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The Virgo personality

Virgo people may seem a little distant at first. They can be quite critical, and are often suspicious of other people's motives.

However, once you get to know them they can be as warm as other signs. Even when they know you well, however, they may find it difficult to discuss their thoughts and feelings quite as openly as other people.

They are perfectionists, and may seem to be a little too concerned with details. They are particularly good at any work which requires a methodical approach - for example, they make excellent secretaries and librarians.

They are intelligent, and have a great deal of energy, which they use efficiently. However, they are not usually very ambitious, and are not really suited to areas where they will be in the public eye. They are modest people, who expect to be judged on their results.

Advice to Virgos for attracting the right person

Intellectual compatibility is particularly important for you. If this area of your relationship is not satisfactory, you will never be happy. You should be careful to choose a partner who is at approximately the same intellectual level as yourself.

It can take a long time before you open up to somebody emotionally. Don't be too suspicious of the other person's motives - you may turn away a lot of very suitable people, because you are too fussy.

You should also try to express your emotions a little more freely. Other people may not realise how you feel unless you tell them. Don't assume that they can read your thoughts.



Aries is sometimes put off by Virgo's fault finding, while Virgo can find Aries a little too brash. Physical attraction is very high, though, and there is often a strong attraction between these two. Provided that this couple can sort out their difficulties, the partnership stands a good chance of succeeding.


This can be a very good combination. Both partners will be good friends, as well as lovers, and will complement each other: the only problems which could arise are if Taurus becomes a little annoyed at Virgo's nit-picking. Virgo must learn not to look for faults that aren't really there.


While Virgo and Gemini have a lot in common, they also have important differences. Virgo is much more practical, and may find some of Gemini's ideas unrealistic. Gemini may also find that Virgo's criticism is a little too accurate for comfort. However, both are good communicators, so they should be able to understand each other well enough to sort out most of their differences.


Virgo and Cancer complement each other well. Virgo gives Cancer the practical support he or she needs, while Cancer can help Virgo to get closer in touch with his feelings. Communication can sometimes be a problem, however, and it is important that both sides feel able to air any grievances before they become serious.


There are important differences between these two, which must be dealt with if the couple are to have a chance of a successful relationship. Virgo can provide a good partner for the Leo, by looking after the details which he tends to ignore. The Leo may feel held back at times, however. He will also have to be more patient if he wants to win over the Virgoan's heart: a Virgo does not do anything without a great deal of thought.


This can be a surprisingly good combination. Neither is likely to want to rush into a relationship, and it may take a while for them to get used to the others' likes and dislikes. There may be a lack of passion, however: this couple could easily end up as friends, rather than lovers.


This is one of the best matches for a Virgo. Both partners will be determined to get the details right, and Libra should be able to cope with Virgo's criticisms. Libra will probably be more ambitious, but this should not be a problem, so long as he does not feel that he is being held back by Virgo.


This couple can complement each other well. Virgo's criticism can be a problem at times, and the two partners will have a very different idea of the pace of the relationship. But despite this, they can usually see eye-to-eye on most matters. This relationship is often much more intense than it seems.


If this combination works it is probably because of the differences between the two partners, rather than their similarities. The Sagittarian is much more outward-going, and may seem a little wayward to the Virgoan. The Virgo partner must try hard to understand his partner's need for freedom, since constant criticisms will only drive the Sagittarian away.


This is a relationship which works well in the longer term, even though there may be considerable ups and downs. Both sides are fairly conservative, and are unlikely to rush into things until they are sure they are doing the right thing. If they can find something to inject some spice into the relationship from time to time, they have a very good chance of staying together.


There can often be a strong attraction when this couple meets. However, Aquarians are sometimes a little too unconventional for Virgoans, and this may cause problems. Both sides will have to work on their differences, and the Virgo partner may have to put up with less stability than he might like.


This combination should be emotionally satisfying for both partners. On a practical level there could be problems if the Piscean depends too much upon the Virgoan's better organisational skills. The physical side to this relationship is usually very good. Virgo will eventually open up emotionally to the sensitive Piscean.


How do you attract a Virgo woman?

Virgo women admire a man who is well-read and who has a good intellect. Intellectual compatibility is especially important to them, and they are unlikely to be happy with a man whom they cannot respect.

Even when she is satisfied in this area, however, it will take quite a while before she opens up emotionally to you. You may find her cold at first: even when she is strongly attracted to you, it may be hard for her to show her feelings completely. However, once she has decided that you are the one for her, she will do everything she can to get you.

You may have to contend with a fair amount of criticism. Take this in good spirit, and learn to put up with it. She may be trying to mould your personality to fit her tastes. She is a perfectionist, and will not be satisfied until she has what she wants.

She is a good companion, however. Her sharp intellect makes her an excellent conversationalist. Take her opinions seriously, especially when you are making important decisions. Don't pry into areas of her life that she wants to keep to herself, however.

She is not the sort of person who is impressed by expensive presents. In fact, she can be quite su interfere. Just let him be. He needs a peaceful environment, and will not appreciate being nagged.

He may be a little over-critical. Try to accept this, and do your best to stop doing those things which he dislikes. In practice, while he is unlikely to ever be completely satisfied, he probably cares much more for you than you realise. He is just a little unwilling to share all his feelings with you.

While his very rational approach to life may seem cold at times, he is not really a cold person. If you can learn to understand the subtle signals that he sends out, you will find that he cares for you a great deal more than he appears to.

How good are Virgos at making money?

Virgos make very efficient business people. They have a good eye for detail, and are very careful with money.

At the same time, they need to spend less time worrying about the details, and to be able to see the overview of what they are doing. They are not the sort of people who have grand schemes. This attention to detail makes them very good as employees, but they are less likely to strike it rich as entrepreneurs.

If Virgos make a lot of money they are likely to keep it. Even so, they should be particularly careful about reading documents and contracts carefully before they sign them, as they have a tendency to get involved in unnecessary legal disputes.


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