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About the artist Gunnar


In the begining...

My name is Gunnar. I was born and still live in Los Angeles, California. I've been an artist all of my adult life. I also do some work in the fields of still photography and filmmaking.

The only formal schooling I've taken for my work is in Fine Art and Film. I found life drawing very productive and helpful. Pictures and diagrams of bone and muscle are useful also.

So Far, So Good.

I have been selling posters of my Zodiac Goddesses, and other posters I've done, on the Venice beach boardwalk in California since 2000.

Blue skies, the ocean at your back and beautiful, free people from all over the world to interact with. That's my idea of "a day at the office".

Around 2004 I started making my Pop-Up Art series and selling the original paintings on Venice also. Since those are two seperate panels and the work is three dimentional, it's impossible to make a poster of them.

They have been successful there too, but I'm now getting them into some resturants (Tu Tu Tango in Orange County, and Universal City Walk) and gallerys (Village Gallery in Beverly Hills).

I have also made a series of T-shirts that reflect my interest in tobacco pipes. They have found success with the pipe smoking community and I'll probably design a few more as I get them into a few tobacco stores. Currently the Tinder Box in Santa Monica, Ca carries them and you can order them on-line directly from me at

I have a few more things in the works that will be posted here when they are ready.

A Few Other Things.

Last year I met a guy who put me in touch with someone he knows... well you know how those stories go, but this one actually paid off! I ended up doing art and design work for a guy who is building an amusment park (several actually) in China. I was in China for a little more than a month earlier this year. An amazing experience to say the least.

I also really enjoy photography. I've been shooting musicians, models, actors, and other subjects with my still camera for over ten years.

I also like documenting life with the click of my camera's shutter, measuring stories and their magical moments in split seconds. I plan on having a gallery of that work here too.

Like just about everyone else in Los Angeles I work in the movie industry from time to time, but I am really getting more involved this year and would like to finish the year with a few music videos and / or a short film. I'll post links here of course when that is ready.

That's enough about me, what about you? If you've enjoyed the site or have a positive suggestion, or if you want to be notified when new works are on line, send me an e-mail by clicking the link below.

Now take a deep breath, do some yoga, enjoy and I'll see you later!

Another Day at the Office

A picture from last year.

Here I am on Venice Beach, California selling my Zodiac Goddesses posters and greeting cards. I made all those displays by the way. All that folds up and fits into my little Ford Explorer Sport. Actually in making them, I discovered how I would be able to make the Pop-Up Art series. That's when I first started looking for plexi-glass and acrylic sheets.

Yes I'm wearing a kilt. It's from, an american company, Check out thier site if you want more information about them. I often wear kilts both on and off the beach. Comfort, freedom, very practical, and they look damn good. What's not to love?