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The Scorpio personality

Scorpios have a magnetic personality that attracts people to them. Their eyes are particularly noticeable: they can hypnotise others, just by the way they look at them. Their intuitive powers are strong, and they are very good at understanding people. Many Scorpios are attracted to the occult, and others have strong psychic powers.

So long as their temper is not roused, they are easy to get on with; however, when they are pushed too far, they react with violent outbursts of temper. They are slow to forget someone who has wronged them, and are liable to bear grudges for many years.

They are usually very dynamic. Their fertile imagination is constantly coming up with ideas for new projects. While they have a great deal of energy, there is a danger that they will start a project without getting round to finishing it. So long as they are able to focus their energy properly, however, they can be very successful.

Advice to Scorpios for attracting the right person.

You have a strange sexual magnetism that makes you extremely attractive to members of the opposite sex. You are an intense person, who takes his relationships seriously, and you will be unhappy with a partner who does not do the same. When your relationships are not working out properly you will be unhappy.

While the emotional side to your relationships is more important to you, at times the sensuous side to your nature dominates your actions. It is important that you learn to control this side to your personality, and to use your powers more responsibly.

You must also try to control your temper. While you are slow to anger, you are also slow to forgive. You can do much more harm than you realise by your outbursts of uncontrolled emotion. A great deal could be achieved if you would only forgive and forget a little more easily.



This will usually be an extremely powerful combination. Strong passions on both sides will make or break it. So long as both partners know when to give in, however, the energy can be used constructively.


The strength of Scorpio's emotions may be a little daunting at times; however, this is usually a very good combination. Scorpio needs the stability which Taurus provides: at the same time, Taurus benefits from Scorpio's enthusiasm and depth.


The difference in emotional temperament between these two could be a problem. Scorpio could need a partner who is more intense; Gemini, on the other hand, will feel overwhelmed by Scorpio's emotional fireworks.


A Scorpio/Cancer relationship can be a very good combination: it will certainly always be an extremely passionate one. The main barrier to overcome is the reluctance of both sides to open up emotionally. If this problem is not dealt with properly, there could be fireworks. Otherwise, the prospects are excellent.


This can be a very powerful combination; but there are important differences between the two partners. The Scorpion is much more subtle and mysterious than the Leo. He may find the latter a little too extrovert, while Leo may find the Scorpion difficult to understand and moody. This will either work extremely well, or not at all.


This couple can complement each other well. Virgo's criticisms might be a problem at times, and the two partners will have a very different idea of the pace of the relationship. But despite this, they can usually see eye-to-eye on most matters. This relationship is often much more intense than it seems.


While Librans are very good at smoothing over any difficulties in a relationship, there are some important incompatibilities between these two. The Libran may find the Scorpio too emotional and extreme, while the Scorpion, for his part, may think that his Libran partner is a little shallow. However, if these two have other astrological factors in their favour, the relationship can work out well.


This is, perhaps more than any other combination, one which will either work extremely well or extremely badly. There are no half-measures where two Scorpios are concerned! The relationship will have a great deal of depth and intensity: however, there is likely to be a lack of trust between them, at least at first. Both partners should be careful of petty jealousies, which could disrupt the relationship.


Sagittarians are not really serious enough for Scorpios. They can form a good balance for Scorpios' intensity, but this may not be appreciated, especially if the Sagittarian partner seems to be less than totally committed to the relationship. The Scorpion may also be a little too emotional at times.


The balance in this combination can provide a surprisingly stable and fruitful relationship. The Scorpio partner may find the Capricornian a little too emotionally detached, while the Capricornian, for his part, may find Scorpio too intense. But provided each can appreciate the other's strengths and limitations, this should not matter.


A Scorpio/Aquarius relationship has some strengths: the Scorpion is often intrigued by the Aquarian's intellect, while the Aquarian may be drawn in by Scorpio's emotional intensity. However, Aquarius may be too detached for this to work. The combination can be a success, provided the pair have enough other astrological factors in common.


This has the potential to be a very successful and deep relationship. Both will understand the other's emotions - indeed, for a while, they may wallow in emotions! The key is to find a good balance, so that the Piscean does not feel dominated by Scorpio's excesses.

How do you attract a Scorpio woman?

Scorpio women are dynamic, highly emotional people, who are looking for a partner with the same amount of energy. To succeed with a Scorpio woman, you will need to operate on her level.

The single most important rule for dealing with the Scorpio woman is: don't give up! At times, she will push your patience to the limit. You will need to put up with her changing moods, and to have the stamina to keep up with her emotional outbursts. She will respect your determination.

You must also be very positive. She is looking for someone who takes their relationships as seriously as she does herself. Show your affection for her, and compliment her as much as possible. In return, she will be as loyal and loving as you could hope anyone to be.

She will be very jealous of any contact which you may have with other women. Even if you have no intention of being unfaithful, she will have this at the back of her mind. It is important that you do nothing which could arouse her suspicions.

How do you attract a Scorpio man?

Scorpio men have a magnetic appeal to members of the opposite sex. They can be a challenge unless they are handled properly, however. They take their relationships very seriously, and will not appreciate a partner who does not do the same.

One major hurdle which needs to be overcome is their temper. Scorpios are very easy to get on with - up to a point. However, when that point has been reached, they lose their temper completely. Their emotional outbursts do not last, but they can be slow to forgive.

Scorpios are extremely good at coming up with bright ideas for making money: indeed, their high level of creativity is a major asset. They are especially good at promoting ideas to other people.

There is certainly a danger that they will waste their energy trying out too many different ideas which are not followed through. However, once they have committed themselves to a project they will carry on until they have achieved what they set out to do.

It is also important that they don't become involved in any dodgy deals. Although they are attracted to unconventional methods of making money, they usually have enough ability to make money legally, and should avoid anything shady.


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