Amber James

A fantasy of fragrant moments.

Four short stories of sensuality,
glimpses of the growing sexual relationship
of two special people......Vincent and Catherine

1 Daisies in the morning.

2 Lilacs in the afternoon.

3 Jasmine in the evening.

4 Orchids as night.

This novella is a well written selection of four erotic stories with accompanying poetry. It is in a plain text format and zipped for a quick and easy download.

'PETALS OF PASSION' is a publication for The Beauty And The Beast British Fan Club.

It is an amateur production, and does not intend to infringe the copyrights held by Ron Koslow, who is the originator of the T.V. characters; Republic Pictures; C.B.S. Television; Carolco; Witt-Thomas Productions; or any holders of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST copyrights.

It is an adult publication and contains material which may not be considered suitable for children.

zip size 30.5kb