by Amber James

Poetry by Sandra Deville, Amber James & A.D.O.N.

Eight short stories, in a continuing arc,
taken from the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter
of the lives of Vincent and Catherine.

1. Spring - Peace that shines.
2. Twixt Spring and Summer.
3. Summer - A beauteous flower.
4. Twixt Summer and Autumn.
5. Autumn - Beauty hath such grace.
6. Twixt Autumn and Winter
7. Winter - Where beauty dwells
8. Renewal

This award winning, full length, fanzine, presents a wide variety of stories and potery, spanning the lives of Catherine and Vincent from their initial decision to be together, to their first steps into eternity. It is in a plain text format and zipped for a quick and easy download.

'SEASONS OF THE HEART' is a publication for
The Beauty And The Beast British Fan Club.
It is an amateur production, and does not intend to infringe the copyrights held by Ron Koslow, the originator of the T.V. characters; C.B.S. Television; Republic Pictures; Witt-Thomas Productions; Carolco; or any other holders of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST copyrights.

It is an adult publication and contains material which may not be considered suitable for children.

zip size 98kb