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The Taurus personality

The Taurus is solid, dependable and very stable. He may not be the most dynamic sign of the zodiac, but he is the most reliable.

Taureans are practical and down-to-earth, even to the point of being blunt. They are the sort of people who speak their mind, and expect others to do the same. At the same time, they are usually well-cultured and intelligent.

Taureans are very affectionate people. Indeed, they sometimes let their emotions control their life. They should try to show more restraint in the way they express the way they feel. They are usually generous, often to a fault.

Above all, Taureans enjoy their creature comforts. With no one to restrain them, they will often eat and drink to excess.

Advice to Taureans for attracting the right person.

As a Taurean you have a good intuitive judgement. Your initial "gut feeling" about a person or situation may well be correct, and you should act on it. However, beware that you are very susceptible to flattery, and this may sometimes cloud your judgement.

Early in life you will be looking for new opportunities, and will be anxious to improve your situation. However, as you get older there is a danger that you may become a little too set in your ways. You must work against this tendency.

Your best asset, for many potential partners, will be your reliability. You may be more attractive to a person who feels that they need stability in their life, rather than to one who is looking for a quick thrill. Later in life your strong financial status may be an attraction to some people.



The many differences between Aries and Taurus may lead to problems. Aries has to curb his need to be in control and to constantly seek out new challenges: Taurus, on the other hand, will have to learn to be a little less stick-in-the-mud, and be prepared to accept change when it is necessary.


While this may not be the most exciting relationship, it can be very stable. Each partner will be very supportive and loving to the other. Problems will come if there is a disagreement: both may decide to "dig their heels in"!


Gemini may be a little frustrated by Taurus' slow pace of life. Taurus, on the other hand, may find Gemini rather inconsistent and flighty. The relationship will work if both can appreciate the value of the other's approach.


This can be a very good combination. Both partners need security, and will provide stability and support to each other in return. At the same time, there will be a good balance between them: Cancer's occasional moodiness will be offset by Taurus' consistent and reliable approach to life. The physical side of this relationship should also be very successful.


There is usually a strong attraction between these two. Problems will come if Leo tries too hard to get his or her own way: he will need to think twice before he tries to pitch himself against Taurus' stubbornness. Leo is usually very warm and affectionate, however, and like Taurus, enjoys the good things in life.


This can be a very good combination. Both partners will be good friends, as well as lovers, and will complement each other: the only problems which could arise are if Taurus becomes a little annoyed at Virgo's nit-picking. Virgo must learn not to look for faults that aren't really there.


Libra and Taurus have a great deal in common: they both appreciate the good things in life, and are generally very easy-going. Taurus will be impressed with Libra's charm, while Libra will like Taurus' earthy practicality. They should do well financially, as well, if only because they both have such a strong desire for the things which money can buy.


The strength of Scorpio's emotions may be a little daunting at times; however, this is usually a very good combination. Scorpio needs the stability which Taurus provides, while, at the same time, Taurus benefits from Scorpio's enthusiasm and depth. So long as they adjust the pace of the relationship to a level that suits them both, they have a good chance of being happy together.


If this relationship works, it is more because of the differences between the two partners than because of their similarities. The solidity of Taurus will contrast sharply with the slightly playful approach of Sagittarius. Problems may arise if Sagittarius becomes bored and needs more freedom than is possible with Taurus.


This is a good combination which usually works well. Both partners are able to provide the stability and support needed by the other, and are likely to have a similar outlook on life. Although to outsiders their relationship may seem a little staid at times, they are unlikely to tire of each other's company.


Aquarius can be a little too much for Taurus! At first, Taurus will be excited by Aquarius's erratic approach to things. Aquarius, on the other hand, will appreciate the stability which Taurus brings to his life. Once the novelty has worn off, however, there could be rows as the two try to decide on their priorities.


This can be a very good combination. Pisces finds Taurus's stability very reassuring, while Taurus, on the other hand, responds well to Pisces' sensitivity. On a physical level this relationship also works well. It is important for Pisces not to become too much dominated by Taurus, however.


How do you attract a Taurus woman?

The important thing to bear in mind is that Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. Taurean women are often quite attractive. They are also very affectionate, and respond well to affection themselves. In addition, they are quite sentimental, and will appreciate it if you remember birthdays, and so on.

Taurean women like to be wooed. They respond well to flattery - and, indeed, may become insecure if they are not reminded from time to time how strongly you feel about them.

They like gifts: Taureans are very generous themselves, and are not impressed by meanness in other people. At the same time, they don't like extravagance. A careful balance is needed. The best gifts for a Taurean are beautiful but impractical things such as flowers, perfume or jewellery.

Another way to win their hearts is through good food and wine. They enjoy their earthy comforts, and may even over-indulge a little from time to time. Their mood usually improves markedly when they are wined and dined.

Taureans, especially when they are older, can become very set in their ways. It is difficult to persuade them to change their habits, and you should try to avoid this if possible. They can be quite stubborn, and do not like to be told where to go, or what to do. They are not quick to start an argument, but when their temper is aroused they can become very angry indeed. It is important to avoid arguments if at all possible.

How do you attract a Taurus man?

The Taurean man is generally very hearty and down-to-earth. He enjoys food and drink, and may well over-indulge in these, especially when he is older. He may need to be watched.

He tends to act on feeling rather than reason, so it is best to appeal to his emotions if you want to get him to do something. However, he can be very stubborn, and it is not easy to change him. He is particularly turned off by nagging and criticism.

The Taurean man is very practical, and is often interested in money or finance. He will not appreciate interference in these areas of his life, and will take pride in the fact that he can provide well for his family.

He is attracted to good looks, but is not very discriminating. Although he has a good feel for what looks right, he is unlikely to keep up with the latest fashions. Strong colours will appeal to his visual sense, and a lack of make-up will appeal to his love of nature and everything that is natural.

He may be quite slow to warm up. However, once hooked, he will be very loyal. While he may look at other women, he is likely to stay faithful, and will expect the same degree of fidelity from you. In marriage he is unlikely to want to get divorced, except as a last resort.

How good is Taurus at making money?

Although Taureans often become financially independent, they rarely do so early in life. Taurus is ruled by Venus, which, as well as being the Goddess of Love, rules financial matters.

In their early life, Taureans may chop and change too much to be really successful. They are unlikely to find a quick route to success, but will be very persistent at a long-term venture.

They are very conservative in their judgements, and soon learn to avoid speculative or fraudulent investments. It is important that they branch out a little, and diversify their interests, even if this means moving into riskier areas.

Taureans are best suited for a career that requires them to be reliable and stable. They are not usually very creative, but can be trusted, and will often rise to a position of responsibility because of this.

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