans will ultimately become successful in life, many have to undergo long periods when things don't quite work out according to plan. They can be very negative, even depressive, and it is extremely important for them to have strong relationships to help them through the difficult times.

They are spiritual people, who are very much in tune with their inner nature. They are extremely good at empathising with other people. Indeed, at times they can be too willing to see things from the other person's point of view - so they forget their own interests, and are influenced by the wrong people.

Advice to Pisces for attracting the right person.

It is particularly important for you to avoid falling in love with the wrong person. You fall in love quite quickly, and could easily be mislead by someone who misleads you.

Try to find someone who is positive and cheerful. You need someone that you can draw strength from: however, it is important to find the right balance within the relationship. This person will also need a lot of tact, since you are easily hurt by remarks that other people might take in their stride.



The Aries partner is likely to completely dominate the relationship: this may suit both partners. The Aries person is especially attracted to the Piscean's sensitivity, since this is a side to his own personality that he finds it difficult to express. However, he will have to try to be more sensitive himself, if he wants to stay close to Pisces.


This can be a very good combination. Pisces finds Taurus' stability very reassuring, while Taurus, on the other hand, responds well to Pisces' sensitivity. On a physical level this relationship also works well. It is important for Pisces not to become too much dominated by Taurus, however.


Although this will certainly be an attraction of opposites, it can work very well. Gemini is magnetically attracted to Pisces' sensitive nature, and Pisces may be equally impressed by Gemini's cool intellectualism. So long as they are able to communicate their needs to each other, this can be a good balance.


Each partner will appreciate the other's kindness and sensitivity: on an emotional level, this relationship should be very successful. Neither partner is very practical, however, and they may have a few problems with day-to-day issues which have not been properly addressed.


Although this is a combination of opposites, it can work surprisingly well. Leo will help to boost Pisces' confidence, and perhaps make him a little more practical. The Piscean, on the other hand, will open Leo up to the more sensitive side of his nature. Both partners must ensure that the relationship does not become imbalanced, however.


This combination should be emotionally satisfying for both partners. On a practical level there could be problems if the Piscean depends too much upon the Virgoan's better organisational skills. The physical side to this relationship is usually very good. Virgo will open up emotionally to the sensitive Piscean.


These two can make a very good match. They are both very easy to get on with, and will generally try hard to accommodate the other. Both partners are also very romantic and affectionate, although the Piscean may be a little emotionally demanding. So long as there is a reasonable balance between the two, they should do well together.


This has the potential to be a very successful and deep relationship. Both will understand the other's emotions - indeed, for a while, they may wallow in emotions! The key is to find a good balance, so that the Piscean does not feel dominated by Scorpio's excesses.


This can be a workable combination, although there are important differences between the two sides. The Sagittarian will be attracted to Pisces' romantic nature, but may be a little too brash for his sensitive disposition. He will also have to become more dependable than usual. Pisceans can be very insecure, and will need a lot of reassuring. The Piscean, on the other hand, must try not to be too clingy.


The balance between these two can provide a firm foundation for both their lives. The Capricornian partner will underpin the Piscean's emotional depth, and provide some much-needed stability. Pisces, on the other hand, will help Capricorn to open up emotionally and show his feelings. So long as each partner is able to appreciate the strengths of the other, they should both be very happy together.


The Aquarian is likely to be intrigued by Pisces' emotional depth and sensitivity. The Piscean may need a less detached relationship than Aquarius can offer, however, and this could cause problems. Nevertheless, Pisceans are very good at empathising with their partners, and should at least be able to see things from the Aquarian's point of view.


Two Pisceans can create a robust relationship, despite the lack of balance in the partnership. There is likely to be a great deal of emotional intimacy between them, and each partner should be sympathetic and sensitive to the needs of the other. Any difficulties that do arise are likely to be practical or financial. At least one of the two Pisceans must be properly organised and able to deal with day-to-day events without getting in a muddle.

How do you attract a Pisces woman?

Piscean women are full of mystery. They have a depth and allure that is difficult to pin down. Their intuitive grasp of the feelings of others and their strong powers of intuition make them extremely sensitive to the moods and feelings of the people around them. They are not easy to deceive.

While they are very easy-going, their extreme sensitivity means that they will often become upset over comments that would have no effect on other people. Instead of arguing, they become depressed, and may even burst into tears.

Pisceans fall in love more quickly than most other signs. While they appreciate a delicate approach, they warm up emotionally much more quickly than others. Despite this, their feelings are long-lasting, and they are loyal. They expect the same degree of loyalty from their partners, and soon become jealous if they suspect them to be unfaithful.

They particularly need a partner whom they can respect, and whom they can lean on for emotional support. This person should respect their intelligence and their judgement, but at the same time, be able to provide direction and support when they are down.

In marriage, the Piscean is easy-going. Pisceans need a firm home-base, and will put a lot of energy into making their home as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

How do you attract a Pisces man?

The Piscean man has a magnetic personality. Although he may not want a wild social life, he is very popular with other women. He likes to flirt, but when he is in a serious relationship he will remain completely faithful, and expect you to do the same. He will be straightforward about his feelings towards you.

It is extremely important to be completely honest with him, in return. His intuitive powers are very high, and he can easily see through any deception. He will not be impressed by a person who puts on airs and graces, or who dresses in expensive clothes.

In marriage, the Piscean man is usually more domineering than the Piscean woman. He needs to be in charge in the household, and will not expect to be able to lean on you emotionally. He is very affectionate, and needs a fair amount of attention to keep him happy.

How good are Pisces at making money?

Pisceans are motivated more by the need for financial security, than because they want to become rich. While some of them are very successful, most have had to put up with a string of disappointments before finally hitting upon the area that works.

The most successful Piscean businessmen are those who have gone into partnership with someone else. Pisceans have the intelligence to make good business decisions, but are not usually aggressive enough to push things through. Moreover, their negativity can turn them away from important opportunities.

Another pitfall which they should avoid is following suggestions from the wrong people. Pisceans are very susceptible to influence from others, and must be careful not to be mislead by advice which is not really in their best interests.


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